Ebrahim Raisi Net Worth 2024: Read Now & Know President’s Worth

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  • Ebrahim Raisi was the 8th President of Iran. 
  • Recently, the news of Ebrahim Raisi’s death has been spreading on the internet.
  • He was elected as the President of Iran in 2021.
  • Net Worth of Ebrahim is calculated around $110 billion (this is an estimate of his net worth).
  • He died in a helicopter crash. The helicopter crashed on 19th May 2024. Later, on 20th May 2024, he was declared dead.

Ebrahim Raisi Net Worth in 2024

Ebrahim Raisi Net Worth in 2024

The net capital of Ebrahim Raisi is around $110 billion (approximately). He was the in-office President of Iran. On 19th May 2024, his helicopter crashed. The news of the crash spread worldwide. Everyone prayed for his well-being, but after a few hours, he was declared dead. 

Because the research and investigation team reported 100% fatality from ground zero. As per the reports, the place where the helicopter crashed has no sign of life. After the update of his death is made public, people want to know more about him. 

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Growth Analysis of Ebrahim Raisi Net Worth




Net Worth of Ebrahim Raisi





$110 billion


2023 & before



No details are available

 As per the data present on the internet, Ebrahim Raisi has had a substantial number of properties, which makes his net worth in billions. He also has had around eight luxurious yachts. He also owned gold worth of billions. He has had more than five private jets.

Wikipedia Details About Embrahim Raisi

Wikipedia Details About Embrahim Raisi


Full Name


Ebrahim Raisolsadati


Popularly Known as:



Ebrahim Raisi


Date of Birth


14th December, 1960


Place of Birth


Noghan District, Mashhad, Iran




63 years old




He was declared dead on 20th May 2024


Reason for Death



He died in a helicopter crash









His father’s name is Seyed Haji






No details are available



College & School



He attended; Javadiyeh School, Ayatollah Boroujerdi School and Motahari University for his law degree











Marital Status



Married (in 1983)






His wife is Jamileh Alamolhoda


Ebrahim Raisi Net Worth



It is around $110 billion




He has two daughters

If you wish to visit the official Wikipedia page of Ebrahim Raisi, here is the link to it

Career Details of Ebrahim Raisi

Career Details of Ebrahim Raisi

In 2017, Ebrahim Raisi joined the presidential race. He fought from the Popular Front of Islamic Revolution Forces. However, Rouhani defeated him in the election. In 2021, he ran for president again and received 63% of the vote. 

He eventually won the elections. Media estimates state that over 3.7 million ballots were deemed illegitimate during his candidacy, resulting in Raisi’s win. Ebrahim has also worked in the Iranian judiciary system. Once, he was the Chief Justice. He also worked as the General attorney.

Interesting Facts 

  • Ebrahim Raisi worked in the Teheran judicial system as well. 
  • He once held the position of chief justice. 
  • His helicopter was crashed in Varzaqan, Iran.
  • Before his political career started, he had worked with different organizations.
  • Ebrahim Raisi’s degree of law is disputed.


Ebrahim Raisi Net worth is around $110 billion. The latest news of his death is trending. He died on 19th May 2024 in a helicopter crash. He was appointed as the 8th president of Iran in 2021.  


Q1. Who is Ebrahim’s wife?

A1. His wife is Jamileh Alamolhoda.

Q2. What is the reason for Ebrahim’s death?

A2. Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash on 19th May 2024.

Q3. Does Ebrahim Raisi have a daughter?

A3. Ebrahim Raisi has had two daughters.

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