Cam McCarthy Net Worth 2024: Read Now Athlete’s Net Wealth

Here, the post will discuss Cam McCarthy Net Worth for 2024. Read, what happened to Cameron?


  • Cameron McCarthy was an Australian professional football player. 
  • On 9th May 2024, Cam unfortunately passed away. 
  • The Australian football community is mourning the loss of Cam.
  • This is the reason why Cam McCarthy is trending on social media and the internet.
  • Net worth of Cam was around $ 2 to $5 million (US) as of 2023.
  • The exact reason behind Camern’s death has not been revealed or explained. 
  • Cameron was just 29 years old at the time of his death. 

Look At Cameron McCarthy’s Net Worth 

Cam McCarthy’s estimated net worth in 2023 is between one and $ 5 million. The majority of McCarthy’s net worth comes from his professional Australian football. It includes contracts, sponsorships, and other ventures. 

 Moreover, he can be under endorsement contracts with companies and products that want to make use of his influence over the buyers. His endorsement partnerships add even more value to his financial position. 

Look At Cameron McCarthy's Net Worth

 It is essential to recognize that estimates of one’s wealth are based on a variety of sources, such as public data and industry insights.

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Growth Analysis of Cam McCarthy Net Worth

Year Net Worth of Cam McCarthy (estimated)



No details available



Between $1 to $5 million

Sadly, Cam has died on Thursday, 9th May 2024. Reason of his death is unknown. Thus, there will be no further addition to his net worth. His net worth in 2024 before his death is also not available.

Wikipedia Information About Cam McCarthy


Full Name


Cameron McCarthy


Popularly Known as:



Dardy McCarthy


Date of Birth


1st April 1995


Place of Birth


Lake Coogee, Western Australia




29 years old




On 9th May 2024, Thursday


Place of Death


At a home in Southern Perth, near Lake Coogee.









No details are available




No details are available






Details are not available






Details are not available






Professional Rules Footballer






He was sis feet and 4 inches tall


Married Status






He weighed 92 Kgs


Cam McCarthy Net Worth



Around $1 to $5 million (US) as per 2023




He used to play at Forward

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Career Details of Cam McCarthy

Career Details of Cam McCarthy

In the 2013 AFL, the Greater Western Sydney Giants drafted him. In round 23, McCarthy made his AFL football debut at Etihad Stadium in 2014 and played against the Western Bulldogs. McCarthy entered the game as a substitute, but he scored his first goal from the boundary line, a long goal.

In 2016, he was finally traded to the Fremantle Football Club. In the 2017 AFL season, he played as one of the Dockers. Later, at the end of the season, he became the leading goal kicker. He scored 25 goals in just 19 matches. His AFL career came to an end in 2020. 

Interesting Facts 

  • He transitioned from being a cricketer to a professional footballer.
  • He came from a cricket-playing background, but his interest was heavy in football.
  • In 2022, during a practice session, he fainted and was diagnosed with Epilepsy.
  • Police investigated the circumstances of his death, and they found no foul play.
  • Thus, they have said that his death is not suspicious but natural. 
  • He was found dead in a house in the suburban area in Perth, around Lake Coogee. 
  • He was away from the limelight for more than 3 years.
  • Suddenly, the news of his death has shocked the Dockers’ fans.


Cam McCarthy Net wroth in the year 2024 is not possible to calculate. Since 2020, he has not been playing AFL and away from the media attention. Cam was suffering from Epilepsy and seizures. 

He was found dead on 9th May 2024 in Perth, around Lake Coogee. Dockers’ fans and community are shocked and grieving after hearing the news.


Q1. How was Cam McCarthy’s net capital?

A1. In 2023, it was estimated to be around 1 to 5 million dollars.

Q2. How old was Cameron?

A2. Cam McCarthy’s age was just 29 years old.

Q3. Was Cam McCarthy part of AFL?

A3. Yes, he was part of AFL.

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