Jontay Porter Net Worth: The Basketball Player Facing Lifetime NBA Ban

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  • Jontay Porter is a professional American basketball player and he plays at the center and power forward position. Lastly, he played for the Toronto Raptors NBA.
  • As per the online sources, Jontay Porter salary for 2023-2024 was projected to be more than 400,000 dollars. In the past, when he played for Memphis Grizzlies his salary was in the range of 190,000 dollars to 2,240,000 dollars. Hence, looking at the salary structure of various years, it can be concluded that Jontay Porter Net Worth at present would be around 2 to 3 million dollars.
  • Talking about the very recent Jontay Porter news that came out on Wednesday, the 17th of April 2024, he is facing a lifetime NBA Ban. All this has happened because of the violation of gambling rules. This news is a very big shock for his fans.

Jontay Porter Net Worth: Have a Look

Jontay Porter has been actively playing basketball on a professional level since 2019-2020. At the staring, in 2019, his yearly salary was around 197,933 dollars. The amount rose to 1,900,000 dollars and 1,950,000 dollars for the subsequent years. Then recently in 2022-2023, he was earning around 2,000,000 dollars from the game. Thus, it can be said that Jontay Porter Net Worth in 2024 is between the figures of 2 to 3 million dollars and it could have surely increased if he was not facing a ban from the NBA.

Jontay Porter Net Worth Have a Look
Jontay Porter Net Worth Have a Look

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Jontay could have a bright future in basketball and his earnings would have multiplied without fail. But it seems that this player was in a hurry to make big money and hence, got involved in the gambling tactics. The masses don’t know what step he is going to take in the long run, but as of now, he is banned from playing any of the games for the NBA. This is seriously going to affect his public image and net worth as well.

Jontay Porter Net Worth Analysis

Year Jontay Porter Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $2 to 3 Million
2023 $1 to 2 Million
2022  $1 to 1.5 Million

Early Life and Personal Life

Jontay Porter was born on the 15th of November 1999 and his place of birth is Columbia, Missouri, United States. Currently, Jontay Porter age is 24 years. The names of his parents are Lisa Porter and Michael Porter. Jontay Porter brother is Michael Porter Jr, who is also a well-known basketball player. He also has two elder sisters whose names are Cierra and Bri.

Jontay Porter wife is Kelli Kingma. They both got married on the 17th of September 2022.

Jontay Porter Early Life and Personal Life
Jontay Porter Early Life and Personal Life

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Jontay Porter

Full Name Jontay Porter
Date of Birth 15th of November 1999
Place of Birth Columbia, Missouri, United States
Age 24 years
Nationality American
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kelli Kingma

Career, Success, and Interesting Facts

Jontay Porter used to play college-level basketball for the Missouri Tigers. Earlier, this player was listed as a recruit during the class of 2018. Then later on, after the reclassification, he joined his older brother named Michael Porter Jr. at the Missouri Tigers.

Recently, on the 17th of April 2024, Jontay has been all over the news because of the lifetime ban from the NBA. This player had 4 successful seasons in the NBA and he has also played in the developmental G League. He is facing this ban because of his involvement in gambling.

Jontay Porter Early Career
Jontay Porter Early Career

Jontay has completed his schooling at Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School and Nathan Hale High School. Then he joined the University of Missouri (2017 to 2019). Jontay has received basketball coaching from Brandon Roy, who is a former NBA all-star.

He has a giant height of 6 feet 10 inches and he weighs around 109 kg.

Initially, when Jontay started playing professional-level basketball, he was signed by the Memphis Grizzlies in March 2020. Then his contract was renewed in the year 2020. After that, he joined the Denver Nuggets, Wisconsin Herd, and Motor City Cruise. In December 2023, he signed a deal with Toronto Raptors.

If one tries to find Jontay Porter Instagram account then no specific results are available. It seems that this player is not that active on this platform and all the Instagram accounts by his name are operated by his fans.

Jontay Porter’s Gambling Controversy

Since March 2024, Jontay Porter has been under investigation because of various instances of irregularities in the past months. This player disclosed some confidential details about his health to a sports bettor and such an act directly hinted at the gambling aspect. Jontay’s behavior has often raised suspicion among the authorities especially when he removed himself from the game because of health issues. NBA observed that the size of the bets was highly irregular and something was really not right.

Jontay Porter’s Gambling Controversy
Jontay Porter’s Gambling Controversy

On further investigation, the NBA found out that from January 2024 to March 2024, Jontay placed around 13 bets on NBA games. The entire process was carried out using some other person’s account and it resulted in winnings of more than 22,000 dollars.

This player has been accused of revealing highly confidential information to the sports bettors. He has betted on different NBA games and limited his self-participation in some games because he was involved in the betting process.

As a result, on the 17th of April 2024, Jontay Porter faced a lifetime ban for playing for the NBA and all its associated leagues. Since 1954, he is the first active player to face such a ban from the NBA because of his involvement in gambling.


Jontay Porter could have made a very big name in the field of basketball. But the recent ban due to gambling has been a game-changer for the player. In 2024, Jontay Porter Net Worth is valued at a figure of 2 to 3 million dollars and this amount could have been much more if he was not banned from playing. There is no specific information about Jontay’s future plans, but it can be surely said that he is in a lot of trouble right now. Time will tell how this player will manage the ongoing controversy and he might come up with a different career choice.

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