Alice Stewart Net Worth 2024: Know the Shocking Details About Her Death

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  • Alice Stewart, also known as Alice Elizabeth Stewart, was a popular American CNN commentator.
  • She also held the position of “Communications Director” for 5 Republican presidential campaigns.
  • Recently, on the 18th of May 2024, Alice Steward passed away and many people are stating that her cause of death was forced COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Alice Stewart Net Worth in 2024 is estimated to be 11 million dollars and the credit for this massive wealth goes to her career as a political commentator.

Alice Stewart Net Worth: Learn More

Alice Stewart was a distinguished political commentator. As of 2024, Alice Stewart Net Worth stands at a mammoth valuation of 11 million dollars, and before her death; she used to earn an annual salary of 800,000 dollars. Alice is also a successful author and she has a restaurant business in partnership with another anchor. She used to generate more than 1.6 million dollars per year from her restaurant business. This news veteran had properties in Ohio.

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The Reason Behind Alice Stewart’s Death

The Reason Behind Alice Stewart’s Death

Alice Stewart has recently passed away on the 18th of May 2024, at the age of 58 years. Some trusted sources are stating that her cause of death was a heart attack. Her body was found in the outdoor area in Belle View, Virginia, US. For the past few months, Alice complained about heaviness in her chest and she also encountered palpitations.

She was a very fit person and now many people on social media are saying that the side effects of COVID vaccine might have killed her.

Alice Stewart Net Worth Analysis: Read Now 

Year Alice Stewart Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $11 Million

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Alice Stewart

Full Name Alice Elizabeth Stewart
Commonly Known As Alice Stewart
Date of Birth 11th of March 1966
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia, US
Date of Demise 18th of May 2024
Place of Demise Belle View, Belle Haven, Virginia, US
Age 58 years at the time of demise
Nationality American
Parents Not known
Siblings Heather Fraker Thompson, Andrea Fraker Schwind, and Eric Fraker
Schooling Tucker High School
College University of Georgia – Grady School of Journalism (Degree in Political Science and Journalism)
Profession Political Commentator
Marital Status She was previously married to Garrett Moore  and divorced her husband a long time back


(Wedded in 1994, divorced in 2005).

Children No children

The Wikipedia Details about Alice Stewart provide valuable insight into her life.

Career Details

Career Details Alice Stewart

Alice Stewart started her career as an anchor for the NBC Little Rock (KARK TV station). Then she worked for various Republican presidential campaigns and held the top-notch position of Communications Director.

In the year 2016, Alice joined the CNN network.

On the 18th of May 2024, Alice was found dead outdoors in Virginia, US. As per the investigations, no foul play is there. The authorities are claiming that she died because of some medical emergency.

Interesting facts

  • In the year 2019, Alice became a Harvard Fellow.
  • If we talk about the work of Alice, then she is an Emmy Award winner in the category of journalism.
  • Alice loved running. She participated in the 2023 New York City Marathon and the 2024 Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run.


Alice Stewart was an outstanding commentator and political analyst. She has been an integral part of various Republican presidential campaigns but her popularity grew after joining the CNN Network. Recently, at the age of 58 years, she left for the heavenly abode and talking about her cause of death, there isn’t complete clarity yet. In 2024, Alice Stewart Net Worth stands at a really good figure of 11 million dollars and she could have made a lot more money in the coming years. Sadly, she is no more, but her talent as a journalist will always be appreciated.


Q1. What is Alice Stewart Net Worth in 2024?

A1. 11 Million Dollars.

Q2. What is Alice Stewart’s Cause of Death?

A2. As per the online sources, Alice Stewart’s cause of death is heart attack.

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