Ryan Garcia Net Worth: A Closer Look at His Boxing Success and Financial Empire

Discover the latest updates on Ryan Garcia net worth, exploring his earnings from boxing, endorsements, and more. Stay informed now!


  • He knocked out Edgar Meza in round one in June 2016, showcasing an explosive start.
  • Overcame early knockdown, secured win with a seventh-round body shot, January 2021.
  • He defeated Emmanuel Tagoe in April 2022 after overcoming mental health challenges.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth: Have a Look

As per CelebrityNetWorth, Ryan Garcia net worth is estimated to be $20 million, made not only from his boxing purses but mostly from endorsements and deals due to his marketability. Competing professionally in boxing at the age of seventeen, his first fight purses were approximately $55,000, which then increased to $250,000 against Romero Duno before reaching half a million more. In his fight against Emmanuel Tagoe in 2022, Garcia got $ 3 million, plus 70 % of PPV. The fight against Javier Fortuna was worth $2 million.

About Ryan Garcia Net Worth
About Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Although Garcia lost to Gervonta Davis, he participated in a PPV event that was a huge success, making over $100 million, earning him a purse of $30 million. His subsequent struggle with Oscar Duarte Jurado earned close to $5 million. Outside the ring, Garcia has an attractive personality and an extensive social media following that attracts lucrative sponsorships, which is a positive element of his financial situation.

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Ryan Garcia Net Worth Analysis

Year Ryan Garcia Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $20 million
2023 $15 million
2022  $12 million

Early Life and Personal Life

In the past, Ryan Garcia was married to Andrea Celina, who may be known to most of us as Drea Celina. The pair, who had their first baby boy, Henry Leo Garcia, announced their separation in January after the birth of their son.

Early Life and Personal Life Ryan Garcia
Early Life and Personal Life Ryan Garcia

Drea Celina, a model, a fitness trainer and a social media influencer of Mexican and Italian heritage, started dating the boxing star in 2019. They got married in 2021 after dating a guy for about two years. In December 2020, the couple welcomed their daughter, Bela, but they had a hard time when pictures of Avalon in a supposed kiss with Cuban-Spanish singer and TikTok Malu Trevejo surfaced. Before his romance with Drea and Catherine Gamez, who is a Colombian social media celebrity, Ryan started to date in 2017.

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Ryan Garcia

Full Name Ryan Garcia
Date of Birth Aug 8, 1998
Place of Birth Victorville, California, U.S.
Age 25 years old
Nationality American
Profession Boxing
Marital Status Divorced
Girlfriend Drea Celina

 Career, Success, and Interesting Facts

Ryan Garcia made boxing history by surprising everyone in a matter of four years as he secured a record of 23-1 and was praised for his speed and killer knock-out blows in the lightweight category.

Career Ryan Garcia
Career Ryan Garcia

Garcia took a step back between 2019 and 2022 due to his mental health struggles. After acknowledging his struggles and forcing the tight-lipped community of boxers to speak up, he openly talked about his challenges. He advocated for mental health awareness, adding depth to his persona.

He is well known as ‘King Ry’ because he has a significant social media presence, which he uses to boost his marketing. He sets himself apart from others, which makes him a unique personality in modern sports marketing.

Ryan Garcia’s Controversy

Ryan Garcia has been a part of several controversies between supporters and foes. One recurring incident was when he took to social media to vent about his issues, and this escalated into a spat with Jake Paul. This incident, however, increased the fears regarding his mental well-being and his readiness for future battles.

Moreover, Garcia made headlines after he was involved in a controversy against Gervonta Davis for claiming that there was a mole in his camp that had given all of his strategies to Davis. He clarified that this discovery, however, was neither an alibi nor did it even justify the missed potential; instead, he pointed to deeper trust issues within his team. This statement provoked contrasting reactions from the public, with some people viewing this as an excuse while others extended their understanding.


Ryan Garcia’s career path from a young and skilled boxer to a well-known sports figure proves not only his talent but also his sound business sense to come up with ways to market himself.

At an approximated net value of $20 million, Ryan Garcia’s wealth is certainly boosted through large salary payouts and considerable endorsement deals, showing the vast public reach of his athletic and personal image. Facing personal and career difficulties — such as challenges and controversial news around his person — has been a lasting trait of Garcia’s personality, not only making his role even more prominent among the mental health activists from sports influencers but also contributing significantly to Garcia’s promoting cause.

The story of his breakthrough is proof that prodigious skill and efficient personal branding are connected with market value, which can be seen in Ryan Garcia net worth.

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