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  • The former NFL player, Drew Bledsoe, is 52-years-old presently. He has an impressive career that made users from the United States curious to know his annual income.
  • Drew Bledsoe Net Worth was due to his athletic career, and his earnings are continuing after his retirement.
  • His complete income from his NFL career was eighty million US dollars. 
  • His earnings per year are approximately 35 million US dollars. His yearly income aligns him with Kurt Warner and Donovan McNabb.

Drew Bledsoe Net Worth:

Drew, the former NFL player’s annual earnings are primarily through his professional career in sports. He earns nearly 35 million US dollars annually, aligning with many other top contemporaries.

Throughout his 14-year professional career, Bledsoe made roughly eighty million US dollars. Drew has made money even after retiring after running a successful vineyard called Doubleback in Walla Walla, Washington, his hometown.

About Drew Bledsoe Net Worth

The former quarterback’s net worth is expected to be 48 million US dollars in the previous years. Before declaring his retirement in 2007, DRrw played quarterback for the NFL for 14 seasons, earning this amount of money.

Year of earning Net worth in US dollars
Drew Bledsoe Net Worth 35 million US dollars
2023 48 million US dollars
2022 48 million US dollars

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Quick wiki and Drew Bledsoe Net Worth:

Real name Drew McQueen Bledsoe
Birth place Washington, Eilensburg
Age 52 years
Birth date and year February 14, 1972
High School (Washington) Walla Walla
College 1990 to 1992 from Washington State
Profession Former football quarterback from the American region
Weight 108 kg (238 lb)
Height 1.96 meter (6 ft 5 in)

 Drew Bledsoe and NFL career:

The New England Patriots picked Drew, a Washington State collegiate player, as the first overall pick of the NFL Draft in 1993. Creating a massive reversal was Drew’s responsibility, and he was paid for it.

 Drew Bledsoe and NFL career

While in New England, he was selected for three Pro Bowls and had a fair amount of private achievements.

Interesting facts:

  • Over the four prior seasons, the squad he prevailed up had only gone 14–50.
  • Drew signed a rookie contract with New England of eight million US dollars for a modest three years. 
  • Leading New England to an AFC Championship win in his fourth season and a postseason berth in his second, Drew demonstrated his mettle early on.
  • His subsequent two deals with New England were a testament to his achievements. 
  • The score at that point was a league record.
  • The former NFL player signed a 10-year, 103 million US dollar contract in 2001, landing another incredible deal and contributing well to Drew Bledsoe Net Worth
  • For a total of seven years and forty-two million dollars in 1995, Drew signed a contract extension with the Pats. 

Professional details of Drew Bledsoe:

The most well-known aspect of Drew Bledsoe, the former NFL quarterback presently, is his response to a trivia challenge. Ultimately, his injury changed the direction of the National Football League’s history forever by launching a then-unknown Tom Brady into the starting quarterback position.

Regarding passing yards (44,611) and throwing touchdowns (251), he is among the leading 25 all-time performers. Though his 14-year playing career brought him considerable financial success, Drew is most recognized today for getting Wally Pipp-ed.

His time in Dallas he ended not unlike his stint in New England. After Drew sustained an injury in 2006, Tony Romo, an obscure backup, took over as starter. Bledsoe decided to pursue it as a career because he was not satisfied with merely an understudy.


Drew’s 14-year professional career made him earn over 80 million US dollars. In their retirement, he has continued to make a profit, running Doubleback, a successful vineyard in Walla Walla, Washington, his hometown. click here

Drew Bledsoe Net Worth 2024 is approximately 30 million US dollars, making him stand among several leading NFL players. Stay tuned as we will inform you more about Drew’s annual earnings.

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