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  • Just Sam, also known as Samantha Diaz, is a famous songwriter singer from Harlem, New York.
  • She gained massive publicity after winning the 18th season of American Idol, which is a singing reality show.
  • Post winning American Idol in 2020, she signed a deal with Hollywood Records but it was short-term only.
  • Now Just Sam is all over the news because she returned to the 22nd Season of American Idol as a guest performer.
  • Even after winning the 18th season of American Idol, she went back to performing in the NYC subways last year.
  • Because of her incredible singing and songwriting talent, Just Sam Net Worth in 2024 is anticipated to be around 1 to 3 million dollars.

Just Sam Net Worth: Have a Look

Just Sam had a very rough childhood while growing up. She was adopted by her grandmother and was often bullied at school. She has always stated in the interviews that “I am a child of God and that is the only label that I ever wish to have.” From performing in subways and winning the 18th season of American Idol, she has surely come a long way and that’s the ground why Just Sam Net Worth has reached a very decent valuation of 1 to 3 million dollars in 2024.

About Just Sam Net Worth
About Just Sam Net Worth

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Just Sam Net Worth Analysis

Year Just Sam Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $1 to 3 Million

Early Life and Personal Life

Just Sam was born on the 23rd of November 1998 and her place of birth is New York City. “Just Sam” is her stage name and her real birth name is Samantha Diaz. Her main genre of singing is R&B and this performer is 25 years old

Early Life and Personal Life Just Sam Net Worth

She mainly grew up in Harlem. At the age of 6 years, Samantha and her sister were adopted by their grandmother. The reason for the adoption was the incarceration of their mother.

The name of her grandmother is Elizabeth and the name of her sister is Anabelle.

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Just Sam

Full Name Samantha Diaz
Date of Birth 23rd of November 1998
Place of Birth Harlem, NYC
Age 25 years
Nationality American
Profession Singer-Songwriter
Marital Status Unmarried

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Career, Success, and Interesting Facts

Before appearing on the stage of American Idol, Just Sam tried her luck on other platforms as well. She used to earn her livelihood by singing on subway trains.

Career Just Sam Net Worth

She also gave auditions for the American iteration of The Voice and America’s Got Talent, but the results were not in her favor.

In 2019, she auditioned in Washington D.C. for the 18th season of American Idol. Just Sam survived the Hollywood Week and made it to the Top 5. On the 17th of May 2020, she became the winner of this season.

In 2021, Just Sam released her first single after American Idol and its name is “Africando”. This song was co-written with Cat Clark and the release partner is DistroKid. Later on, this duo also released another single named “Change”.

During her high school years, she was bullied for her dressing sense and that was the inspiration behind the name “Just Sam”.

In 2022, Just Sam was hospitalized and her weight drastically dropped. However, she recovered at a good pace.

She is active on Instagram with the ID @samanthadiaz with more than 203K Followers. Her musical works are accessible on multiple social platforms like YouTube, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

In 2023, Just Sam was again seen in subway trains even after winning the 18th season of American Idol. This shows the actual face of present-day reality shows. Once a show winds up, there is a lack of support for the ex-contestants.

After this incident in 2023, Timbaland and Lil Durk offered their support to her and she was seen appearing on various social media platforms.


Just Sam is the winner of the 18th season of American Idol and sometimes back, she went viral for singing in the NYC subways. She returned for the 22nd Season of American Idol and performed on “One Moment in Time”. This diva has seen a lot of struggle since childhood but has always radiated positivity through her songs and performances. Due to her consistent hard work and passion towards the field of singing and songwriting, Just Sam Net Worth has reached a very good assessment of 1 to 3 million dollars in 2024. She is just 25 years old and looking at her outstanding talent, it can be said that her wealth will surely move on an upward curve.

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