Maria Shriver Net Worth 2024- Wealth of the Emmy Award Winner and the Journalist!

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  • The Kennedy family journalist and member is known for being Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife.
  • Maria Shriver has worked for NBC News since 2013. She is a co-anchor for two other shows.
  • Shriver has a huge fan following on social media accounts and was also a part of many movies, such as Last Action Hero, along with her ex-husband.
  • Maria Shriver Net Worth grabbed attention after her divorce settlement, and it has been reported that her wealth increased due to the settlement.
  • The couple has four children together.

Maria Shriver Net Worth– Have a Look

Maria Shriver has a huge passion for journalism. Her father campaigned for vice president, pushing Maria to journalism. She joined CBS in Philadelphia. She hosted the NBC Nightly News.

About Maria Shriver Net Worth

According to the details, Maria Shriver Net Worth is $200 million. Her network comprises the divorce settlement amount she got after separating from Arnold. It is also said that she received income from the Kennedy family for her being a descendant. She also earns money from the news channel where she works.

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Maria Shriver Net Worth Analysis

Year Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $200 million
2023 $210 million

Early Life Details

Early Life Details Maria Shriver Net Worth

Maria Shriver hails from Illinois and comes from the Kennedy family. Further, she is a niece of John F  Kennedy. Maria has an Irish and German background. After their family moved to Chicago for Specialexceptional Olympics work, she completed her middle school at Parisk.

In 1970, Maria permanently shifted to Maryland and attended Sacred Heart High School, where she graduated in 1973. She also completed her bachelor of arts degree in American studies from Georgetown University and graduated in 1977.

Personal Life

Maria married the bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1986. After 25 years of marriage, the couple surprisingly announced their divorce, and Maria moved out of their mansion. The divorce was finally settled in December 2021.

In 2011, Arnold admitted becoming a father to her household member, Baena. Before he was elected governor of California, he made public news and confessed the same to his wife, Maria. The separation took a heavy toll on the four children, and Shriver asked for privacy to rebuild their lives.

Maria Shriver’s Wikipedia details

Full Name Maria Owings Shriver
Date of birth November 6, 1955
Place of birth Chicago
Age 68 years
Profession Journalist
Marital status Married (now divorced)
Spouse name Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nationality American

 Career and Success

Maria Shriver started her career as an American journalist. She worked at the CBS news station and then anchored the morning news. In 1986, she joined the NBC news channel and became a correspondent, covering political news.

Career  Details Maria Shriver Net Worth

She left NBC in 2004 and focused on becoming the first lady of California, and in 2013, people witnessed her as a particular news anchor. She has been honoured for her contribution to the news channel and covered the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Interesting Facts

  • Maria won two Emmy awards for her role as a producer for The Alzheimer’s Project. She has also won the Academy Award for her television show, which has a conscience.
  • The project was mainly dedicated to her father, who suffered from the disease and became a fundraiser for the patient’s care and research.
  • She has also written a book for children dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, and it became a hit that earned her many awards and recognition.
  • She also helps people with intellectual disabilities and has published a coloring book for people with the disease.
  • In 2013, Maria announced her return to NBC News, where she walked as a particular anchor and focused on the issues and problems dealt with by women in society.
  • She also held her position today as a co-anchor with Matt Lauer.


Maria Shriver has attended the great Pinnacle of Success and contributed her life to various societal needs and the well-being of people with Alzheimer’s. Despite her connection with the Kennedy family, she has continued working for people and succeeded in her journalism career. Maria Shriver Net Worth is being discussed because of different projects she has taken up in her career and the recent divorce settlement with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


1.Who is Maria Shriver?

Maria Shriver is an American Journalist and a descendant of the Kennedy Family.

  1. Who is Maria’s Husband?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor and the bodybuilder.

  1. How many children do Maria and Arnold have?

Four children.

  1. When was the divorce between them finalized?

December 2021.

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