Panther Milk Net Worth: The Unique Alcoholic Brand’s Capital in 2024 

The post gives information on Panther Milk Net Worth 2024, the company’s success, its founder, and its growth story. 


  • Panther Milk is a kind of oat milk-based cocktail range that has grabbed the interest of the masses. 
  • This brand claims to be the first of its kind in the entire world and has been inspired by “Leche de Pantera” which is a 100-year-old Spanish cocktail.
  • The brand was featured on the Dragon Den’s show and it caught the attention because of its unique taste. 
  • In 2024, Panther Milk Net Worth is valued at more than 1.5 million dollars and surely, Dragon Den’s show has positively impacted the growth of this brand. 
  • The website of the company states that these cocktails are smooth, creamy, and come with hints of spice. The drinks are available in 4 delectable flavors. 

Interesting Details About Panther Milk’s Journey

Paul Crawford is the founder of Panther Milk and he got the idea to establish this brand when he was traveling to Barcelona. 

Interesting Details About Panther Milk’s Journey

Paul came with his business proposal on Dragon’s Den and he asked for an investment of 50,000 pounds, for which he was ready to give a 7.5 percent stake in his company. 

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Deborah gave an offer of 50,000 pounds for a 25 percent stake in the company. Initially, Paul agreed to the offer. But his heart knew that he didn’t want to give away such a big stake at this cost. 

Hence, in the end, he didn’t go ahead with the deal, but overall, the brand became known to the masses. 

After the show, Paul raised more than double the amount for less than half of the stake as offered on the show. So, it was a win-win situation for him and today, Panther Milk Net Worth stands at an impressive valuation of 1.5 million dollars. 

The interesting facts about Panther Milk’s story are accessible on YouTube and it gives a genuine idea about what happened on the Dragon Den’s show. 

Panther Milk Net Worth Analysis: Read Now  

Year  Panther Milk Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $1.5 Million 

Have a Look at the Important Data of Panther Milk

Name Of The Brand/ Company  Panther Milk
Panther Milk Net Worth In 2024  $1.5 Million 
Current Age Of  The Brand  Approximately 5 years 
Country Of The Brand  UK
Category  It is related to the alcoholic beverage sector 
First Seen On  BBC One’s Show Dragon’s Den in 2022
Founder  Paul Crawford

What Is So Special About Panther Milk?

Panther Milk is a specialized alcoholic beverage that became popular after being seen on the Dragon’s Den, which is a reputed investment show. This beverage is inspired by a Spanish drink and it has a unique taste which is a blend of spices, spirits, and milk. 

What Is So Special About Panther Milk

The product’s branding and packaging were immensely appreciated and the ideology behind bringing such a product is to try something new in the alcoholic beverage segment. 

The shelf life of this brand is good and excellent attention has been paid to aspects like refinement and secure packaging. The product certainly stands out in the competitive liquor industry. 

Latest News about Panther Milk 

Now, Panther Milk has expanded its production line and the brand has worked amazingly on improving its distribution network. The offerings are available online and also in retail outlets. Social media and influencer marketing have also helped in scaling the brand. Talking about the customer reception of Panther Milk, it is amazingly positive and people have appreciated the unique flavors of the drinks. 


Panther Milk is an oat milk-based cocktail range brand and its founder is Paul Crawford. The brand got a lot of attention after appearing on the Dragon’s Den show. Panther Milk Net Worth in 2024 is assessed at 1.5 million dollars and looking at the growth of this company it can be said that the net worth will increase very soon. 


Q1. What is Panther Milk Net Worth?

A1. 1.5 million dollars.

Q2. Are Panther Milk’s products available online?

A2. The products of this brand are available both online and offline.

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