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  • Dabney Coleman, an actor having 6 decades of career journey, died on 16 May 2024.
  • In 1988, his career was so flourished to receive a Golden Globe Award due to the programs “The Slap Maxwell Story” and “Buffalo Bill”.
  • The “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” program gave him the role of Merle Jeeter, which was mostly loved by the people out of his other programs.

Dabney Coleman Net Worth:

Dabney Coleman a Television actor, died on 16 May 2024. In 2024, Dabney Coleman Net Worth is around $5 Million. He worked in several television programs like films and series, beginning in late 1950. His comedy role in the program “9 to 5” will remain in the viewer’s heart even after his death. All his performances were liked by the people which gave him a lot of honors throughout his career.

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Dabney Coleman Net Worth Analysis:

Dabney Coleman Net Worth Analysis

As per various sources, Coleman’s net worth from the last 4 years comes to $5 Million only, and before 2020, his net worth details are not available over the internet.





Net Worth




$5 Million

Dabney: Personal Life

Dabney, a TV actor took birth in Austin on 3rd January, 1932. He had taken schooling from Virginia Military Institute and the University of Texas. He was married to Ann Courtney in 1957, but worked for 2 years only and after that, he tied the knot with Jean Hale in 1961. They also separated in 1984. Dabney had 4 children: Quincy, Meghan, Kelly, and Randy. Coleman was selected for the US Army in 1953 but later he left the army and joined acting career.




Dabney Coleman


Popularly Search as:



Richest Actor

Dabney Coleman Net Worth

Dabney Coleman Net Worth


$5 Million






Jan 3, 1932















United States of America





Actor, Voice Actor





Jean Hale (1961- 1984)





Dabney: Career Biography

Dabney Career Biography

In late 1950, he started his acting career. He got training from Sanford Meisner in New York for 2 years in 1958. In 1961, he worked for his first show “Naked City”. From 1964-1966, he worked for the program “The Fugitive”. All these sources contribute to Dabney Coleman Net Worth.

In 1976, Coleman got his most prominent role in the program “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” for which he worked for around 186 episodes. He also got a role in “Buffalo Bill” in 1983. Due to the “Boardwalk Empire” show, he won the Screen Actors Guild Award two times.

Dabney’s Popular TV Programs:








The Slender Thread




The Scalphunters




I Love My Wife




Nothing Personal

Melvin and Howard




Rules Don’t Apply

Key Insights on Dabney Coleman Net Worth:

  • In 1987 and 1988, Dabney earned nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards two times due to the best performance in the series: “The Slap Maxwell Story”.
  • He also appeared as a guest in various shows like “The Guardian” and “Ray Donovan”.
  • Dabney was also a tennis lover and played mostly in the Riviera Country Club. He earned many tournaments there as well.
  • In his career life, he has worked on more than 80 films and various comedy series.
  • His first film was The Slender Thread, for which he worked in the year 1965.

Dabney Coleman: Total Earnings

Dabney Coleman, a long-time TV actor, died recently on 16 May 2024. He had given his 6 decades to the acting career for several TV programs. In 2024, Dabney Coleman Net Worth is found to be $5 Million. He had married two times in his life and both were not worked out long. His career journey has some interesting facts which you can read from here. click here


  1. How many children does Dabney have?

4 children

  1. Where did Dabney Coleman grow up?

He grew up in Corpus Christi.

  1. What is Dabney Coleman Net Worth 2024?

Around $5 Million.

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