Chad Hugo Net Worth 2024: Who Is His Wife? Details On Ethnicity

The post describes Chad Hugo Net Worth 2024, his Net Worth, his Wife and Ethnicity and further details of his music career.

Chad Hugo is a very famous American singer, producer, and songwriter. Currently, the details of his net worth have been the topic of discussion among people in the United States, and they are eager to know about his current income. 

Chad Hugo has an approximate net worth of 60 million dollars from all his music recordings and production. Chad Hugo was born on 24 February 1974 in Virginia. His parents were Filipino.

Their love for music started growing when he met Pharrell Williams in school, and the two of them began working together in various band groups. Chad Hugo used to record mix tapes from his home and played saxophone in his school band. 

Chad Hugo Net Worth 2024

Chad Hugo receives an approximate net worth of 60 million dollars. He is known for his hip-hop rock band, formed in 1999.

Hugo was also a professional DJ in high school and performed in various events. At the beginning of his career, he and Williams worked together and wrote many record-breaking songs. 

In 1997, Chad came across Jay-Z and recorded The City Is Mine. He produced several singles for him and collaborated with various other singers. Chad gained attention due to his music band and the record-breaking hits that came one after the other.

Complete Info Chad Hugo Net Worth 2024
Chad Hugo Net Worth 2024

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Chad Hugo Wife

Chad Hugo has been married for 10 years, and his wife is Priscilla Lynch Hugo. The couple got married on 22 February 2014, and this was his second marriage. His first wife was Rachel Hugo, but they separated in 2010. 

The 50-year-old music producer received huge appreciation for his back-to-back hits, and the producer is the father of three children. Hugo and Priscilla share a son. 

There are no further details about Chad’s wife; she has not been under public attention for a long time. We also do not have much information about Hugo’s family. 

Chad Hugo Wife
Chad Hugo Wife

Chad Hugo Ethnicity

Chad Hugo was born into an American Filipino family, so he has a cultural background from both his parents. He was born in Virginia, and as per the reports, his parents immigrated from the Philippines. 

Chad Hugo has an uproaring career in the music industry, and that started when he met Williams in grade School and joined the School band. He was also a part of the band named the Neptunes. 

There is a list of all his music and soundtracks on online websites, and he has produced uncountable numbers of music since he began his career. 

Chad Hugo Biography

Chad Hugo is an American music producer born in 1974. The place of his birth is Virginia, and he was born into a Filipino-American family. His father was in the United States Navy, while his mother was a lab technician. 

Their love for his music started at his home, where he mixed tips using a boombox, which sparked an interest in the musical instrument. He was also a part of a school band, for which he began producing music. 

His love for music elevated his career, and since the very beginning, he has not seen failure and has continued to achieve success. There are few details about his personal life, but we all know he has a wife and three kids.

 Those who wish to know about his early life and career details can refer to the online websites and channels and find more relevant details of his musical career. 

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