How Future Net Worth reached at $6 Million only in one Year?

‘If you’re doing what you think people might like, rather than doing what you like, people will see through it.’

Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn usually known as the famous name of Future in the music industry. Future (Rapper) was born on the 20th day of November for the year of 1983, in Atlanta Georgia. We have seen many stars brightening up and then getting lost somewhere in the gloom; while some even after going through so much privation are unable to succeed. But then came the champs, who seems like to have the stroke of luck; however, what others are lacking has nothing to do with being surrounded with good fortune. So, what is missing in them? Let us look at the quote below and figure it out! He got his early education from Columbia High school of Dekalb County, Georgia. Future Net worth is around $ 7 Million for the year of 2018. His yearly earnings are around $ 785,302 for the year of 2018. He earns $ 437,032 by ads endorsements and other ventures currently.

Why Wilburn Choose Future as Nickname?

There is a family who is responsible for promoting Southern Hip Hop singing style. Famous with the name of Dungeon Family, of Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. The Record Producer or CEO of Rico Wade gave this name to music club”The Dungeon.” Many top ranking stars start there beginning recordings here. The principal owner of Dungeon Family Rico Wade nickname Navadius DeMum Wilburn with the nick name of Future.

Net Worth Discussion

There is nothing to amuse in this that Future net-worth is increasing non-stop since his very 1st step in rap career. Whether it’s ‘’future Hendrix”,“Welcome 2 Molly world”,“Astronaut Status,” “Pluto” and ‘’Streetz Calling,” all his music albums outrun, and his worth which was 1 million have now reached up to $ 6 Million.

Estimating his yearly income around $470,588 and another endorsement amount is $104,575. Among all the albums Beast Mode has earned him the most. He has completely covered rap market and why not? When his inspiration for a new album is always somewhere around? Other rap will make you rock, but Future rap will not only make you go hip-hop, but the feeling of nature alongside will make you wow. He also has worked along with Miley Cyrus and Rihanna and his street-guys and has nominated in many top-of-chart awards, out of which his accomplishment rate is also high.

This man is making in millions after each performance, so if he keeps up the same rapid pace, he will be able to reach the top rank amongst all the highest paid artists.

Here We Present You with Some Basic Reasons of his Net Worth:

  • His Ex-Fiancé Has a Net Worth of $20 Million USD
  • He Owns an Estimated $700,000 in jewelry
  • He Has 13 Gold Records
  • He Charges $40,000 per feature
  • He Went on the Highest Grossing Hip-Hop Tour Ever

High and Unique Standout

His music has gained for the very time an ongoing worldwide push, but he has never let the pressure to overwhelm him. His motivator, cousin of him, Rico Wade, made him go and chase his dreams. In an interview, he said that one thing that forced me to stand out again was the philosophy of my cousin, to silence the east and west who assumed that south could never proceed in rap and today. Who belong to a wider Dungeon Family,“being able to of silencing the east and west who assumed that south could never proceed in rap and today

This attitude has made us both capable. His continues efforts have made now future, from south, the future of rap.

Future Net Worth in Tabular Form all Described Come on Guys take a look!

Future Net worth Table

Years Net Worth
2012 2,285,781
2013 3,900,121
2014 3,478,262
2016 5,901,911
2017 6,971,010
2018 7,581,198


Income Details of Future all Released Albums Life Time:

All albums which is released by Future as a rapping artist and its almost and approximate earnings are following written below

Album Net Worth
Best Mode $699,333
Monster $568,993
Honest $425,675
Honest (Deluxe Edition) $378,156
Future Present F.B.G $277,121
Future Hendrix $252,918


Future Income Chart Compare with years

Years Changing
2011-2012 $254,322
2012-2013 $313,209
2013-2014 $409,821
2014-2015 $470,928


2015-2016 $542,781
2017-2018 $602,102

How many Lyrics wrote by Future?

As music and lyrics writing artist future wrote for many other well-known Celebrities. He wrote lyrics for Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Rico Wade, Rihanna, Queen Bay and Beyonce. On another hand, he collaborates with many famous stars.

Future Collaboration Artists:

List of stars who are in partnership with Future is following in list.

  • Drake
  • Gucci Mane
  • Queen Bey
  • Rihanna
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Beyonce
  • Kayne West
  • Travis $cott
  • Rich Homie Quan
  • I
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Sean Combs (P-Diddy)
  • Ludacris
  • Kelly Rowland

Who Motivate Future to Sharpen his Skills of writing Lyrics?

Rico Wade’s is the primary motivator of Future to write songs for his Dungeon Family Music House. In reply, future starts his hardworking on writing and composing songs lyrics. After the struggle of two years in supervision of Rico Wade “Future Rapper ” make a name in the eyes of music artist. In result after making a name in music world Future praises his boss with the title of “A Mastermind Behind his Sound of Success.”

Future (Rapping Artist) Initial Achievements:

As a starting music writing artist with the Rico Wade After two years of hardworking Rico Wade prise with the title of Future as a nickname. When future starts earning fame and wealth Future captured by a local music record named as A-1 Recordings. These A-1 Recordings proved as the ladder of fame and success for Future. Then after the hard work of two years in 2011 and 2010, Future drops his debut two mixtapes. He releases two debut mixtapes named as Dirty Sprite and True Story for the year of 2010 and 2011. In the same year, he drops a song “Tony Montana” and earns fame and wealth too. Song selected in by a film “Scarface.” On another hand, Future collaborated with a rising star rapper Gucci Mane in his album “Free Bricks.”

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Future’s Career as Rapper in Music Industry:

After amassing a series of albums in between 2010 and 2011, he signed the biggest records of his time in collaboration with epic Records, which later supported him in releasing his label mark Freebandz. After that, he started launching hits one after the other which took him to the peaks of his career. Some of his major hits were Monster (2014), Beast Mode and 56 nights both in 2015; EVOL (2016), while in 2017 he has released FUTURE and HNDRXX.

Future has proved to be the best rapping star amongst all the other rappers in the industry due to his hard work and creativity. The sun makes effective use of Auto tune in most of his songs including singing and rapping as well. Rapper T-Pain, who also uses the same technique, criticized Future’s alternative use of it in 2014.In response to which, Future stated in an interview that “when I first used Auto-Tune, I never used it to sing. I wasn’t using it the way T-Pain was. I used it to rap because it makes my voice sound grittier. Now everybody wants to rap in Auto-Tune. Future’s not everybody.” Future’s music has been characterized as trap music.

Some Starting Albums and Mixtapes of Future:

Fame &Wealth Gaining Albums:

Pluto (2011):

In starting months of 2012 after the hard work and low drops of four years Future drop his first debut album known as Pluto. Pluto is planned to drop in the month of January but was release on the 17th of April.  Many other rising stars of that time make collaboration with Future like Snoop Dogg, T.I, Drake and Tonny Montana. Three most famous music records A1 Recordings, Epic Records and FreeBandz are with Future on this album.

The Position of Pluto:

In the debut album of rapping star Future, his album earns 8th place in the list of Billboard 200. His music album sold out more than 42000 copies worldwide.

How many wealthy have likely earn by selling his first Debut album, Pluto?

After gaining a huge fan following and wealth in the first album, he releases a new album with the same name Pluto 3D in the same year of 2012. He earns more than $ 2,165,343 profit by sales of Pluto.

Hit Singles of Pluto:

Pluto get famous by his most hit five singles by Future and other famous rapping stars which are following

Pluto 3D:

After the success of Pluto Future release the same title album named as Pluto 3D. Future re-release two new count remix songs including Same Dam Time with Sean Combs (P-Diddy) and Ludacris. On another hand second song, Neva End got fame for him too which is featured by Kelly Rowland.

Earnings of Pluto 3D

Pluto 3D’s 2500 twenty-five hundred copies worldwide, it includes more than 1 Million of downloads around the world.

  • Tonny Montanna,
  • Magic (Remix),
  • Go Harder
  • Same Damn Time,
  • Turn on The Lights

After earning a name in music industry Future was signed by a famous music label known as Epic Records. He drops his mixtape in September for the year of 2011, called as “Streetz Calling.” His mixtape earns fame and wealth too. Streetz Calling earns a position in USA’s XXL Magazine’s first-page music list. After releasing mixtapes, many other social media sites denote him with the name of the innovator of new pitch fork and dimensions for the music field of particular micro Genere. In very next year February 2012, he releases his second mixtape known as “Astronaut Status.”  After releasing his second mix tapes, he starts to earn fan following who are in wait of next dropping material of Future. After gaining a huge fan following by these two mixtapes Future is picked as a Freshman XXL annual list for the year of 2012. Tony Montana, Rich Homie Quan, Magic, and Drake were in the XXL annual list too.

Members of Dungeon Family Music House:

Following members are the principal persons who are responsible for making the Dungeon Family as a brand.

  • Sleepy Brown
  • Rico Wade
  • Kit Wade
  • Ray Murray
  • Sleepy Brown

Where The Dungeon Music Recording Club Located?

The famous star making music club The Dungeon Family is located in the basement of Rico Wade’s (the proprietor of The Dungeon Family) of his mother’s house basement.

Future Rapper and Ciara Relationship Matters in Brief:

The Mysterious Crime-Ridden guy or a Simple Man’s Honest Man ?

Here we are going to put a light on great talented and impoverished American Rapper named NayvadiusDeMun Wilburn to nickname Future Rapper. He is known due he released a Future Song after a break, the self-titled on Feb 17. Soon after, one week this artist keeps throwing album, one to the next, his new overwhelmed album was second releases HNDRXX which rule over the millions heart.  Very after he became the first artist, who knocks his own album. His album went top at the 1st rank as compared to other albums.

Personal Life of Future (Rapper):

Future has four (4) children from four (4) different women. As per stated in the reports and surveys based on his own life it can be said that he’s not living a contented family life due to some personal issues.

A Bitter Truth about Future (Rapper’s) Life:

Rapper birth name was Nayvaduis Cash, but later he changed his name legally and put Future Rapper. Some stranger shot Future when he was just 14 or 15. Future was playing basketball that he got shot in his right hand. After this accident had occurred, Rapper said in one of his interviews that he gets intermingled how Shakespeare mix different region of love as he was a big fan of Shakespeare. He becomes the follower of Shakespeare and start writing poems, reading poems, and started playing a different role based on Shakespeare Story. Then, he begins listening to different songs, and rappers. First short songs, and later he falls in love with rap songs. During his professional life started, it would be not an amusing to know that Future had four wives, and carries four children along, one from each. His wives were Ciara, Jessica Smith, and Brittni, he got a son, and from India J. He gives birth to a daughter.

Rapper Struggle for Success and Role of His Wife:

Besides this, if we look behind Rapper had done a lot of struggle to get his break. Formerly Future started his career as a songwriter and penning hooks for the Atlanta’s Ludacris artist. He was stepping on to next by writing songs and one day he finally got his first break arrived in 2011. In 2011 he sang favorite song YC’s hit single ‘Racks.’ This song forced everyone one to turn on their radio. The Later remix was made. His adventurous band Dungen Family called him “Masterhead the Phuture.”  This was because his continuous hit rapped songs.

Future was engaged to Ciara

Future was a sensible man or what? Future had just the engagement ring gifted to Ciara to give their relationship an official status, but soon it broke up! It was due to Ciara love affair or what but we got to know from Rapper that they broke up due to Ciara Cheats with him, but during their relationship Ciara was soon expecting a baby of Rapper, she named Future Zahir. She got separated and got into a new married life. Later, when news comes out of her pregnancy, but Future still didn’t interrupt by making it an issue. Future is not playing. Future and Ciara have beautiful years together. They became the union in 2013 and separated in August 2014.

Who knows this beautiful couple will turn into a hostile isolation. They had the very short life with each other with horrible days.

Ciara true Lover for Future:

Ciara got married to Russell in July 2016. Ciara feels comfortable to talk about his partner Russell on social sites. She claimed about Russell love for her; she had never found a real love charm which is supporting and accepting her after her devastating fight with her ex Future. But as a return from her ex, she got to hear that she is bragging like a crow about her husband, NFL star Russel Wilson, together Future claimed that she is giving a hint to a world behind our separation. He said softly if someone is not supporting you, accepting everything, is clear to you, it’s better to tell her bye forever!.

Girlfriends or Wives of Rich Rapper

However, Ciara had admitted she was in a relationship with Russell Wilson’s his current partner who is currently playing football for his country. On this, When Pop Star has sung to him a song, his photo was captured and kept on twitter on which millions of fans commented. Pop has had just one issue, he claimed, in the news that her ex-wife is preventing him from seeing his baby Zahir look. Whereas Ciara claimed that Future is making news channels as a source to promote his songs by discussing baby Zahir and making his news.  This issue carried on to court as well, and in that time Ciara and Russell were expecting their first child. Media asked about Future to know his reaction, but Future was calm, his reaction was ”So?”, He shows he had no issue with Ciara and his husband instead about his kid. He makes a clear statement that he is neither fan of Ciara nor Russell. If she is making another baby with another man, so it’s not his problem, this issue belongs to another man. Ciara announced her pregnancy on Oct 25 while celebrating her birthday. All know she is not afraid to post any messages for his love. This time she passes a picture on a social site. In that film, Russell holds her in his arm along with Future Zahir.

Father’s Love for his Child

Apart Future got a place in his heart for his baby and his mother. Future, not even in court or publicly praise Ciara and the way she keeps care of their child, in fact, a few years ago he sends a beautiful message on Mother’s day to Ciara. He has sung beautiful songs “Draco” and “My Collection” to express his sincere respect for a mother. The future status of mother Ciara express a Thank you card saying, she has been a great mom and called his a son a King.

  • The father loves never end.
  • Keeping beside his ex-relationship his love for his kid is infinite.
  • In memory of baby, he held a picture of mother Ciara holding baby Zahir.
  • Future is keeping a tie between him and Ciara due to his little kid else long ago he would tear up.

Conclusion about Future (Rapper) Net Worth:

In the end, we come at the point that famous and well-known rap star or artist The Future earns his most of wealth by his music albums. He is cast as the number one money making man in the year of 2018. The Future Net worth is around $ 6 Million of net worth for the year of 2017, according to all authentic spies and sources of His yearly earnings are around $ 785,302 for the year of 2018. He earns $ 437,032 by ads endorsements and other ventures currently. Estimating his annual income around $470,588 and another support amount is $104,575. Whether it’s ‘’future Hendrix”, “Welcome 2 Molly world”, “Astronaut Status,” “Pluto” and ‘’Streetz Calling,” all his music albums outrun, and his worth which was 1 million have now reached up to $ 6 Million. These are some most wealth and fame earning albums of the Future.


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