Stacey Bendet Net Worth- Rise of the American Fashion Designer!

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  • Stacey Bendet is a renowned fashion designer and is the founder of the company Alice+Olivia. She has also co-founded Big Feelings, which deals with streetwear and sleepwear.
  • Stacey Bendet is the daughter-in-law of Michael Eisner, the former CEO and chairman of the Walt Disney Productions.
  • Stacey Bendet Net Worth has grabbed attention due to her popularity and unique appearances on various shows and events.
  • Stacey married Eric Eisner, the owner of the production house Double E Pictures. The couple married on the first of June 2008 and has three daughters.

Stacey Bendet Net Worth- Have a look

Stacey Bendet has grabbed people’s attention due to her unique dress and clothes for the fashion industry. She has continuously been a rival for many known brands. The owners of other brands look up to her for new creativity in her design.

People are eager to know Stacey Bendet Net Worth, and let us tell them that her approximate net worth for 2024 is more than $150 million. However, it is not the exact amount, considering the number of companies she holds. It is only the approximate value given for the current year, but it will be much higher than expected.

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Stacey Bendet Net Worth Analysis

Stacey Bendet Net Worth Analysis

Year Stacey Bendet Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $150 Million
2023 $100 Million

Early and Personal Life

Stacey Bendet was born in America and is a fashion designer. Her mother is Olivia, and her father is Joseph Daniel Wiener, who works at a leading clothing manufacturing company. Stacey was passionate about taking up fashion and apparel. She developed an interest in the fashion industry from a very early age.

Stacey completed her education at Horace Greeley High School and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she read international studies and French. She completed her education in 1999.

Stacey Bendet managed to be the creative director and the chief executive officer of her brand, Alice + Olivia. The name is unique, just like hers, and was founded by two people. The names are of the mothers of the partners. Stacey also co-founded BigFeelings, which follows a concept of sleep to streetwear.

It is a unique concept; people love their unique imagination, and even some rivals tried copying her. One is the Steve Madden company, against whom she sued for copying her trademark and infringing her rights.

Stacey has won the award of the Best Dressed Hall of Fame for the past four years and has appeared on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed Female Designer. She has also worked for a foundation that works towards the upliftment of backward families and children.

Have a look at Stacey Bendet’s Wikipedia details:

Have a look at Stacey Bendet's Wikipedia details

Full Name Stacey Bendet
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth New York
Age 45 years
Profession Fashion Designer
Marital status Married
Spouse name Eric Eisner
Children 3
Nationality American

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Career, Success and Interesting Facts

Stacey Bendet is known for her remarkable career in the fashion design industry and her businesses that relate to the clothing industry. Not only clothing, but she also works towards uplifting the families of children suffering from diseases and offers assistance. She is also an advisory board member of the Baker Retailing Center, her alma mater.

Stacey is known to practice yoga to stay calm, composed, and focused on whatever she does. She married Eric Eisner, the film producer and the son of Michael Eisner, the former CEO of World Disney Productions.

She also started an Instagram campaign in 2020 that says ” share the mic now “ is a voice raised to support African American women and bring them to the forefront. Stacey has founded Creatively, which is a networking platform. In just a year, the company managed to raise 5 million dollars.

In the year 2022, they creatively raised 8 million dollars in funding. In 2023, Creatively partnered with Cultured and was planning to launch their digital event; create creatively CulturedAlice+Olivia was founded in 2002 and proposed a unique style of jeans that elongated the legs and provided a slim silhouette. People, especially women, loved the concept, and when another designer noticed her walking wearing the same pair of jeans, she was so fascinated that she ordered 20 pairs.


Stacey Bendet is known for her unique styling and creative mind, and she produces new kinds of clothes every time she launches a product from her brand. The spring 2022 collection from her brand made A remarkable history; people went wild over the clothing and the prints it portrayed in the fashion week. Stacey Bendet Net Worth is highly appreciated, as she has created the entire brand with hard work and dedication.

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