Julia Fox Net Worth

Julia Fox Net Worth

$1 Million

Julia Fox Net Worth

Julia Fox is an American actress, model, and artist who has a net worth of $1 million. Fox is renowned for her work in the entertainment sector and famous for her distinct beauty and captivating on-screen performances. Julia Fox has made a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s most gifted actresses, and her fame and fortune have only grown.

She began her career as a visual artist, exploring themes of sexuality, power, and identity. Her distinct artistic style, which combines painting, collage, and drawing, has won her a devoted following as well as critical acclaim.

What is Julia Fox’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Name:Julia Fox
Date of Birth:February 2, 1990
Country:United States of America
Last Updated:2023

Early Life

Julia Fox was born in Milan, Italy, on February 2, 1990. Her father was a photographer from Italy, and her mother was a Russian-Jewish painter. Julia grew up in a creative household, and her parents encouraged her to pursue her artistic interests from a young age. Julia’s family relocated to New York City when she was a child, and she grew up immersed in the city’s vibrant art scene.

Julia studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She later earned a degree in art history from Hunter College in New York. Julia continued to pursue her passion for art throughout her education, and she began to gain recognition for her distinct style and vision.

Julia Fox Net Worth

As of 2023, Julia Fox’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her fortune has primarily come from her acting career, as well as her work as a fashion designer and artist.

Julia Fox Net Worth:$1 Million
Annual Income:$250 Thousand
Monthly Income:$25 Thousand
Source Of Wealth:Movies
Country:United States of America
Last Updated:2023

Julia Fox Net Worth Growth

Net Worth 2023:$1 Million
Net Worth 2022:$1 Million
Net Worth 2021:$800 Thousand
Net Worth 2020:$500 Thousand
Net Worth 2019:$400 Thousand
Net Worth 2018:$300 Thousand
Julia Fox Net Worth and Income Sources

1. Fashion Designer:

Julia’s art career, in addition to her work as a fashion designer, has contributed to her net worth. She is a skilled artist who has shown her work in galleries and museums all over the world. Critics have praised her work, and she has sold several pieces at high-profile auctions. Her success as an artist has undoubtedly contributed to her rising net worth.

2. Movies:

Of course, Julia’s breakthrough role in “Uncut Gems” was a watershed moment in her career and has contributed significantly to her net worth. The film was both critically and commercially successful, grossing more than $50 million at the box office.

Julia’s performance in the film received widespread acclaim, helping to establish her as a rising star in Hollywood. As a result, she has been able to land several more acting roles, which has undoubtedly contributed to her net worth increasing.

3. Artistic Pursuits:

Julia has been successful in her artistic endeavors in addition to her work in the entertainment industry. Her work has been sold at several high-profile auctions and has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world. This has undoubtedly contributed to her net worth.


Julia Fox has faced her fair share of controversies throughout her career.

Julia Fox Net Worth and Salary

1. Allegations of Racism:

In 2020, Julia faced backlash on social media for previous tweets that many saw as racist. The tweets, which were sent in 2013 and 2014, used derogatory and offensive language. Julia apologized on Instagram, saying she was “deeply ashamed” of her previous actions and that she had grown and learned from them.

2. Public Feud with Shia LaBeouf:

Julia had a brief relationship with actor Shia LaBeouf in 2019, but the two ended their relationship in a very public and messy split. Julia accused Shia of abusive behavior during their relationship in December 2020, claiming that he was emotionally and physically abusive to her. Shia denied the allegations, but the controversy sparked a discussion about relationship abuse and power dynamics.

3. Nude Photos Leak:

Julia’s naked photos were leaked online without her permission in 2021. Julia spoke out about the invasion of her privacy, describing herself as “disgusted” and “traumatized” by the ordeal. She also emphasized the significance of consent and the need for tougher laws to protect people from cyberbullying and online harassment.

Personal Life

Fox married private pilot Peter Artemiev in 2018. Before splitting up in 2020, the couple lived in Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood. Fox gave birth to a son named Valentino in early 2021. Later, Fox confirmed her relationship with rapper Kanye West in early 2022, revealing the news in an interview with Interview magazine.

On New Year’s Eve in Miami, the two met and instantly clicked. For their second date, West planned a full photo shoot at the restaurant where they were dining, with Fox dressed in Miaou’s thong pants and a Balenciaga turtleneck and coat.

Overall, Julia Fox has had a significant impact on the worlds of art, fashion, and social justice. She has become a powerful voice for change and an inspiration to many, and her work in her various fields continues to push boundaries and break down barriers.


Who is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox is well-known as a visual artist, writer, and activist. She is well-known in the art world for her mixed-media portraits and her distinctive artistic style, which explores themes of sexuality, power, and identity. She is also well known for her activism and support for social justice issues.

What is Julia Fox’s history?

Julia Fox was born in New York City and raised there. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and later the New York Academy of Art, where she earned a painting degree.

What is Julia Fox’s net worth?

While Julia Fox’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. she has achieved significant success and recognition in her various fields of work.

What role does Julia Fox play in the film industry?

In 2019, Julia Fox made her acting debut alongside Adam Sandler in the critically acclaimed film “Uncut Gems” by the Safdie Brothers. She has since appeared in several other films, including “PVT CHAT” and “She’s Lost Control.

What fashion brands have Julia Fox collaborated with?

Julia Fox has worked with a number of fashion brands, including Gucci and Nike. Her distinct style has also been featured in numerous fashion publications.

What inspired Julia Fox to become an activist?

Julia Fox has always been vocal about issues that are important to her, but her activism gained traction in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. She took part in protests, raised awareness through social media, and worked with other artists and activists to effect change.

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