Jamie Dimon Net Worth 2024: Read Now Banker’s Jamie Dimon Net Worth 2024: Read Now Banker’s Capital 

Here is this post on Jamie Dimon Net Worth in 2024. We shall also discuss the net capital details, private information, and career details.


  • Jaime Dimon is an American businessman and banker.
  • He is the CEO of JP Morgan Chase. 
  • He has a net worth of around $2.17 billion in 2024.
  • As per the latest reports, Jamie has hinted about his retirement in the near future.
  • According to the media houses, he has talked about retiring in 5 years or so (indirectly).
  • He says that the succession is on the way. 

Jaime Dimon Net Worth in 2024

According to the sources, his net worth is more than $2 billion. Every source provides slightly different data. However, all the sources claim one thing in common: He has a net worth of over $2 billion. 

Jaime Dimon Net Worth in 2024

Sources claim that he has $2.1 billion, $2.17 billion, $2.2 billion, etc. Jamie is a professional banker, and according to Forbes, his net worth is over $2 billion. He is also an influential personality. Dimon has stock holdings at JP Morgan Chase. These stock holdings and his salary as CEO make his net worth.

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Growth Analysis of Jamie Dimon’s Net Worth




Jaime Dimon Net Worth





$2.2 billion





Between $1.5 to $1.7 Billion

 Jaime Dimon’s salary base is around $30 to $40 million annually. This is the base salary that he receives as a CEO. His stock holdings and other business-related incomes are not added to it. 

Wikipedia Details About Jaime Dimon


Full Name


James Dimon


Popularly Known as:



Jamie Dimon


Date of Birth


13th March, 1956


Place of Birth


New York City, United States




68 years old










His father was Theodore Dimon and mother was Themis Kalos Dimon.






He has two siblings: an elder brother, Peter and a twin brother, Ted






Browing School








He completed his graduation from Tufts University in Economy and Psychology. Attended the Harvard Business School








Businessman, and Banker



Marital Status



Married (in 1983)






His wife is Judith Kent.


Jaime Dimon Net Worth



It is around $2.2 billion.





He has three daughters: Laura, Julia, and Kara Leigh.  




He has a Greek ancestry.

Wikipedia Details About Jaime Dimon

If you wish to visit the official Wikipedia page of Jaime Dimon, here is the link to it

Career Details of Jaime Dimon  

He started working at American Express in 1985, advised by Sandy Weill, who was his mentor. After that, he joined Commercial Credit, where he was the chief financial officer (CFO). He went on to become the president of the organization. 

He was the Chief operational officer at the Smith Barney (from 1990 to 1998). Then, in 1998, he was appointed as the president of Citigroup. He then became the CEO of Bank One. Sometimes, after, it merged with JPMorgan Chase. Then, Dimon joined JPMorgan Chase as COO, rising to the position of CEO.


Jaime Dimon Net Woth in 2024 is over $2 billion as per the Forbes. Recently, Jamie has hinted towards his retirement in the coming years, as he mentioned that succession is on its way. 

Jaime’s net worth consists largely of properties and stock holdings at different companies. He also holds stock in JP Morgan Chase. His salary, investments in the share market, and investments in properties contribute to his substantial net worth. He also earns through the returns from these holdings. 


Q1. What is Jamie’s Salary?

A1. His base salary is around $30 to $40 million per year.

Q2. What is the age of Jaime Dimon?

A2. He is 68 years old currently.

Q3. Who is Jaime’s wife?

A3. His wife’s name is Judith Kent.

Q4. What is Jaime’s religion?

A4. This information has yet to be discovered.

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