Morgan Spurlock Net Worth: Know Wealth of Documentary Filmmaker 2024!

When Morgan Spurlock passed away, many people were initially curious about his riches. Let’s check here what they could find about Morgan Spurlock Net Worth.


  • The famous American documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who was also a television producer, satirist, and political activist, left massive wealth when he passed away at 53.
  • People who checked for his earnings and fortune must learn that Morgan Spurlock Net Worth, or the amount that he was accumulating, was roughly 5 million US dollars.
  • It is roughly what the American Documentary maker was presently earning.
  • His demise on May 23, 2024, made people check many web platforms and sites to discover the movies he made and the wealth he accumulated in his lifetime.

Morgan Spurlock Net Worth:

Morgan Spurlock’s passing affected many individuals who admired his documentary films, making them discover his movies and the fortune he earned and accumulated every year. Morgan was presently earning millions through his movie-making career.

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In the present year, he earned about 5 million US dollars, and his legacy includes millions of US dollars. In 2004, Morgan’s “Super Size Me” movie made him accumulate 22 million US dollars. The movie’s budget was 65k US dollars.

About Morgan Spurlock Net Worth

The details of Morgan Spurlock Net Worth:

Year and source of earning Wealth in US dollars
Morgan Spurlock Net Worth $5 million
Wealth in 2023 Not accessible
Wealth in 2022 12 millions
Super Size Me movie 22 million US dollars

Notable Works of Morgan Spurlock:

The notable filmmaker who was known for his Direction and production passes away. A famous fast-food diet the filmmaker followed for a month to highlight the adverse effects of fast food. The movies that made him achieve tremendous earnings and fortune are as follows:

  • 3D concert movie: This is Us (The story is about a former boy band from the British region) 
  • Super Size Me
  • One Direction: The 1D documentary 

Quick Wiki of Morgan Spurlock:

Real name Morgan Valentine Spurlock
Stage name Morgan Spurlock
Profession Documentary filmmaker, playwright, television producer, screenwriter, and movie director 
Age 53 years (At the time of passing)
Date and year of death May 23, 2024
Date and year of birth November 7, 1970
Place and region of birth West Virginia, Parkersburg, the American region
Marital status Married
Wife Priscilla Sommer (Married in 1996 and divorced in 2003); Alex Jamieson (Married in 2006 and divorced in 2011); Sara Bernstein (Married in 2016 and divorced in 2024); and Amanda Spurlock

Additional details and Morgan Spurlock Net Worth:

Additional details and Morgan Spurlock Net Worth

  • Spurlock Morgan was an Oscar nominee as a documentary filmmaker.
  • He possessed millions of dollars due to his professional journey when his career was at its height. 
  • Morgan’s wealth was significantly diminished due to his three unsuccessful and failed marriages, resulting in court settlement expenses.
  • The documentary filmmaker’s financial status was five million US thousand dollars before he passed away.
  • Morgan’s family recently announced that he passed away on Thursday, May 23, 2024,  in New York due to repercussions from cancer.


The documentary filmmaker and director of Super Size Me, Spurlock Morgan, died due to cancer complications. His untimely death made people check his movies, wealth, and assets. Many available sources indicate that the filmmaker was accumulating about five million US dollars presently. click here

Since the filmmaker passed away, people who wish to learn additional details must check back here. We shall update the latest facts about the filmmaker’s life and Morgan Spurlock Net Worth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who was Spurlock Morgan?

Spurlock Morgan was a famous director, filmmaker, and director.

Q2. What happened to Spurlock Morgan?

Spurlock Morgan experienced cancer complications, which took his life at 53 on May 23, 2024.

Q3. Which was Spurlock Morgan’s most notable movie direction?

“Super Size Me”

Q4. What was Morgan Spurlock Net Worth presently?

Five million US dollars

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