Riya Kodali Net Worth: Check Out Her Wealth In 2024

The post gives information on Riya Kodali Net Worth 2024, her Bio, Age, Parents, Education, Career, and Success Details.


  • Riya Kodali is an Indian public figure. She is an acclaimed fashion designer and blogger.
  • Although Riya is a psychologist by profession, she is mainly known for her fashion venture.
  • She has a fashion house “Riya Kodali Design House” in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  • Riya Kodali Net Worth in 2024 is not available on any platform but she is surely making a lot of money.
  • All her business details are available on Riya Kodali’s official website.
  • Recently, Riya appeared in a YouTube interview with Sudheer Reddy.

Riya Kodali Net Worth: Learn More

Riya Kodali is the proud owner of “Riya Kodali Design House” in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. She believes in creating fashion styles that fit the masses. Through her website, people can easily get customized designer clothing as per their unique body type. On the online forums, there is no specific detail about Riya Kodali Net Worth in 2024. But looking at her follower base it can be said that she must be making a decent amount of money. 

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Riya Kodali Net Worth Analysis: Read Now 

Riya Kodali Net Worth Analysis

Year Riya Kodali Net Worth
2024 Not Known

Have a Look at the Important Data of Riya Kodali

Full Name Riya Kodali
Date of Birth 28th January 1989
Place of Birth Bengaluru, India
Age 35 years
Nationality Indian
Parents Padma Kodali and Srinivas Kodali
Siblings Not Known
Education University of Michigan
Profession Fashion Designer, Blogger, and Businesswoman
Marital Status Not known

Career Details

Riya Kodali is a luxury fashion designer who owns her own fashion house in Bengaluru. She is active on all social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The LinkedIn account of Riya states that she is a fashion designer, costume designer, and celebrity stylist. She is currently handling the position of Managing Director of “Riya Kodali Design House”.

Her venture meets the fashion needs of Women, Kids, and Men. She specializes in the area of Indian wear, Western wear, and Indo-Western style.

Although Riya has no formal training in the field of fashion designing, she is still a pro in this genre. She has even taught fashion design in Milan and Paris.

Riya has Indian roots and has grown up in America. Hence, she understands the fashion culture of both the Indian and Western world.

To date, she has been an integral part of numerous fashion shows and her work has been greatly appreciated. Riya has won many prestigious awards and she also runs a charitable organization to help unemployed women.

Her other entrepreneurial ventures are Anawave System and Solutions Pvt Ltd and Riya Kodali Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Interesting facts

  • Riya Kodali has 21.2K followers on Instagram and more than 110K followers on Facebook.
  • Riya draws inspiration from the diversity of the world and the vibrant colors of nature.
  • Her fashion house is committed to excellent craftsmanship and she overlooks all the aspects of design and production.
  • She is also active on YouTube with more than 16.9K subscribers.
  • Her Instagram account states that she is a metaphysician, nemophilist, and blogger in the making.
  • She always takes a stand for social initiatives and the use of sustainable materials in the fashion line.
  • Indian stars like Urvashi Rautela and Lisa Ray have walked the ramp for Riya.


Riya Kodali is a top-notch fashion designer who believes in excellence and she has a fashion house by the name “Riya Kodali Design House”. In 2024, there is no exact information about Riya Kodali Net Worth and it is believed that she is an affluent designer. She believes in creating fashion choices that can have a very strong impact and the best part is that her business venture follows ethical production practices. She has a lot of skilled artisans in her team and her design house always pays attention to material quality, detailing, and craftsmanship.


Q1. What is Riya Kodali Net Worth in 2024?

A1. Not Known.

Q2. What is Riya Kodali’s age?

A2. 35 years.

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