Baba Vanga Net Worth 2024: Check Biography, Age & Parents Details


Name:  Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova
Popularly Known As:

Baba Vanga 

Net Worth: Not Known
Birthdate: 3rd October 1911
Birthplace: Strumica, Ottoman Empire (North Macedonia) 
Height: It was not known
Gender: Female
Nationality: She had Bulgarian, Ottoman Empire’s, Yugoslavia’s citizenship
Profession: Clairvoyance and Healer

What is the Baba Vanga Net Worth 2024? Read the article and find out answers to your questions.

What is Baba Vanga’s Net Worth?

Information about Baba Vanga’s net worth is not known. Vangeliya, popularly known as Baba Vanga, was an attributed Clairvoyant and healer (as the people claim). She was very popular in Southeast Europe, although it has been around 27 years since she died. Baba Vanga died on 11th August 1996. Baba Vanga was born during the Ottoman Empire. 

What is Baba Vanga's Net Worth
What is Baba Vanga’s Net Worth

Thus, ascertaining her net worth would be a lot more difficult because she died around three decades ago. Also, there are no written records or biographies of her available. All the prophecies and predictions she made are passed down to generations by her followers and students. However, Baba Vanga had two houses, one in Petrich and the other in Rupite. Both the houses have been converted into museums as per her will. It was Vangeliya’s last wish to turn her home into a museum.

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Key Facts 

  • Details related to Baba Vanga’s net worth are not available.
  • Baba Vanga died in 1996 and left just two houses.
  • Those houses were in Petrich and Rupite. 
  • As per her last wish, those houses were turned into museums.
  • There is no record of any other property that Baba Vanga owned.
  • She was attributed to Clairvoyance and lived the early days of her life in poverty. 
  • Baba Vanga was a very famous and big personality of her time; she also used to visit her during difficult times. 
  • Her age was 84 years when she died.

Early Life of Baba Vanga  

Vanga was born in Strumica, in the Salonica vilayet of the Ottoman Empire (which is currently North Macedonia), on October 3, 1911. Her Parents were Pando and Paraskeva Surcheva. She was born prematurely and experienced health issues. When Vanga was a youngster, her father was active in the pro-Bulgarian wing of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. During World War I, Vanga’s father was drafted into the Bulgarian Army. However, her mother passed away soon. 

Early Life of Baba Vanga
Early Life of Baba Vanga

For a significant portion of her early years, Vanga was in the care and kindness of her neighbours and close family friends. Following the war, Strumica was given up to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (also known as Yugoslavia). Her father’s pro-Bulgarian activities resulted in his incarceration by Yugoslav authorities. His whole estate was seized, and the family spent many years facing poverty. After becoming a widower, her father finally remarried. Now, Vanga was under the care of her stepmother.

What Was Baba Vanga Famous For?

After becoming blind during her childhood, Vangeliya developed a mystic sense of foreseeing the future. She claimed to see the future and quickly became well-known for her prophecies. People in trouble would often come to her and try to seek help from her. Many of her predictions for the future came true in the past and present as well. She was known for her healing and mystic fortune-telling ability.

How Did She Became Blind?

She and her father relocated to Novo Selo in 1923. Her own words state that she was thrown into a nearby field by a “strong tornado” that lifted her into the air, marking a turning point in her life. It took a while to find her. She was covered with grit and sand in her eyes, and it was painful, and it prevented her from opening them. As a young kid, she appeared to be really petrified by the event. 

How Did She Became Blind
How Did She Became Blind

The money available was insufficient to fully cure the injuries she incurred, leading to progressive blindness. Afterwards, she went to a blind school, where she learned to read Braille. She was partially educated. At the blind school in Zemun city, she learnt how to knit, cook, clean, etc. She returned home after three years due to the death of her stepmother. Vangeliya had younger siblings to take care of. 

Baba Vanga’s Marriage & Biography

Dimitar Gushterov and Vanga were married on May 10, 1942. Gushterov was a soldier from Krandzhilitsa, a village close to Petrich. Before being married, Dimitar and Vanga relocated to Petrich, where she quickly gained notoriety. After that, Dimitar was drafted into the Bulgarian Army and assigned to the then-annexed region of Northern Greece. Gushterov grew sick, developed a liquor addiction, and passed away on April 1, 1962.

Baba Vanga’s Work 

However, Baba Vanga has not written a prophecy. Because she was blind and could not write. She was only able to read Braille. Thus, she never made any draft of her prophecies. However, there were a few drafts by his pupils and followers. They have mentioned Baba Vanga’s prediction for the future. Many predictions by her came true. Such as;

  • Second World War 
  • Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster
  • Date of her death
  • Date of Stalin and Tsar Boris III’s death
  • Death of Princess Diana 
  • Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004
  • 07/11 Attacks
  • Sinking of Kursk, a Russian submarine
  • Northern Bulgarian earthquake in 1985
  • An African-American becoming the 44th President of the United States.
  • Fall of the union between the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia

Wiki Details of Predictions For 2024 

Baba Vanga has made a lot of predictions for the year 2024. However, only some predictions have come true in the first four months of the year. Those predictions are;

  • Economic Crisis
  • Increase in Terrorism
  • The new cure for diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s
  • Cyber security crisis or cyber attacks
  • Severe climate change
  • Testing of some biological weapons

These predictions have proven to be accurate by far in 2024. People from all around the world, such as Argentina, the United Kingdom, and India, are currently discussing her fascinating and dangerous predictions.  

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