Nick Carter Net Worth 2024: Take a Closer Look at His Wealth 

The post gives information on Nick Carter Net Worth 2024, his wiki, bio, age, parents, education, career, and success details. 


  • Nick Carter, also known as Nickolas Gene Carter, is a praiseworthy American singer.
  • Nick is one of the members of Backstreet Boys, which is a vocal group.
  • Now, Nick Carter and Aaron Carter are all over the news because of the upcoming docuseries “Fallen Idols”. 
  • In 2024, Nick Carter Net Worth stands at a gigantic estimation of 35 million dollars and this wealth is a result of his massive contribution to the entertainment world. 

Nick Carter Net Worth: Learn More 

Many people know Nick Carter as a celebrated singer and this is just a single aspect of his personality. Apart from being a singer, Nick is also an actor, songwriter, author, record producer, and director. Because of so many talents, Nick Carter Net Worth in 2024 has moved past the mammoth valuation of 35 million dollars. His yearly income is more than 4 million dollars. 

Nick owns posh properties in NYC, Santa Barbara, and Florida. He also owns luxury cars like Range Rover, Mercedes GLC, Ford Mustang, etc.

About Nick Carter Net Worth

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Nick Carter Net Worth Analysis: Read Now  

Year  Nick Carter Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $35 Million 
2023  $30 Million 

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Nick Carter

Full Name  Nickolas Gene Carter
Popularly Known As Nick Carter
Date of Birth  28th of January 1980 
Place of Birth Jamestown, New York, US
Age 44 years 
Nationality American 
Parents  Robert Gene Carter and Jane Elizabeth Carter 
Siblings  Kaden Brent, Taelyn Dobson, Leslie, Angel, Bobbie Jean, and Aaron
Schooling  He left his school in between because of some unpleasant experiences. After that, he was mostly homeschooled. 
Specialization   Trained in hip hop, tap, and ballet from Karl and DiMarco’s School of Theatre and Dance
Profession Singer, actor, dancer, musician, songwriter, director, author, and record producer. 
Marital Status  Married since the year 2014
Spouse  Lauren Kitt 
Children  Pearl Carter, Saoirse Carter, and Odin Carter

The Wikipedia details about Nick Carter are worth having a glimpse of.

Career Details 

Career Detail Nick Carter

At a young age, Nick started singing and acting. Undoubtedly, he is a distinguished American artist. 

He is a member of the popular group “Backstreet Boys” and this performer has also released solo albums like All American, I’m Taking Off, and Now or Never. 

Many times, Nick has been seen appearing on TV shows and movies. Some of his notable works can be witnessed in I Heart Nick Carter, American Dreams, 8 Simple Rules, Kill Speed, This Is The End, House of Carters, etc. 

Apart from Backstreet Boys, Nick has also been associated with other music groups such as Bravo All Stars and NKOTBSB. 

He has been a part of various commercials and talent shows as well. 

Interesting facts 

  • Some of the favorite genres of Nick Carter are pop, R&B, pop rock, and dance. 
  • During his junior high school years, Nick was badly bullied and beaten up. 
  • In the past, Nick has been accused of various sexual assault allegations. 
  • He has also dealt with issues like alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Nick often donates for charitable causes and he raises awareness through campaigns for societal welfare. 


Nick Carter is a noteworthy artist in the entertainment field. He gained a lot of fame after becoming a member of Backstreet Boys. Apart from being a really good singer; he is also an actor, director, songwriter, and producer. Nick Carter Net Worth in 2024 stands at a very impressive calculation of 35 million dollars and looking at his future projects it can be said that this number is going to increase at a fast pace. 


Q1. What is Nick Carter Net Worth in 2024?

A1. It exceeds the valuation of 35 million dollars.

Q2. What is Nick Carter’s age in 2024?

A2. He is 44 years old.

Q3. Why Nick Carter is in the news right now?

A3. He is all over the news because of the Docuseries “Fallen Idols”. This series will share eye-catching details about the life of Nick Carter and Aaron Carter. 

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