Mike Goodnough Net Worth: The Talented Writer and Valerie Bertinelli’s Boyfriend

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  • Mike Goodnough came into the limelight very recently when Valerie Bertinelli announced that she is in love with this man.
  • The couple kept their relationship private until April 2024. But now, they have grabbed all the media attention when they openly admitted their love for each other.
  • Mike Goodnough is a writer who mainly shares his views on the lifestyle category. He posts on his Substack, Hoarse Whisperings. He often shares his life’s events through the posts and it certainly gives a direct reflection of his personality.
  • If one analyzes the online financial data, then there is no exact information about Mike Goodnough Net Worth in 2024. But after looking at the huge follower base of this writer on Twitter it can be concluded that he must be making quite a decent money through writing.

Mike Goodnough Net Worth: Have a Look

Mike Goodnough is a writer and he primarily earns via Substack. His writing genres are lifestyle, parenting, travel, etc. Earlier, he worked as a marketing and strategic communication consultant. He has gained a lot of publicity because of his current relationship with Valerie. Talking about his financial status, the precise valuation of Mike Goodnough Net Worth is not known and the main reason is that he has not disclosed any of his monetary information or asset valuation anywhere on the online platform. He has a good lifestyle and hence, he must be earning substantially well to cover his expenses.

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Mike Goodnough Net Worth Analysis

Mike Goodnough Net Worth Analysis
Mike Goodnough Net Worth Analysis
Year Mike Goodnough Net Worth in $US Million
2024 Not Known

Early Life and Personal Life

On the online forums, there aren’t any specific details about Mike Goodnough’s date of birth, parents, or ex-wife. But it is believed that he is an American citizen and his age is 53 years. Some sources claim that he was born in New Jersey in August 1970 and he completed his education at Rutgers University.

Mike Goodnough is the boyfriend of Valerie Bertinelli. Valerie is a cookbook author and she has also been the host for Food Network.

Mike Goodnough Personal Life
Mike Goodnough Personal Life

In March 2024, Valerie announced to the public that she is currently in a relationship with Mike Goodnough. In the past, she was married to Eddie Van Halen and Tom Vitale.

Mike has a son who was born in the year 2007. When his son was around 2 years old, he separated from his wife. After the birth of his child, he couldn’t devote full time to work. Hence, he chose such projects which allowed him the liberty to raise his child with ease.

Undoubtedly, Mike is a great father and he completely rearranged his career to raise his son in the best possible way. 

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Mike Goodnough

Full Name Mike Goodnough
Date of Birth August 1970
Place of Birth New Jersey
Age 53 years
Nationality American
Profession Writer, Corporate Consultant
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Now in a relationship with Valerie Bertinelli
Children One son – was born in the year 2007.

Career, Success, and Interesting Facts

Mike Goodnough is a writer and he has more than 400,000 followers on Twitter. In the past, he has worked as a freelancer. His main profile was marketing and strategic communications. Thus, this writer was in touch with some of the established marketing consultancies and ad agencies.

Mike Goodnough Career
Mike Goodnough Career

Mike Goodnough’s main source of earning is via writing on Substack. Most of his content is in the paid category on this platform and his followers can subscribe to the newsletters.

Bertinelli and Mike met via the online platform. Initially, Bertinelli had no plans to fall in love after her divorce. But destiny had its way and after meeting Mike, her heart and mind changed completely. They both started messaging each other on Instagram and began dating.

Bertinelli lives in LA, while Mike lives on the East Coast. Even though there is a barrier of long distance, these two often find time to meet each other.


Mike Goodnough and Valerie Bertinelli kept their relationship secret until April 2024. But after the revelation of their love life, Mike has come under direct media limelight. He revealed about their relationship through a Substack essay. His social media accounts are popular by the name “The Hoarse Whisperer”. On Instagram, he has more than 25K followers, and on Twitter, he has more than 400,000 followers. Mike Goodnough Net Worth is not reported on any of the platforms and one of the main reasons is that this writer has recently come under media attention.

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