Tom Brady net worth 2024: Know On And Off The Field Earnings!

Let us examine the renowned quarterback’s fortune by estimating Tom Brady net worth 2024 through this post below.


  • Tom Brady’s income in a year includes his NFL earnings in addition to his 375 million US dollar contract with Fox Sports.
  • Even though he is retired, he continues to earn millions of dollars.
  • Being a Fox Sports NFL commentator, he has become known as the best football player in the history of sports.
  • A few online reports and some web pages share Tom Brady net worth 2024.They share the value of 350 million US dollars that the NFL player earns in a year even after.

Tom Brady net worth 2024:

Tom Brady is among the top player whom the federation pays the highest in the NFL. He had his entire profession with the New England Patriots. After leaving NFL in 2023, he was the the highest-paid NFL player since he had earned millions of dollars.

Throughout the retired player’s 23-year NFL career, he earned around 530 million US dollars in earnings. He received about $200 million US dollars from all of his sponsorship agreements and approximately 333 million US dollars for playing.

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Let us check how much he earned in 2023 and 2024:

  Tom Brady net worth 2024 Tom Brady net worth 2023
Total Earning 350 million US dollars 530 million US dollars
Sponsorships 375 million US dollars 230 million US dollars
On-field earnings Retired 330 million US dollars

Tom Brady’s career:

Tom Brady’s career

The earnings of Tom Brady, the NFL icon has been the subject of interest for many of his fans and admirers of the sports world in the past year and a half, since he decided to retire.

Tom placed an incredible twenty-year span of his sports (football) profession to an end. He also won a record seven Super Bowl rings in his career of two decades. Tom Brady is a constantly search and attempt to keep serving.

He looked into different ways to carry on with his profession as a contributing part of society promptly.

Tom Brady’s Quick Wiki:

Brady Tom was a football player at Michigan in his college between 1995 and 1999. He played seasons for two decades as the team’s starting quarterback, between 2000 and the beginning of 2020.

Real name Tom Brady
Profession Retired NFL player
Position Former Quarterback
Birth date August 7, 1977
Age 2024 46 years
Birthplace California, San Mateo, the American region
College From 1995 to 1999, Michigan
High School Junipero Serra, California, San Mateo
Weight 102 kg (225 lb)
Height 1.93 meter (6 ft 4 in)
Tom Brady net worth 2024 350 million US dollars


Interesting facts about Tom Brady:

  • He has launched “Let’s Go!” podcast and has since enjoyed popularity.
  • However, the most intriguing deal he was awarded was from one of the world’s most extensive networks.
  • He earns about 350 million US dollars presently and has recently agreed to an incredible 375 million US dollars for a ten-year contract with Fox Sports.
  • His yearly earnings will have increased significantly from 350 million US dollars after he started as an employee of Fox Sports analyst.
  • His income will be twice as the analyst career begins.
  • He is wealthy due to his legendary NFL career and endorsement deals while his exact wealth amount is undisclosed and is up for discussion.

Tom Brady’s Quick Wiki


Over two decades of football career, Tom Brady has participated in nine games and won six Super Bowls. In the NFL history, he as marked the most Super Bowl victories. Click here

Tom Brady net worth 2024 became highlight after he signed 375 million US dollars deal while he is already earning 350 million US dollars in a year. Please keep checking back as we provide more details about Tom Brady’s income.


Q1. Who is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is a well-recognized former NFL quarterback

Q2. What is Tom Brady net worth 2024?

350 million UD dollars

Q3. Which deal did Tom Brady recently sign?

Tom recently agreed to a ten-year deal with Fox Sports.

Q4. What is the value of Tom Brady’s Fox Sports deal?

375 million US dollars

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