Under Taker Net Worth 2017 Reveled

Mark William Callaway, known as Undertaker was born in Houston, Texas, USA on 24 March 1965.Having the American nationality he follows the religion of Christianity. Mark is a wrestler by profession. He is now a retired wrestler and enjoys his current residency in Austin, Texas, US. His wrestling career in WWE brought him fame and now he is known the world widely. Mark has a habit of adopting different names for himself, he is also known as DEAD MAN or THE PHENOM. Among all the wrestlers he is the one who has served WWE for a very long period of time. Back in school, he was a member of the basketball and baseball team which shows his interest in the sports. Later on, he decided what to make out of his life, he decided to be a professional wrestler. He studied at Walt rip high school and completed his university in Texas Wesleyan.

Under Taker Net Worth 2017 Reveled

Undertaker is a diehard fan of boxing and martial arts. As to where his charity works his concerned, he shows quite an interest in charitable work and events, he and his ex-wife Sarah together has built “THE ZEUS COMPTON CALAWAY SAVE THE ANIMALS FUND”, which helps pay for lifesaving treatments for large breed dogs.

Under Taker & Wrestling Career:

Undertaken have been a professional wrestler since 1984 and a member of the WWE mania since 1990. The score of his victories resides in 18-0, he has won 4 world champion matches of the WWE, and 2 times that of world heavy weight was named after Undertaker as he was the first man to win Rumble starting at 30. On joining the world championship he picked his name to be “MEAN MARK CALLOUS” in 1989, but later on joining WWE he changed it to “KANE THE UNDERTAKER”. Undertaker started his wrestling career by debuting in the world class championship, but later he resigned from the company to sign with Continental Wrestling Association, then to world championship wrestling. The famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan plays an important part in the life of Undertaker, as he introduced him to the WWE/F executive Vince McMahon who brought up the gimmick of “UNDERTAKER”. Mack adopted different attires while showing off in WWE, in 1990 he appeared as an undead, occult like figure, while in 1994 he appeared something like mystic chilling super-human Deadpan.

Some Hidden Details About Under Taker’s Married Life:

With difficult nature, Mark has been married twice before he met his soul mate, former wrestler Michelle McCool. It has been reported that Mark has four children named Kaila, Casey, Gunner, and Gracie. Initially, Mark married Jodi Lynn but after their first baby the two f they divorced in 1999. Later, in 2000, Mark married Sarah with whom he had two daughters but neither they worked out together and hence divorced each other in 2007.The year 2010, to bought Michelle into Mark s life and hence they had their baby in 2012.


  Some Interesting Facts About Under Taker Reveled:

  • Passion for wrestling led Undertaker to leave his college while he was just a few credits short of graduating.
  • Quite an amiable person, requests his fans not to reach for him when he is with family.
  • Has appeared in almost all the videos generated by the advertising of WWE.
  • Lost a fatal four-way match for the WWE championship along with Booker T.
  • He defeated his brother “Kane” in wrestle mania, March 2004.
  • Announced his retirement on 30 Jan 2016
  • At the great American bash, he won the Big show at the Punjabi prison match.
  • Booker T was defeated by him on judgment day, May 2004.
  • He and his brother Kane together made up a team o Smack down called “THE DESTRUCTION”.
  • His hip injury was followed by the birth of his second child from Sarah, for which he took time off from matches.
  • August 2004, American and got himself disqualified for using a belt to knock out JBL.
  • With a broken foot he wrestled with Mick Foley at KING of the RING.

American and Irish.

  • He leased one his properties that is a ranch in Cedar Creek to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, when they were on shooting of the film, THE TREE OF LIFE.
  • Tony Longo and Undertaker are good friends.
  • 6 feet and 9 inch tall and over 350 pounds, he was the first man to do high flying moves.
  • Apart from wrestling, he spends his time doing real estate work
  • Is a formal tag team champion.
  • While on sabbatical, undertaker s best friend Brian Harris wrestled as fake Undertaker.
  • Undertaker got a tattoo on his throat as a wedding gift for his wife Sarah.
  • His brother is a police officer.


  1. To Mick Foley, when asked his opinion after throwing Mankind off the Hell in a Cell cage] I thought you were dead.
  2. There is no shame in going out fighting and getting your ass kicked, but there is no honor in not fighting at all.
  3. Mess with me or my family and I WILL make you famous.4
  4. That wrestling ring is MY yard. And I’m the big dog that runs that yard.
  5. May not dress like Satan anymore, but I’m still down with the devil and I will go medieval on your ass!
  6. Rest in peace
  7. Time to see if your body can cash the checks your mouth has been writing.


TITLE      YEAR      STATUS                CHARACTER

  • WWF War Zone 1998       VIDEO GAME     THE UNDERTAKER (VOICE)

Under Taker in Action WWE:

  • ACTION ZONE 1994       TV SERIES            THE UNDERTAKER


             Long leather coats

             Dark liner

             A personality that would bleed his opponents mouth

             TRADEMARK MOVE: Charging DDT

             TRADEMARK MOVE: Choke

             TRADEMARK MOVE: Sidewalk slam

             TRADEMARK MOVE: Running leg walk

             TRADEMARK MOVE: Old school


 Under Taker Net Worth & Sources of Income Details:

It is calculated that net worth of undertaker amounts to 16 million US dollars, which is 9 million dollars less from his colleague Triple H. Moreover his income his increasing continually, His major income is generated from WWE and WWF, which allows him to earn $1811, 000 in each match. In addition to that his appearance in films and Ads led him to earn an extra amount that adds to his net worth. But the major portion of his income is derived from World wrestling foundation.

List of Under Takers Assets who Played a Vital Role increasing His Bank Balances:

-Undertaker is in obsession of bikes, during all of his fights he is seen entering into the WWE on a bike. The bright and shining light of his bike is fame because it draws the attention of everyone to itself as it enters the grounds.

-As his mood changed, so did his mind to change his ride, in 2004, he decide to switch from bike to car and to make a mild entry into the wrestling federation. His mild and fantastic collection includes 1978 Mercedes-Benz that   has the engine power of 48kw that allows him to float in the air.

-Everybody owes a house and pay special attention to its interior and architecture, paying huge amounts to designers to make their house the most unique in town. But when it comes to undertaker  ,his case is entirely different, his house is the most deadly in the town, as it is in between the cemetery, in addition to that the covered  area is also very small.

In 2014, Undertaker received an amount of $1800, 000 from wrestle mania which was not included in the bonuses and top ups he receive.

In 2015, he earned a nice salary of 2000,000 USA dollars.  He earns an amount of $1.50 million annually. Forbes 2016 magazine says that Undertaker receives an amount of $1500, 000 as salary and also won bonuses of about $296,667 in the same year.

The undertaker has a market value of $445,000 US dollars.


  • Undertaker Net Worth versus The Rock Net Worth –  24 percent (one quarter)
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth – 37 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus John Cena Net Worth – 48 percent (about half)
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Triple H Net Worth – 68 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus The Big Show Net Worth – 85 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Kurt Angel Net Worth – 85 percent
  • The Undertaker Net Worth versus Chris Jericho Net Worth – 94 percent (nearly the same)

The Undertaker Net Worth versus Shawn Michaels Net Worth – 100 percent (exactly the same)

The Undertaker Net Worth versus Mick Foley Net Worth –  113 percent (about $ 2.21 million more)



Here is a brief detail of The Undertaker earning of fame career to the running year 2016.

  • Earning of year 2005 – $1,800,000
  • Earning of year 2007 – $500,000
  • Earning of year 2013 – $2,700,000
  • Earning of year 2014 – $750,000
  • Earning of year 2015 – $900,000
  • Earning of year 2016 – $1,500,000
  • Earning of year 2017 (According to the contract) – $1,850,000
  • Earning of year 2018 (According to the contract) – $2,150,000


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