Robert Durst Net Worth: Wealth, Crime, and the Ultimate Downfall

Lean more about the dramatic life and crimes of Robert Durst. With Robert Durst net worth of $65 million at his death, discover his tumultuous legacy and notorious actions.


  • Kathie McCormack Durst vanished in 1982; Robert Durst, a suspect, was never charged.
  • Robert distanced from the Durst family business, estranged over control disputes.
  • Acquitted in 2003, Durst admitted to dismembering Morris Black, claimed self-defense.
  • HBO’s “The Jinx” featured Durst’s crimes, ending with his chilling confession.

Robert Durst Net Worth: Have a Look

About Robert Durst Net Worth
About Robert Durst Net Worth

Acclaimed for his wealth and New York financial world associations, Robert A. Durst was one of the notable members of the real estate sector.

At the same time, he nevertheless became convicted of murder charges and had an estimated net worth of $65 million at the time of his death in January 2022. In 1982, his career started to drop as Kathleen, his wife, has been missing to date without any trace of finding her whereabouts. Moreover, he also achieved a higher level of reputation, which was sensational for killing his close friend Susan Berman and his neighbour nearby which was called Morris Black. 

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Durst stayed at this prison until 2002 when he and his wife divorced shortly after their wedding, and both shot themselves and died.

On the 10th of January, 2022, when he turned 78, he expired under special police care at the Security Wing Health Centre of California. Born into a prestigious family as the son of New York’s celebrated real estate mogul Seymour Durst and brother to billionaire commercial developer Douglas Durst, Robert’s story captured public attention through the HBO documentary “The Jinx: In 2019, a documentary by the name of “The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” was released.

Robert Durst Net Worth Analysis

Robert Durst Net Worth Analysis
Robert Durst Net Worth Analysis
Year Robert Durst Net Worth in $US Million
2020 $35 million
2021 $50 million
2022  $65 million

Early Life and Personal Life

Robert Durst Net Worth Early Life
Robert Durst Net Worth Early Life

Born on the 12th of April 1943 in New York, Robert Durst, who headed four siblings in the family, was the oldest son of Seymour Durst. His early life was undoubtedly disturbed by the fact that his mother died when he was a kid. 

He went to Scarsdale High School and, later on, Lehigh University, where he was a varsity lacrosse player and an active part of the student media. 1965, after graduation, Durst dived into a doctoral program at UCLA.

However, he realized that this field was not his destiny and returned to New York. At first, he argued with his parents about this and decided to start a health food store in Vermont. The Durst Organization employed him but was later relegated to Douglas’s position for his bizarre acting methods. He was so dissatisfied with his family’s will that he sued them for sharing more family property.

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Robert Durst

Full Name             Robert Alan Durst
Date of Birth April 12, 1943- January 10, 2022
Place of Birth New York, New York, U.S.
Age 78
Nationality American
Profession Businessperson
Marital Status Married
Spouse Debrah Charatan
Wikipedia Data of Robert Durst
Wikipedia Data of Robert Durst


In 1973, Robert Durst and Kathleen McCormack married, although they had met two years previously and had moved in together. Although the marriage of these lovers remained stylish, it was not without its turbulent moments. In 1982, a fight culminated in Kathleen vanishing after Durst supposedly provided her alighting to a train station. She was the victim one week later when her belongings turned up scattered around their building. In 2021, however, after nearly four decades, Durst was charged with the murder of his wife.

On December 24, 2000, Susan Berman was shot to death in LA. Durst, suspected of knowing too much, was convicted in 2021 for the murder of Berman and was sentenced to life without parole, later contracting COVID-19 in prison.

In addition to the murders for which he was found guilty, Durst was also convicted of many other crimes. A few of these include public exposure, violating bail conditions, illicit possession of firearms and controlled substances, and lifting of items from the shelf. He faced a prison term of 85 months for the latest crime in 2016.


Robert Durst Net Worth was more than $65 million during his death. This amount is his way of showing his contradictory position as a beneficiary of a real estate establishment and a free man. Even after his financial successes, the recurring lawsuits and unlawful acts were too much to distract from his business achievements. Ultimately, Durst’s actions have eroded the lovable reputation of his family in the real estate world, which is now tainted with controversy.

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