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Net worth: $300 Million

Birthdate: 28th October, 1979 (65 years old)

Birthplace: Merseburg

Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)

Profession: Programmer, Businessperson

Nationality: American

Jawed Karim Net Worth:

Jawed Karim, the American software engineer and internet entrepreneur if of Bangladeshi-German origin. His Net Worth is estimated to be $300 Million. He is the co-founder of the online video platform YouTube. He is known to be the first person to have uploaded video on this platform. YouTube was later sold to Google. The internet entrepreneur thereafter introduced a venture capital fund that has made various successful investments. He was also among the person who participated in the Airbnb company initial seed round in the early 2009.

Jawed Karim biography:

Jawed Karim biography
Jawed Karim biography

Jawed Karim, the internet entrepreneur from America was born on 28th October 1979 in Merseburg, Bezirk Halle, East Germany. He was born to Parents Naimul Karim and Christine. He has one sibling. He along with his family moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1992. He attended the Saint Paul Central High School. 

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Jawed thereafter pursued his college from University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign. He earned bachelors and master’s degree in computer science. Eventually, this was the same university from where Marc Andreessen founded the first user friendly web browser naming Netscape. He can speak in languages including English, Germana and Bengali.

Jawed is professionally a software engineer and internet entrepreneur. His Age is 44 years. He is well-known for co-founding YouTube and being the first person to upload a video on YouTube platform. The video is known to be “Me at the zoo.” His YouTube channel is known to be “Jawed.” He has around 4.37 million subscribers and with a total views of 303 million.  

Jawed Karim parents:

Jawed Karim was born in Merseburg, Bezirk Halle, East Germany. His parents were Naimul Karim and Christine. His father was a Bangladeshi, who was working as a researcher at the 3M while his mother was a German bio chemistry scientist at University of Minnesota. He has elder of the two siblings. Following xenophobia, they had to cross the inner German border. They moved to Neuss, West Germany. The family members later moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Jawed Karim age:

  • Full Name: Jawed Karim                                     
  • Date of Birth: 28th October 1979
  • Place of Birth: Merseburg, Bezirk Halle, East Germany                              
  • Age: 44 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: software engineer and internet entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Not known
  • Spouse: Not known
  • Children: Not known


Jawed Karim Career
Jawed Karim Career

Jawed Karim dropped out of his school to join as a employee in the little Silicon valley startup naming PayPal. He later continued his studies and earned the bachelors and master’s degree. During his university days, he joined an internship at the Silicon Graphics, Inc. In the company, he worked on 3D voxel data management for rendering the volume. During his job in PayPal. He met Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. In 2002, they were the co-workers at PayPal. The three later left the company and founded the video sharing platform called YouTube in 2005. On 23rd April, 2005 Jawed created his YouTube channel “Jawed” and shared his first video “Me at the zoo.” 

The video was recorded by his friend Yakov Lapitsky at the trip to San Diego Zoo. The duration of the video is 19 seconds. The video showed him standing in-front of elephants and describing the elephant’s trunk. The video was uploaded at around 8:27pm on Saturday, 23rd April 2005. 

Being the co-founder of the company, he was also pursuing his studies. He enrolled as a computer science student at the Stanford University. He denied to continue as an employee of the company and act as an informal adviser. He thereafter continued focusing on his studies. The reason he had lower share in the company compared to Steve and Chad. 

Until 2006, when Google took over YouTube Platform. Jawed was holding around 137443 shares of the company which was worth $ 64 million during that time. Today, the worth of the shares are $350 million. Steve and Chad received 700,000 shares of YouTube which was worth $345 million during that time. Today the worth of those shares are $2 billion.    

In 2006, a lecture was given by Jawed relating to the YouTube history at the University of Illinois annual ACM Conference entitled YouTube following its huge growth. Jawed returned to the University of Illinois in 2008, to become the youngest and the 136th speaker in the history of the school  


In 2008, Jawed Karim, Kevin Hartz and Keith Rabois introduced a venture capital known as Youniversity Ventures (YVentures). Following the YVenture investment, In April 2009 he participated in Airbnb seed investment. The funds were invested Evenbrite, Palantir and Reddit. 

The Jawed Karim net worth has been a buzz on online platforms. To know more information about Jawed Karim, click on this link.

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