Noel Quinn Net Worth 2024: Know Banking Businessman’s Capital 

In this post, we will learn about Noel Quinn net worth in 2024, as well as about his personal and professional life. 


  • Noel Quinn is a banking businessman from England. 
  • He served as the chief executive of the British universal bank, HSBC.
  • He is trending on the internet after posting news about stepping down from his position.
  • The decision to step down was unexpected, and everyone was shocked.
  • He will retire as soon as they find a successor. 
  • Noel Quinn attended the Birmingham City University.
  • Later, at Grant Thorton, he was trained as a chartered accountant. 

Noel Quinn Net Worth: Take A Look Here

Noel has an impressive professional portfolio. He is a successful and skilled banker. Noel’s estimated net worth details should be present on the internet. 

However, details regarding his salary are present. Noel has earned around $13.4 million since the start of 2024. On 30th April 2024, Noel suddenly announced his retirement from the CEO’s position.

About Noel Quinn Net Worth 

He is working until the next CEO or successor is hired. This decision by Noel has been proved to be a shocker. It has been just over five years since Noel became the Chief Executive officer. 

Further details related to his net worth or capital is unknown. He never discloses details about his mansion, as well. 

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Growth Analysis of Noel Quinn’s Earnings

Year Noel Quinn Net Worth (estimated earning per year)
2024 $13.4 Million
2023 $7 Million
2018 $7 Million (approximate)

 Noel’s earnings details have been provided here because his net worth information has yet to be disclosed. Noel has been with HSBC Bank for a while, and he is also a trained Chartered Accountant. He is a very private person and never shares any details regarding his investments and properties. 

Wikipedia Data of Noel Quinn


Full Name

Noel Paul Quinn

Popularly Known as:


Noel Quinn


Date of Birth

13th January 1962

Place of Birth






62 years








No details available




No details available




No details available




Birmingham City College (completed his B.A. Honours)




Banker, Businessman and Chartered Account


Marital Status


Married (years and wife details not disclosed)




Not revealed publicly




He has three well settled children

Net Woth of Noel Quinn  

No details available


Yearly Salary


$ 13.4 million (as of 2024)

Here is the Wikipedia page link of Noel Quinn

Wikipedia Data of Noel Quinn

Career Details Of Noel Quinn

Noel has been associated with HSBC for several years, and he has fulfilled a lot of different roles. He has worked in various branches of HSBC in other countries. In 2018, Noel became the Chief Executive Officer of HSBC. 

However, suddenly, on 30th April 2024, Noel expressed his wish to retire. He has announced his retirement and is in search of the next successor. He is a talented and reputed banker. 

He said, ‘It was itntense five years for him as a CEO of HSBC and now he wishes to have a proper work life balance. However, he is interested in carrying on in the portfolio career.’ HSBC has lauded Quinn for his years of hard work. 

Interesting Facts 

  • In 1987, Noel Quinn became a certified Chartered Accountant.
  • In the same year, he joined Midland Bank, a Forward Trust Group’s subsidiary.
  • Quinn’s journey with HSBC was started when HSBC acquired Midland Bank in 1992.
  • Quinn has been a part of the HSBC family for more than 30 years. 
  • He successfully led the acquisition of Eversholt Leasing Ltd. and Swan National Motor Finance. 
  • After the successful acquisition of HSBC, he became the general manager.
  • In 2016, he became the managing director of HSBC.
  • In 2018, Quinn succeeded talented banker John Michael Flint. 
  • As per the reports, Quinn, along with his family, lives in Surrey.
  • No personal details about Quinn have been revealed. 

Career Details Of Noel Quinn


The net worth of Noel Quinn is not available on the internet. But, Quinn used to earn 13.4 million dollars annually as the Chief Executive Officer of HSBC.

Earlier in 2023, his salary was around $7 million, as per reports. Details about his home and other investments are not available. Quinn is happily married and has three children. 

Quinn has announced his retirement on 30th April 2024. 


Q1. Why is Noel Quinn trending?

A1. He has announced his retirement.

Q2. What is the net worth of Noel Quinn?

A2. No details are available.

Q3. Who is Noel Quinn’s wife?

A3. He is married, but his wife’s details are not public.

Q4. What is the salary of Noel Quinn?

A4. As of 2024, his salary was $13.4 million

Q5. How old is Noel Quinn?

A5. Noel is 62 years old.

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