Daniel Daggers Net Worth 2024: Check Out the Real Estate Tycoon’s Capital 

The post gives information on Daniel Daggers Net Worth 2024, his Bio, Age, Parents, Career, and Success Details. 


  • Daniel Daggers is a real estate businessman who has gained popularity for appearing on “Buying London”, which is a property show on Netflix. 
  • Daniel is one of the highly successful property agents in the UK. 
  • The new series on Netflix gives a glimpse of the property empire of this mastermind. 
  • There is no specific information about Daniel Daggers Net Worth in 2024. But looking at his lifestyle, it can be concluded that he is living a super-rich life. 

Daniel Daggers Net Worth: Learn More 

Daniel Daggers owns “DDRE Global” and it is a luxury real estate venture. His company has a vision to sell the world’s most affluent homes to millionaires. He believes in building direct connections through his top-rated agents and this businessman surely knows the power of social media. As of 2024, there is no precise information about Daniel Daggers Net Worth but he has stated that within the first year of operation of his company, the venture has made more than 1 million pounds of revenue through social media.

About Daniel Daggers Net Worth

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Presently, Daniel Daggers’ show on Netflix is gaining a lot of popularity and this man is all over the news because of his entrepreneurial skills. 

Daniel Daggers Net Worth Analysis: Read Now  

Year  Daniel Daggers Net Worth in Pounds 
2024  Not Known 

Have a Look at the Crucial Data of Daniel Daggers

Full Name  Daniel Daggers 
Nick Name  Mr. Super Prime 
Date of Birth  20th of December 1979 
Place of Birth London, UK 
Age 44 years 
Nationality British 
Parents  Noga Daggers and Derrick Daggers 
Siblings  Not known 
Education  Not known 
Profession Real Estate Tycoon – Owns a real estate company by the name “DDRE Global” and an academy for real estate training by the name “Daniel Daggers Academy”. 
Marital Status  Not known 

Career Details 

Career Details Daniel Daggers

Daniel Daggers started his career in the property field at the young age of 17 years and initially, he used to work for a local estate agency. 

Daniel is an excellent businessman and a top-notch property agent. To date, he has sold more than 5 billion pounds of real estate to extremely rich and famous people.  

Daniel has often stated that his company believes in implementing a consumer-focused approach. He heavily relies on social media, networking, and building connections to sell lavish properties. The name of his business venture is “DDRE Global”. 

Daniel also has an academy that provides extensive-level training in the field of real estate. 

Interesting facts 

  • The nickname of Daniel Daggers is “Mr. Super Prime”. 
  • Daniel very often mentions that he has the best property agents in his company. 
  • In the past, he worked with Knight Frank for almost 12 years. Then he left that venture in the year 2020 and started his own real estate company. 
  • Daniel is active on all social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  • The name of his academy is “Daniel Daggers Academy” and he is the proud founder of “DDRE Global”. 


Daniel Daggers has been working in the real estate field since the age of 17 years. Certainly, he has come a long way by establishing his own company “DDRE Global”. He is a man of great commitment and has surely done immense hard work to climb to the top of the ladder. As per the online forums, in the year 2019, Daniel sold London’s costliest property for around 95 million pounds. If we discuss Daniel Daggers Net Worth 2024 then no clear details are available. Looking at his business’s growth it can be said that he must be making a lot of money


Q1. What is Daniel Daggers Net Worth 2024?

A1. Daniel Daggers’ Net Worth is not known. 

Q2. What is the name of Daniel Daggers’ show on Netflix?

A2.  It’s “Buying London”. 

Q3. What is the current age of Daniel Daggers?

A3. His current age is 44 years. 

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