Boeing Whistleblower Net Worth 2024: What Happened To Him?

This post about ‘Boeing Whistleblower Net Worth‘ will explain all the details about the whistleblower and the current updates. 

What is the Net Worth of Boeing Whistle Blower?

No details regarding the net worth of Boeing whistleblower have been revealed. However, the person is Joshua Dean, and he had unfortunately died. Following an unexplained health issue, he was declared deceased on Wednesday. 

In an interview against Spirit, Dean, previously employed quality auditor for the company, said that top quality managers of the 737 Max production line had engaged in “serious and gross misconduct.”

He was the second whistleblower who died within two months. Dean was forty-five years old. The first whistleblower who died was John ‘Mitch’ Barnett. As per the reports, he died due to a self-inflicted gunshot. Thus, it was called a suicide. However, many of his family and friends beg to differ. 

Mitch was in the middle of providing details about the case, and on the third day, he died. Both the whistleblowers’whistleblowers’ case lawyers were from the same law firm in South Carolina. Also, big media houses are not covering the death of John Mitch or Joshua Dean.

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Why Did Joshua Dean Die?

Dean passed quite unexpectedly on Wednesday. According to the Seattle Times, he started having breathing difficulties just two weeks ago. He also required intubation after being admitted to the hospital. 

Why Did Joshua Dean Die

As per reports, he contracted MRSA bacteria and pneumonia. Before he passed away, he was finally placed on machines to provide oxygen and circulate his blood due to heart and lung failure.

Many people are also speculating by the manner of Joshua’s death that he has been poisoned. These are only speculations and imaginary scenarios. 

When his condition worsened, he was transported from Wichita to a medical center in Oklahoma City, where he was placed on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) device, which is a type of extracorporeal life support. 

According to the article, Dean had dialysis and was given a strong sedative. A CT scan later revealed that he had experienced a stroke. By the end, it alleged, surgeons were thinking about removing both hands and both feet.

What Did Joshua Dean While Whistle-blowing?

Dean’s accusations against Spirit initially surfaced following the January 737 MAX 9 jet, Alaska Flight 1282, midair blowout. The incident left numerous people injured. Evidence from an ongoing government inquiry shows that the disaster’s immediate cause was production problems with the MAX 9, namely missing nuts on a door stopper.

Spirit employed Dean between 2019 and 2020. Then, again between May 2021 and April 2023. In the meanwhile, he lost his job due to job cuts brought on by the pandemic, even though Spirit received a $75.5 million federal bailout.

Dean discovered incorrectly made holes in the aft pressure compartment of Spirit Airlines’ 737 MAX jetliners during his second term in office. He brought the matter to the attention of management, who took no action to resolve it.

Spirit, on the other hand, concentrated on a different mistake involving faulty fittings between the fuselage and the upward-facing tail fin that Dean overlooked. And they used that as a justification to terminate him in April 2023.

Legal Proceeding By Joshua Dean

Dean contacted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with a safety concern following that discovery. He claimed Spirit had misled the FAA about the aft pressure bulkhead issues and had used him as a scapegoat. 

Legal Proceeding By Joshua Dean

 Dean received a letter from the FAA in November informing him that their investigation into the safety concerns he had reported was complete. Although the letter obscures the conclusion, it appears to support the validity of his claims.

 In the same month, Dean complained to the Department of Labor about unfair dismissal and “serious negligence of higher-level Spirit AeroSystems Quality Executives.” It is an ongoing case.


Net worth details of Joshua Dean are impossible to fetch. Because he was not a celebrity or a person in the limelight. Joshua was a normal engineer who worked at Spirit, which is the main supplier to Boeing. 

He died on Wednesday suddenly due to breathing problems. It has been just months since he filed the whistle-blowing complaint against the Spirit’s faulty production practices. Joshua eventually lost his job.

Now, his death has shocked everyone, and people are suspecting his death. Many are concerned that his death might have been a foul play. Click here to read more

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