Is John Cena Net Worth Touching $ 25 Million of Bank Balance?

Who is John Cena?

John Cena as for JOHN FELIX ANTHONY CENA is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor and reality Television host. Born on April 23, 1977, Florida aged 40 resides in Florida, in both S. He is a free agent app in both RAW and SMACK DOWN in the WWE.CENA was labeled as the “most polarizing wrestler ever” by the industry. He is one of the highest and strongest wrestlers of the WWE. He has a permanent residency on The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He started his career in 2000 with ultimate pro wrestling and took home UPW heavy weight championship after that had won 10 world titles and three WWE US championships. He also actively participated in music and in acting and in television and live shows. John Cena Net Worth is $ 24 Million for the year of 2018.

Is John Cena Net Worth Touching $ 25 Million of Bank Balance?

How he Attain So Much Fan Followings and Attention of International Media?

Multi talented wrestler actor and singer worked really hard in getting acknowledged, he wrestled numerous matches out of which he also failed some but still his passion continued to prevail in the long run. His achievements gave him a humongous number of fan followers who would go crazy for him and would even buy tickets sold in black to his wrestling matches in the WWE. He had come a long way to his success that started just after the successful match in 2000 after which he inked his first contract with the then known WWF(world wrestling federation) which was later named as WWE. Marked in history, he is the 7 longest reigning wrestler champions in WWE, in addition to that, the Royal Rumble matches that took place in 2008 and 2013; Ceena is the winner to both of them. Not only the wrestling matches has won him this fame but its his other work that highlighted him too, CEENA worked in a number of films namely,”12 ROUNDS, “LEGENDARY AND THE MARINES. He also performed on various tv shows like MANH UNT, PUN K D,DEAL OR NO DEAL, SATURDAY NIGHT L IVE, MAD TV and many more. The idea of joining wrestling was never a new thing to CEENA as his father earned through being a businessman and a wrestle announcer. Stick to the TV then young CEENA used to watch his favorite wrestling shows of SHAWN MICHAE LES, HULK HOGAN and ultimate warrior in the ring. Influenced and inspired, CEENA preferred calling himself a PROTOTYPE. On 27 April 2000 SAN DIE GO, CEENA attained the title of UPW. Initially on his entry into WWE, CEENA showed off in white jerseys and backward ha ts ,also a chain in his neck with a pendant in it, it was known as the doctor of THUGANOMICS.As other wrestlers CEENA had ways to his victories that were often underhanded, using chain as a weapon over his opponent, denying refree ‘s consent. His entry was followed by rapping in which he usually insulted his opponent, media and often the crowd. Just after his debut film, THE marine, CEENA adopted different attire, he went to jean shorts, sneaker and wrist and armbands form white jerseys and backward hats.

 Do You Know How Much John Cena Charge As Salary?

CENA is not only a super star but is a top rated wrestler, his numerous fan followers tried to push him

Into the HOLLYWOOD, but that didn’t work yet he has a really handsome net worth.

  • .NET WORTH       $ 45million (as per 2018 forbes)
  • .ANNUAL INCOME USD 9500,000
  • .MONTHLY         USD 791,666
  • .WEEKLY           USD 182,692
  • .DAILY              USD 26,027

This is a calculated sum of his income from wrestling; he also earns a smart sum from acting which adds to his total net worth. His annual salary of $9.5 million includes a 7% of bonus on sales of some merchandise. CEENA knows how to multiply his money; he has PPV revenue share profit which provides him money more than his salary. To his monthly sum limit CEENA enjoys business class flight tickets, luxury issues like hotel accommodation and ground transportation allowances every week.

Is John Cena Net Worth Touching $ 25 Million of Bank Balance?

Personal Life Of John Cena & Some Hidden Facts too:

Born of WEST NEWBURY TOWN, he stands second oldest in five brothers. His grandfather sought fame in baseball, named TONY LUPIEN. Son of an Italian father and French Canadian mother, CEENA got his education from central catholic high school from Lawrence city in Massachusetts state. After graduating from Cushing academy, he went to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Wearing a shirt of number 54 as a college football player, he still wears that shirt i some of his WWE merchandise. In 1998 he got a degree in exercise physiology after which he started his career in body building and worked as a limousine company driver. Time flies by quickly and if you work hard for a better tomorrow u achieve it. CEENA used to be a driver has now more than 20 luxurious cars in his ownership which can be taken as a pride show for him. Out of many his favorites are PLYMOUTH road runner and 19690 Camaro, also his love for limousine is huge, he is seen riding it most of the time in city. CEENA mostly uses his classic FORD MUSTANG SPORTS car for his mania matches Among ford cars his black orange edition is the coolest .Recently he has bought a vintage car which  is his

Love nowadays a 1971 AMC HORNET SCL/360.List of his other cars are:

  • 2007 Dodge Charger srt-8 Super Bee,
  • 2007 Saleen Parnelli Jones of Ford Mustang,
  • 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator,
  • 1971 Plymouth Road Runner,
  • 2006 Ford GT,
  • 1970 Plymouth Superbird
  • 1969 Copo Camaro
  • Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350
  • 1970 Buick Gsxs
  • 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge
  • 1969 AMC AMX
  • 1969 Dodge Daytona
  • 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1

 John Cena Net worth Accurate Information’s Portal:

John Cena has bought luxurious houses at different parts of the world .He is very conscious about the outlook of his houses so he hires different and famous professional designers to décor the houses, one of the examples can be seen in the house of Florida which is professionally designed and is a sight to see. He had appeared on TV shows and has opened up about the interior decoration of his homes. The houses he own has multi level HI –tech gymnasium and every other modern amenity. Despite his ruthless nature, Cena likes to watch animated movies. The star is often referred to as a LEADER by many magazines and media because of his influential personality.

John Cena and Film Industry Life:

FILMS require drama excellence perfection in an artist, CEENA has them all and plays it so well that directors and producers adore his work, he played main roles in three films that includes THE REUNION, in which he played the character of SAM CAREY,  ]the 2009 action movie 12 ROUNDS playing DANNY FISHER and 2006 s THE MARINE casted as JOHN TRITON.THE movie THE MARINE went very well and bought a business of $19000,000, not just the wealth CEENA got highlighted on a public scale, he was featured on almost seven magazines, featured on five magazine articles and also interviewed.

Film Industry

Personal or Martial Life of John Cena:

It is reported that Cena married to her partner Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009, but their marriage didn t work out and they divorced in May 2012.After that Cena started to date Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella was not attached to WWE when she got into   a relationship with Cena, however they had a quite life where they were gelled together. Nikki is accused of using Cena as to improve her career in wrestling, would have not been Cena, Nikki would be still struggling for fame. In a recent interview Cena called off the wedding with Nikki, when asked he explained the reason saying that Nikki wanted children after marriage but Cena was not mentally prepared for this kind of responsibility.

Comparison with Other Stars or Celebrities:

John towers all the wrestlers in WWE except when it comes to Rock who has the wealth that any wrestler could make. Whereas other wrestlers have and are still trying to match to Cena s wealth that may include Daniel Bryon, Nikki Bella and Triple H.

The accounts of his contemporaries are listed below:

DANIEL BRYAN                  $2 million

UNDERTAKER                    $16 million

RANDY ORTON                  $15.5million

TRIPLE H                             $25million

ROCK                                   $185million

NIKKI BELLA                       $4million

ROMAN REIGHNS             $3.3milion


WWE                                                 $22,650,000

NON WWE ACTING                         $3,162,000

TV APPERANCES                              $945,000

MUSIC                                               $1,458,923

ENDROSEMENTS                             $12,300,000

MERCHANDISE                                 $339,750

TOTAL EARNINGS SINCE 2002       $40,855,673

SALARY (AVERAGE)                         $3,312,764

SALARY 2016                                    $4,379,250

TAXES(39.6%)                                 -$16,117,134

EXPENSES(10%)                              -$4,202,367


(6% of cena s net worth)                $3,765,455

TOTAL NET WORTH                             $24,301,626


Where people say him ruthless, Cena has made 500 wishes come true for children through the life threatening illness foundation centre, the most in make a wish history.

He was awarded with Chris gracious celebrity in 2009.Cena wore a black “RISE ABOVE HATE” t shirt promoting WWE “BE A STAR” against anti –bullying campaign. In September and October he wore a black and pink “RISE ABOVE CANCER” t shirt on collaboration with Susan G Kormen for cure, for the breast cancer awareness month.

In 2016, he appeared in public announcement labeling “WE ARE AMERICA, in his ” LOVE HAS NO LABELS ” campaign.



Before setting into WWE and becoming a professional wrestler, Cena performed in an advertisement by GOLD S GYM.


On 27 June, episode of RAW, Cena was involved in a storyline when during his match with CM PUNK, he was attacked by all the eight contestants of the first season of NXT , with WADE BARRET as their leader. Punk, his follower and his personnel were also attacked but it was John who suffered a serious attack and was taken out in a stretcher. This group later referred itself as the NEXUS. The Nexus continued to interfere in many of the matches Cena was involved and tried to make him lose the matches. In hope to end the Nexus, Cena challenged the Nexus with the proposition that if he loose he will join the Nexus. After losing the match with Barret , Cena joined Nexus. He continued to wrestle for them sometimes with victory and sometimes loosing when Cena competed in the Royal rumble at the pay per view which happened to make Cena eliminate members of the Nexus, ending his feud with the stable.


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