Corey Gamble Net Worth 2024- Actor’s Wealth and Business!

The article gives information on Corey Gamble Net Worth, his business ventures, career, total earnings in 2024, and Wikipedia details.


  • Corey Gamble is an actor and a producer. He is also famous for Being Kri Jenner’s boyfriend.. 
  • Corey Gamble worked as a talent manager before he met Kris in Ibiza. His debut in Keeping Up with the Kardashians was launched a year later. 
  • People are curious to find out Corey Gamble Net Worth and his business ventures. 
  • Corey and Kris have a 25 years age gap and that is a considerable number. They have been together since 2014 and have split a few times. 
  • Corey was Justin Bieber’s tour manager, and he is a millionaire. 

Corey Gamble Net Worth

Corey Gamble is a high-profile businessman and an actor. People first came to know him after he and Kris Jenner made their relationship official. Corey still works as a business executive and a talent manager. His work has earned him a massive fortune, and he also appears on the television show With the Kardashians. 

About Corey Gamble Net Worth

The total calculated Corey Gamble Net Worth is about $15 million. He lives in Beverly Hills with Kris and actively participates in her business and advises on financial matters. He was seen in the movie 2 Minutes of Fame, which was released in 2020. Corey’s earnings comprise all the ventures together. 

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Corey Gamble Net Worth Data Analysis 

Year Corey Gamble Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $15 million
2023 $15 million 

Career and Biography 

Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, has come under the limelight after he appeared on The Kardashians. He is a talent manager and works with Scooter Braun. He worked for Justin Bieber’s tour and called him his nephew on the online platform. 

In 2023, Corey launched his new silk collection with Dolce & Gabbana. The Kardashians were extremely happy with his venture and took to Instagram to congratulate him on his latest success. Corey graduated from Morehouse College in business marketing in 1999. 

Corey Gamble Wikipedia 

Full Name Corey Gamble
Date of birth 10 November, 1980
Place of birth Atlanta
Age  43 years 
Profession  Actor and Producer
Marital status  Unmarried 
Partner’s  name  Kris Jenner 
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Irish 

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner met in Spain in 2014, and at that time, Kris was heading for divorce from Caitlyn Jenner. On the contrary, Kris found love in Corey when they met in August 2014. At that time, Corey was Bieber’s tour manager. 

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner called Corey her support system and said that he has always supported her no matter the situation. They like to spend time together and are inseparable. There were times when the Kardashian kids were skeptical about Corey and his family, but Kris always supported him. 

Interesting Facts about Corey Gamble 

  • Corey Gamble has moved in with Kris Jenner. There were rumors about the couple getting married secretly, but Kris shut down all rumors. 
  • Corey Gamble Net Worth has been a topic of discussion ever since the couple got together, as people were curious to know his earnings. 
  • Corey continues to work as the talent manager. He looks after the tours of all the celebrities and handles household chores, which Kris really appreciates. 
  • Corey Gamble has managed to stay with the Kardashian family, and they like him. Kris is happy with him, and they only wish to see their mother happy. 


Corey Gamble is a prominent actor and producer. He is known for his relationship with Kris Jenner. Corey’s family details are not known at present, but Corey Gamble Net Worth has gathered all the attention. He is working hard to ensure that he has a successful life, and along with Kris Jenner, he has managed to reach the pinnacle of success. Corey Gamble is famously known for being part of Jenner’s family.

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