Jeff Ross Net Worth 2024: Read now Comedian’s Impressive Capital

Read about Jeff Ross Net Worth in 2024, and know Jeff’s personal and professional life details. 


  • Jeff Ross is a famous stand-up comedian and actor.
  • Recently, he was a part of Tom Brady’s Netflix roast on a Saturday Night. 
  • Jeff commented on Robert Kraft’s scandal in 2019, which angered Tom Bardy.
  • Tom went close to Jeff and whispered in his ears to ‘shut up.’
  • Jeff’s net worth is approximately 4 million dollars.
  • Jeff is a 58-year-old comedian who has been active since 1989.

Take A Look At Jeff Ross Net Worth 

Jeff Ross’s Net Worth is around $4 million. The break-up details of his wealth have yet to be discovered. Ross’s property and investment details are also not available. Ross is an American insult- comedian and an actor. 

Ross is skilled as a stand-up comedian. People know him as the ‘Roastmaster General.’ He credited his roasting and insult-comedy talent to his tough upper, which. Jeff has made appearances in a lot of shows and films. He is a regular guest at Comedy Central Roast, where they roast celebrities.

Take A Look At Jeff Ross Net Worth 

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Growth Analysis Of Jeff Ross Net Worth 

Year Net Worth of Jeff Ross (estimated)



$4 Million


2023 & Before


Around $ 2 Million

 There are no official details about Jeff’s annual salary. However, only some sources claim that Jeff earns around $680,000 yearly. However, these are just an estimate. 

Also, Ross’s net worth details from previous years must be present on the Internet, and we have provided an estimate. Many sources claims that Jeff Ross Net Worth is $4.8 million.

Wikipedia Details of Jeff Ross


Full Name


Jeffery Ros Lifschultz


Popularly Known as:



Roast-master General


Date of Birth


13th September 1965


Place of Birth


No details available




58 years









Mother’s name was Marsha, and father’s name was not known.




A younger sister, Robyn




He studied at Jonathan Dayton High School




Boston University College of Communication




Stand-up Comedian, Actor and a Writer


Marital Status


No details available




No details available




No details available

Jeff Ross Net Worth  

Around 4 million dollars





Here is the link to Jeffery Ross’s official Wikipedia page,

Career Details of Jeff Ross 

Career Details of Jeff Ross 

In 1994, Ross started his career by participating in Boston Comedy Club’s open mic nights. During the ensuing years, he began doing stand-up routines in several New York comedy clubs. 

 He took part in one of his earliest roasts, which was of actor Steven Seagal, around this time. After that, he kept taking part in roasts and for the first time, he was dubbed “Roastmaster General”.

 Apart from celebrity roast, he has regularly worked as a stand-up comedian. He holds shows at different events and places. Jeff also made appearances in TV shows like “Crashing,” “Six Feet Under,” and “Weeds.” 

Besides being a skilled voice actor, he has acted in movies such as “Stuck on You” and “Along Came Polly.” In addition, Jeff took part in the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars.” 

Interesting Facts 

  • Jeffery’s upbringing happened in New Jersey. He lived initially in Newark, then Jersey, and Springfield. ff Ross Net Worth is currently a trending topic. 
  • He was just 14 years old when his mother died due to leukaemia.
  • He was in college and nineteen years old when his father died.
  • Ross’s father had a catering business called Clinton Manor Catering.
  • Their family owned this business, and his great-grandmother established it.
  • His upbringing was strict and rough. 


American actor and insult-comedian Jeff Ross is again in the limelight. He angered Tom Brady with his joke on Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast. Jeff is 58, a 58-year-old comedian who enjoys his work. 

Jeff Ross Net Worth is $4 or 4.8 million. Any further details related to his estate and investment are not available. 


Q1. What is Jeff Ross’s Wife’s Age?

A1. No details are available.

Q2. Who is Jeff’s sister?

A2. He has a younger sister named Robyn.

Q3. Who is Jeff’s Partner?

A3. No details are available.

Q4. Is Jeff Ross married?

A4. No details are available.

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