Angel Hernandez Net Worth: Learn The Umpire’s Wealthy Empire!

Learn how much the contentious umpire makes by reading about his Angel Hernandez Net Worth, salary, assets, and other financial details.


  • The assets, net worth, lifestyle, and insider assets of Angel Hernandez has always caught public attention.
  • Possessing around 430,000 US dollars salary for each year, the umpire’s value is massive.  
  • People calculated and believed it to be much more than the salary disclosed since he also had special assignments that add about 30,000 US dollars to his present salary.
  • He remains in controversies, yet is unaffected by them or any statements made by media or discussed and shared on social networking sites.

Angel Hernandez Net Worth:

About Angel Hernandez Net Worth

Angel Hernandez’s earnings a substantial wage despite of his controversial image and distorted reputation. This is seasoned umpire had more than 25 years of professionalism and expertise. The number of experience years shows that his salary and income must be massive and substantial.

Online networks and reports suggested the total in tens of thousands of dollars. The current earnings are often calculated and shared over public networks that indicate more than 835,042 US dollars added presently in his total wealth.

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Earnings and Angel Hernandez Net Worth:

Angel Hernandez has massive income and is raised with each passing year despite the controversies he is always surrounded with. He keeps earning massively and is unaffected by the controversies. The table ere will let you check the income and salary that this former umpire could gain over the years.

Angel Hernandez Net Worth in 2024 Approximately 430,000 US dollars
Earnings in 2023 3,000 US dollars (900 US dollars in each month)
Earnings in 2022 430,000 US dollars (salary)
Initial salary 400,000 US dollars

Professional life of Angel Hernandez:

Reports suggest that Hernandez initiated his career as an umpire with a 400,000 base salary, yet was raised to 430,000 US dollars in about three years. Controversial situations had always surrounded Angel, yet he could earn massively.

An amount from MLB’s yearly TV deals also contributes to Hernandez’s yearly income. It accounts for an additional thirty thousand US dollars to his total twelve-month wealth. 

Post-season assignments are also a significant contribution to his yearly wealth. A few special assignments also contributed to his substantial fortune.

Quick Wiki of Angel Hernandez:

Quick Wiki of Angel Hernandez

Real name Angel Hernandez
Age  62 years
Profession Umpire on MLB
Debut in MLB May 23, 1991
Birthplace Cuba, Havana
Date of birth and year August 26, 1961
Last appearance in MLB May 9, 2024
Angel Hernandez Net Worth in 2024 More than  430,000 US dollars

Interesting facts about Angel Hernandez:

  • The name Hernandez Angel must have made you attentive when you hear anything about him. 
  • Baseball enthusiasts worldwide often check about Angel since there are always many disputes surrounding this former umpire.
  • People have always observed frustrated and irritated teammates when they are with Angel, highlighting him always when he is on the field.
  • His salary for the professional journey is 430,000 US dollars.


Former umpire Angel Hernandez appeared for the last time in MLB on May 9, 2025. His umpire career of over 25 years shows the surrounding controversies and disputes, specifically among his teammates around him. click here

It made people check what this empire’s earnings would be since he has been in the profession and ad expertise for more than two decades. It is calculated over 430,000 US dollars presently. Find out more accurate details, as we will update the Angel Hernandez Net Worth figures shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who is Angel Hernandez?

Former umpire of MLB

Q2. What is Angel Hernandez Net Worth presently?

Around 430,000 US dollars

Q3. When did Angel Hernandez last appear in MLB?

May 9, 2024

Q4. What makes Angel Hernandez the spotlight quite often?

Controversies and disputes

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