Laurence Fox Net Worth: English Actor, Singer & Political Activists’ Wealth in 2024

The Post gives information about an English celebrity, Laurance Fox Net Worth life, career and family details.


  • Laurance Paul Fox is a famous personality from England. 
  • Laurance Fox is a singer, actor and right-wing political activist. 
  • Recently, he has been in the limelight for a comment against ‘Drag Race’ stars. 
  • He posted defamatory remarks for Simon Blake and Colin Seymour on his social media (X account). 
  • He has been ordered to pay damages to Blake and Seymour from the court.
  • This is why netizens are trying to ascertain their net worth and want to know about their wealth.
  • Laurance Fox Net Worth has been estimated at around 4 million dollars. 
  • Laurence’s portrayal of James Hathway in Lewis, a TV series, is his most notable work. 

Laurence Fox Net Worth: Have a Look

Laurance Fox’s net worth in 2024 is around four million dollars. He is an established actor and singer in the industry. Fox started his acting career in 2001 with the film ‘The Hole.’ He has done significant work throughout his career in the entertainment industry. Laurance is also a political activist on the right wing. He is associated with the political party ‘Reclaim.’

About Laurence Fox Net Worth
About Laurence Fox Net Worth

Fox has done significant work in the music industry as well. Fox has his patent on 2 song albums. Laurance Fox’s estimated income is around 500,000 dollars (yearly). As per reports, Fox has luxury cars as well. Further details of his estate and other capital have not been discovered publicly. Thus, we cannot comment on that. 

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Net Worth Analysis of Laurance Fox

Years Laurance Fox Net Worth (estimated)
2024 $ 4 to 5 million
2023 $ 3.7 million
2022 $ 3.4 million
2021 $ 3.1 million
2020 $ 2.8 million
2019 $ 2.6 million

Early Life of Laurance Fox

On May 26, 1978, Laurence Fox was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. Laurance is the son of actor James Fox and Mary Elizabeth Piper. Famous actress Angela Worthington, whose father was writer Frederick Lonsdale, was his paternal grandmother. His paternal grandpa was talent agent Robin Fox. 

He has a younger sister named Lydia, a younger brother named Jack, and two elder siblings named Tom and Robin. Jack and Lydia are actors, and Robin produces movies. Lydia has tied the knot with comedian and director Richard Ayoade. Producer Robert Fox and actor Edward Fox are two of Fox’s uncles. Additionally, he is related to the actors Emilia and Freddie Fox, who are his uncle Edward’s children. Fox grew up as an ardent Christian. 

He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and his time there was very fruitful. He was involved with a lot of activities throughout his academy days. In 2001, Laurance graduated from the RADA. He acted in a lot of student productions and played various lead roles. 

Wikipedia Details About Laurance Paul Fox




Laurance Paul Fox


Popularly Known As:



Laurance Fox




26th May 1978


Net Worth


It is around $4 to $5 million












Actor, Singer, Broadcaster and Political Activist


Marital Status



Married & divorced








Billie Piper




45 Years




Two sons; Eugene and Winston

Career Details of Laurance Fox

Laurance is a member of the Fox family in the British entertainment industry. Fox made his feature debut in The Hole (2001) just after graduating from the RADA. James Hathaway from the TV television show Lewis is his most well-known role (2006–2015). In 2016, he released the studio album Holding Patterns. 

 In 2020, Fox, a Republican, openly criticized the COVID-19 vaccine and the George Floyd demonstrations. He opposed “extreme political correctness” by creating the right-wing political party Reclaim and unsuccessfully ran for mayor of London in 2021. He received 1.9% of the vote; therefore, his election deposit was forfeited. Fox has been involved in several scandals and legal conflicts throughout his political career.


Laurance Fox Net Worth is around 4 to 5 million dollars. He owns a few luxury cars and has a celebrity lifestyle. Fox was married to Billie Piper in 2007. However, they later got their divorce finalized in 2016. Laurance has two sons with Billie, Winston and Eugene. In-depth details regarding his capital and estate are not available on the internet. However, he earns more than 400,000 dollars yearly.

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