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  • Steve Buscemi is an actor and director from the United States.  
  • He has recently been assaulted on the Street of Manhattan’s Kips Bay area.
  • A man punched him directly in the face and fled the scene.
  • The attacker has not yet been arrested, as per the New York police department. 
  • The actor got severely injured and was sent to the hospital immediately. 
  • This incident happened last week.
  • Steve has a bruised eye and a swollen face. 
  • The net worth of Steve is around $40 million.  

What is Steve Buscemi Net Worth?

As per the latest reports and research, his net worth is calculated to be $40 million. Steve is a producer, director, and actor. He was formerly a firefighter. The actor has a three-bedroom and bathroom house in Los Angeles. 

What is Steve Buscemi Net Worth

He listed the house in 2009, and it has a luxury view. He has one more property in Brooklyn’s Park Slope on 5th Street. Any other investment and property-related details are not available. Thus, we cannot comment on his net capital further.

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Steve’s Net Worth Growth Analysis

Year Steve Buscemi

Net Worth (estimated)




$40 Million




$ 35 Million

 As per the sources, Steve’s net worth has seen a substantial growth in his net worth. He is a regular appearing actor in the series Broadwalk Empire and earn around $75,000 worth if salary per episode.

Steve used to be a firefighter and now he is an actor. His career change has proved fruitful for him.

Wikipedia Information of Steve Buscemi


Full Name


Steve Vincent Buscemi


Popularly Know as:



Steve Buscemi


Date of Birth


13th December, 1957


Place of Birth


Brooklyn, New York City, United States




66 years old










John Buscemi and Dorothy Wilson Buscemi






Three siblings; Ken, Jon and Michael (he is an actor)






Valley Stream Central High School






Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute







Former firefighter, Actor, Producer and a Director



Marital Status



Married (1987)


Wife’s Name


Jo Andres (she died in 2019)




A son named Lucian


Sanjiv Goenka Net Worth



It is around 40 million dollars

 If you wish to visit the official Wikipedia page of Steve Buscemi, click here

Career Details of Steve Buscemi

Career Details of Steve Buscemi

Steve started his career with “Parting Glances,” a film that was released in the late 1980s. List of few of the movies in which he appeared in his early career:

  • Tales from the Darkside 
  • Miller’s Crossing 
  • The Big Lebowski 
  • Kings of New York 
  • Fargo 
  • Barton Fink 
  • and The Hudsucker Proxy

In 1992, he appeared in “Reservoir Dogs,” from where he gained popularity. Steve has also had experience in theaters. He is a fellow member of The Wooster Group, a well-known experimental theater company. 

Infamous Hollywood and independent films,, including New York Stories, Mystery Train, Desperado, Con Air, The Grey Zone, Armageddon, Ghost World, and Big Fish, Buscemi has both starred and provided supporting roles. 

Interesting Facts 

  • Steve was raised as a catholic.
  • He has mixed ancestry; his father has Italian ancestry, and his mother belongs to Dutch and English ancestry. 
  • Steve also played a role in ‘The Sopranos,’ an HBO television series. 
  • He is also starring in the television series Boardwalk Empire (2010).
  • He started his career in the mainstream in 1987 and is still active now.
  • He has also directed a few films. Those are Interview, Trees Lounge, and Animal Factory.
  • All these films were released before 2010. 


The net worth of Steve Buscemi is $40 million. He has a three-bedroom house in his name. He has been recently attacked on the streets of Manhattan and admitted to the hospital. The attacker is not traceable yet. These cases of assault are increasing these days in America.


Q1. What happened to Steve’s teeth?

A1. After the attack last week, his face and teeth were left bloodied.

Q2. What is the trending Steve topic?

A2. People are searching for his young pictures on the internet.

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