Dave Portnoy Net Worth 2024- Revenue & Profit of the American Businessman!

The post gives information about Dave Portnoy net worth, his Business details in 2024, controversies, and his total earnings.


  • Dave Portnoy is a businessman and a social media influencer. He is popularly known for his company, Barstool Sports.
  • As Dave Portnoy has his own business, people are curious to know about Dave Portnoy net worth to find his actual earnings through all his businesses.
  • Dave Portnoy has also faced many allegations regarding his main comments that offended women, and he is not ashamed of his remarks.

Dave Portnoy net worth

The 47-year-old American businessman Dave is an online personality known for his businesses. Dave is the owner of Barstool Sports, which was founded in 2004. The company’s early phase started from the sports newspaper and ended at the street corners. Dave wrote the content of the paper himself.

About Dave Portnoy net worth

After the success of Barstool Sports, people such as Peter and Penn Entertainment purchased stakes in the company; amidst all the achievements, Dave Portnoy net worth stands at $100 million. Dave had sold his company to Penn Entertainment but repurchased it for $1.

Business Information

Dave Portnoy is known for owning several businesses, the first starting from the bars to sports, that gradually saw the heights of success, and it was sold to Penn Entertainment in February 2023 for $388 million.

The total Dave Portnoy net worth would be more than 100 million as there are several businesses from where he earns, but all of his earnings have not been disclosed publicly. He is also known for his pizza reviews, which he gives on an internet show.

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Dave Portnoy Wikipedia

Full Name David Scott Portnoy
Date of birth March 22, 1977
Place of birth Massachusetts
Age 47 years old
Profession Businessman
Marital status Married
Spouse name Renee (now divorced)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jewish

 Career and Success

Dave Portnoy has a fantastic career and continues to earn even now. His internet show has achieved worldwide appreciation from people, and his Pizza reviews became so famous that he and Barstools Sports held a pizza festival in September 2023 in Brooklyn. Dave Portnoy net worth started increasing after he became famous for his work.

Career Dave Portnoy

Dave has gathered much attention for his remarks, which he says openly, and he commented on the COVID-19 lockdown and his vote for Donald Trump. Dave interviewed Donald Trump at the White House in 2020, and only after two years did he say it was a dangerous idea to vote for the Republicans.


Dave Portnoy has also been in the public eye due to his controversial comments against women wearing skinny jeans. He has also been held for his main comments on blackface. He has attacked several people online and made frequent harassing comments that did not go down well with people.

Dave was also arrested in 2015 and 2019 for creating fake passes to enter the Super Bowl. He was prohibited from entering the show due to his behavior, so he made counterfeit passes. He was also held liable for threatening his workers from work in case they came together to form a majority.

Interesting Facts about Dave Portnoy

  • Dave Portnoy married Renee, but they separated in 2017. After a few years, he started dating a model, Silvana Mojica, but they also separated in November 2023.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave donated his own money to provide relief for small businesses, and the campaign helped more than 345 businesses worldwide which raises the curiosity about Dave Portnoy net worth
  • He has also donated to the Lifeline Animal Project, which provides animal shelters in Georgia. The money collected was from his t-shirts and merchandise on sale at the Barstool sports website.


Dave Portnoy has risen in his career through hard work and dedication to his company. He has also helped other businesses to grow and flourish and support them in their tough time. The total evaluated Dave Portnoy net worth earnings comprises office businesses and his online shows. Dave Portnoy is constantly working towards his goal and will continue to do so.


  1. When did Dave launch the Mayoral Campaign?

The campaign was launched in 2013 in Boston.

  1. Does Dave have any children?


  1. Who acquired Barstool Sports after Dave sold?

Penn Entertainment

  1. At what price did Dave reacquire the company?


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