Rappers & Singers

Rapper and Singer Net Worth

The lifestyle of Rappers and Singers are unique and complex in today’s modern world. He always tries to be different loot and look so that they could get the attractions or their Fans. People, especially the new generations are seeking to follow up the life swag of most attractive and Modern world environment. They always try the new thing which had never been followed by the others. And that style will make it extraordinary in the eyes of other people.

Unique Styles is the key of fame for Rappers & Singers

They always try to adopt the new facts and give the people or their fans the newer stylish look. Their movies might achieve that, albums shooting, TV shows or somewhat else like that thing, which make them famous. Most of the celebrities are used to follow the older way to get fame, and that is, making the little bit scandals so that people watch their snapshot, pictures and may be chips of their scandal into Televisions, the Internet, Social media websites, Hyper Media, News channels, Interviews. Due do this whole activity that person who is ordinary will became extraordinary. The unique think in the Rapper and Singer which is familiar to some extent that they try to create a unique look and feel by changing their hairstyle, dressing, shoes, and jewelry.

Why Rappers and Singers are attractive?

Mostly people are following the activities which are used by the celebrities; their fans try to follow up their dressing, living style, cars, singing styles, gestures and their hair styles, etc. this thing to create a tremendous impact on the children and they try to follow the walking and talking styles. Here I will take an example of a singer Honey Singh who is considered as the best rapper in India. He introduced a strange hair style and which became very popular among the little fellows. Theophilus London is also the Rapper, and his signature looks Skinny suits, snapbacks, Jordans. The other Rapper is Rammellzee, and its style is extraordinary from the other like Sheepskin coat, afro-futurist eyewear, urban samurai.

Is strange names are able to increase popularity?

The other Rapper name as Special Ed he uses to wear a long jacket and Miami Vice suits. The best style of Shock G is Fur caps and full-length trenches. His style could be seen in the video “Same Song,” One of the big names with a strange style that can never be denied is Tyler, The Creator, he has its style like Supreme caps, printed shirts, Vans Tubes socks, etc. he is different from the others. Big Boi is also the big name in the musical world his signature look is White Tux(a long jacket), gold chain in his neck, gator belts, wearing black glasses, minks, etc. Rakim has its best style he uses to wear Dapper Dan Gucci Jacket and gold rope chains. You can watch his video “Paid In Full.” Similarly, there are many people who are following the style of such people. This is some sort crazy things which they to came in the eyes of other people and became a success. The whole game is about to look unique and became famous in the world. And this will ensure their success because the world wants the exceptional thinks.

List of Top Ten Best Rapper and Singers

Sr No. Name Profession
1 Big Gipp Rapper
2 Snoop Dogg Rapper
3 Reakwon Singer
4 Jim Jones Rapper
5 French Montana Singer
6 Professor Green Singer
7 Theophilus London Rapper
8 Rammellzee Singer
9 Big Boi Rapper
10 Rakim Rapper