Sean Burroughs Net Worth: Thriving Income 2024 Revealed!

Check the facts in this post to uncover all the details of Sean Burroughs Net Worth   and the former NFL player’s revenue sources.


  • Although Sean’s earnings in 2024 are not disclosed, his earnings with the Minnesota Twins in 2012 were 525,000 US dollars.
  • The former NFL player’s passing at 43 unexpectedly this week has left the Arizona Diamondbacks and the football and sport fraternity in grief.
  • People primarily looked for Sean Borroughs’ income and other private information since he died on Thursday, May 9, 2024.

Sean Burroughs Net Worth:

About Sean Burroughs Net Worth

Check some details of the Signing bonus and other facts of Sean Burroughs through the following table:

San Diego Padres (2005) 1,675,000 US dollars
Tampa Bay Rays (2006) 1,500,000 US dollars
Arizona Diamondbacks (2011) 414,000 US dollars
Minnesota Twins (2012) 525,000 US dollars

 Sean Burroughs’s Quick Wiki:

In 2006, Sean also played for the Tampa Bay Rays, yet fighting with substance abuse made him spend many years away from basketball.

He spent San Diego’s four seasons and made his debut in 2002with the Padres. In the 1998 MLB Draft, the San Diego Padres selected Sean as ninth overall. He competed for Team USA in the Sydney Olympic Games 2000 and won a gold medal before getting called up.

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Know some more private details of Sean Burroughs through the table:

Real name Sean Patrick Burroughs
Birth place GA, Atlanta
Date of death Thursday, May 9, 2024
Age 43 (at the time of death)
Date and year of birth September 12, 1980
Draft Overall pick- 9, Round- 1, San Diego Padres. 1988
Debut San Diego Padres, April 2, 2002
Threw Right
Battled Left
Last MLB appearance Minnesota Twins, April 30, 2012
Draft position 38
Signing bonus (San Diego Padres) 2,100,000

Sean Burroughs’s career:

Sean Burroughs’s career

After leading LBLL to consecutive Little League World Series Championships in 1992 and 1993, Sean became a legend in the LBLL and baseball communities. The Minnesota Twins were his team during his final MLB season in 2012.

He continued to play Major League Baseball (MLB) for other clubs after leaving LB. Sean was a part of the National League West-winning Diamondbacks when he made his major league comeback in 2011.

However, he never stopped coaching his kid at Stearns Champion Park.

Sean Burroughs Net Worth And Sudden Passing:

Little League Little Beach’s Board of Directors and President recently published a statement mentioning Sean Burroughs’s sudden passing on May 09, 2024 afternoon. He earned about 5.25l in 2012, while the current earnings remain covered.

Sean Burroughs’ Facts Uncovered:

  • Football fraternity, Long Beach (Calf), Little League, Diamondbacks, and many other organizations and individuals expressed their heartfelt condolences for the departed former NFL player and expressed their grief.
  • He was instructing the Little League game of his son on Thursday afternoon when he unexpectedly departed from the world.
  • He guided his Long Beach squad to consecutive titles in 1992 and 1993. It immediately made him a local hero.


Sean Burroughs’ details, yearly income, and the legacy that he left behind were the primary search queries of many of his fans and people from the sports industry. He unexpectedly died while coaching the Little League game of his son. click here

The entire Little League, Diamondbacks, and the sports world were surrounded by sorrow after hearing the news of the sudden demise of Sean Burroughs at 43. Stay tuned as the former deceased NFL player’s additional information and current Sean Burroughs Net Worth will be added to this web page.


Q1. Who was Sean Patrick Burroughs?

Sean Patrick Burroughs, fondly called Sean Burroughs, was a professional baseball third baseman from the American region.

Q2. When did Sean Burroughs pass away?

Sean Burroughs passed away unexpectedly at 43 on Thursday, May 09, 2924 afternoon.

Q3. What was Sean Burroughs Net Worth?

Sean Burroughs’ present net worth remains undisclosed, and he earned significant signing bonuses through many football seasons he played during his life.

Q4. What was the reason behind Sean Burroughs sudden demise?

No official declaration or statement from Sean Burroughs’ family has been made to disclose the reason behind the sudden passing of a former NFL player.

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