Milkify Net Worth: The Business Venture’s Rise after Shark Tank Season

The post gives information on Milkify Net Worth, its services, the founders, and the story behind the company.


  • Milkify is a business venture in the Texas, United States. This is a breast milk freeze-drying service that is customized as per the needs of clients.
  • This company gained popularity after appearing on the 14th Season of Shark Tank.
  • The business venture is founded by Dr. Berkley Luck and Pedro Silva.
  • The focus of Milkify is to provide an innovative solution to breastfeeding mothers. This company helps in converting their breast milk into a dried-frozen powder.
  • The company’s unique ideology utilizes the sublimation process, and it not only saves space but also enhances the nutritional value and durability.
  • This business has gained a lot of appreciation in recent times and as a result, Milkify Net Worth in 2024 has reached an assessment of 2.1 million dollars.

Milkify Net Worth: Have a Look

Milkify is a company that has come up with a unique solution for breastfeeding mothers. Through the process of sublimation, breast milk is converted into a frozen dried powder form. It helps in saving space in the freezer and the milk can be preserved for a much longer duration.

Berkley and Pedro, the founders of this company, who are also a wife and husband team, approached the sharks asking for 400,000 dollars worth of investment in exchange for 10% equity in Milkify. They pitched this deal in April 2023. Gwyneth Paltrow and Lori Greiner showed interest in this pitch. Finally, the deal happened, and the valuation was 400,000 dollars in convertible notes resulting in 20% equity in the company.

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When the show went on air, this business started getting popular among the masses and as a present-day result, Milkify Net Worth stands at a pretty good figure of 2.1 million dollars. Without a doubt, the investment from Sharks has given this company the much-needed publicity.

Milkify Net Worth Analysis

Milkify Net Worth Analysis
Milkify Net Worth Analysis
Year Milkify Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $2.1 Million

 About Milkify and Its Founders

Milkify is an innovative business venture founded by Dr. Berkley Luck and Pedro Silva. This company provides breast milk freeze drying service and the establishment is based in Texas, US. Through the services of the company, mothers can easily store their breast milk for an extended period.

Both the founders of this company are immensely passionate about the kind of service the company is providing.

Dr. Berkley Luck has completed a Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. Pedro Silva has a degree in Economics and Business from Rice University.

Earlier, Dr. Berkley used to work as a consultant for Solarea Bio and Pedro was an investment banker at JP Morgan. Pedro has also been the assistant VP of EIG Global Energy Partners.

The educational background of Berkley and the business skills of Pedro have played a very major role in developing the freeze-drying technology for Milkify.

Have a Look at the Vital Data of Milkify

Company’s Name Milkify
Vital Aspect Services for converting breast milk into frozen dried form
Type of Venture Private Company
Nature of Company Health care, Wellness, Women-Based Services
Launch Year 2019
Place of Operation Houston, Texas, United States
Initial Round of Funding In 2021, raised 1.2 million dollars from Mass Challenge, the amount was invested in a 6,400-square-foot facility
Subsequent Funding From Shark Tank In April 2023, 400,000 dollars convertible note for 20% equity in the company

The Passion behind Starting Milkify

The founders of Milkify realized the fact that breastfeeding mothers face a lot of issues when they try to store breast milk in freezers. The already known methods take up a lot of space and the milk can only be preserved for 3 months.

They addressed the entire issue using the freeze-drying process which is generally known as sublimation. It helps in converting breast milk into powdered form. Hence, it can be easily stored at room temperature and has a much better shelf life. The nutritional value isn’t compromised in any way.

The founders of Milkify appeared on the 19th episode of Shark Tank season 14. Since then, the company has gained massive publicity. Not only this venture got a substantial investment, but it also helped in reaching the right customers very speedily.


Milkify has certainly recognized a unique selling proposition and it is solving the problem faced by breastfeeding mothers. The innovative sublimation process helps in converting breast milk into a freeze-dried form. It provides a simple storage solution that is much more long-lasting. Without a doubt, Dr. Berkley Luck and Pedro Silva have done a wonderful job establishing this venture and because of their persistent hard work; Milkify Net Worth in 2024 has touched a very decent mark of 2.1 million dollars.

The company’s services gained media attention in April 2023 after Shark Tank’s Season, and within 1 year, this business has become a well-known name among the masses. Surely, Milkify Net Worth is in the initial stages as of now. The company’s wealth will see an impressive upsurge in the coming times.

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