BG Net Worth: How He Started Minting Money at Just the Age of 12


  • B.G. entered Cash Money Record at just a tender age of 12 and also dropped out of his school at 15 to pursue rap and music. 
  • B.G. was sent to prison for 14 years as he was found possessing illegal drugs, guns and some magazines. 
  • B.G. has carved his name in the ever changing music landscape due to his connection with the audience on the lyrics he writes for the raps and how he stays rooted to his humble beginnings even after the fame and success he has achieved.

Baby Gangsta, the long form of B.G., is a rising star in the rap culture whose innate talent and genuine narratives have captivated audiences globally.

Originating from the urban streets of New Orleans, Baby Gangsta’s lyrics vividly depict the realities of city life, showcasing the challenges, victories, and intricate dynamics of the contemporary hustle. At a tender age of 12, he signed his first project with Birdman’s Cash Money Record. Since then, BG has released multiple hit raps that have made his fans his loyal supporters.

On a personal front, he has two sons and a daughter. However, he is currently single and unmarried. Much of his personal life has never made it to the public eye. Let’s move on and know more about BG. 

Early life:

Christopher Noel Dorsey, known by his stage name B.G., was born on September 3, 1980, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Raised in the Freret neighborhood, he encountered the harsh realities of street life from an early age.

With his father largely absent, Christopher faced further tragedy when his father fell victim to an attempted robbery and was killed when he was just 12 years old. He chose music as his escape from these harsh adversities at this tender age.

This is when Christopher began his journey into rap, initially adopting the stage name “Lil Doogie.” It was during this period that he crossed paths with Lil Wayne, who would go on to become both a frequent collaborator and a close confidant in B.G.’s life. At 15, he dropped out of college, reportedly also consumed heroine, but was known to have been focused on his recording career.


Christopher started his career at a high by entering Cash Money Records at a tender age of 12. Later on in 1997, he went on to form one of the most sought after rap group – The Hot Boys with Lil Wayne, Juveline and Turk. They released a string of successful albums, including “Chopper City” and “Chopper City in the Ghetto,” which spawned hit singles like “Bling Bling.”

BG Net Worth Career
BG Net Worth Career

B.G. earned his name in the rap landscape for  his vivid storytelling and unapologetic authenticity, which also earned him a dedicated fanbase. This album sold more than 1,40,000 copies in its first week of release, and Bling Bling also stood at #36 on Billboard Hot 100. The album became so widely recognised that ‘Bling Bling’ as a term was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2003. 

 BG went on to release more than a dozen albums following the success of Chopper City but none of them could breach the heights Chopper City had achieved. His versatility and resilience were evident in projects like “The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol. 1” and “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood,” which showcased his ability to adapt to changing trends while staying true to his roots. His fans went on to acknowledge him with special names like Bling Bling Slim and Geezy following his successful album launches. 

 Together, the Hot Boys released “Get It How U Live!” and “Guerrilla Warfare,” which became anthems of the era, catapulting the Hot Boys to national fame and cementing their place in hip-hop history. Checkmate was another album that enjoyed his fans’ love. In 2009, the Hot Boys also planned a reunion, but the plan was later scrapped for unrevealed reasons. Although, B.G. and Juvenile were seen to be sharing the stage for a brief period at one of Lil Wayne’s concerts in June 2009.

Legal and Financial Troubles:

B.G.’s legal and financial troubles did shadow his otherwise distinguished career and his glitzy personal life. Despite earning substantial income during his career, mismanagement and legal expenses took a toll on his finances. Most notably, a defining moment that started the series of troubles was when he was sentenced to prison for 14 years of gun possession and witness tampering charges. The police found 3 guns, illegal drugs, magazines, and some gun clips.

Finally, he was released in September 2023, as he served 11 out of his 14 years in prison. He was greeted by Birdman upon his midway release in 2023 but the full release will only happen in July 2023. 

 What is B.G.’s net worth?

B.G.’s net worth has always been a subject of speculation owing to his career’s ups and downs. Reportedly, B.G.’s  net worth is known to be $ 2 million, despite all the financial and legal troubles in his ever changing career trajectory.

 What is B.G.’s net worth
What is B.G.’s net worth

It is also known that most of his income comes from music performances, brand releases, and business endeavours, but no official statement or declaration has ever been released from him or his team. B.G.’s net worth has been speculated to double up to $4 million through his record breaking tracks!


B.G. wrote in a post on Instagram – It’s my last #Birthday being buried alive,”. “The main focus is to stay focused. I’m not letting nobody rob me of my productivity, prosperity, positivity, and peace of mind,” the rapper continued. “13 years was more (than) enough time for me to change the reckless path I was on.”

His story serves as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of fame and the importance of responsible decision-making in the face of temptation and adversity. B.G’s tracks have definitely helped him carve a name for himself and the world knows that he has even more to offer his audience through his raps and music.

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