Erivan Haub Net Worth: German Billionaire Who Faked His Death

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  • Erivan Haub, also known as Karl Erivan Haub, is a German-Russian businessman with a wealth of billions of Euros. He was born in America and was the MD and one of the owners of the Tengelmann Group.
  • During a mountaineering trip on the 7th of April 2018, Erivan disappeared. Nobody was able to find him and thus, the German court declared him dead on the 14th of May 2021.
  • On the 19th of April 2024, news broke out that Erivan staged his death so that he could live with his mistress in Russia.
  • At one point in time, Forbes magazine stated that Haub’s family is one of the wealthiest families in the world and it was reported that Erivan Haub Net Worth is very close to a figure of 5 to 6 billion Euros.

Erivan Haub Net Worth: Have a Look

Erivan Haub used to be the MD of Tengelmann Group, but he disappeared in 2018. At the time of his disappearance, Erivan Haub Net Worth was valued at a mammoth figure of 5.2 billion Euros. Even after extensively searching, this business tycoon was not found anywhere. Tengelmann Group is a leading company in Germany that deals in retail business and it also funds various start-ups. This family-run business was established more than 140 years ago. If Erivan hadn’t escaped to live a secret life in Russia then his wealth would have multiplied to a gigantic figure.

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Erivan Haub Net Worth Analysis

Erivan Haub Net Worth Analysis
Erivan Haub Net Worth Analysis
Year Erivan Haub Net Worth in Euros
2018 – 2021 5.2 billion Euros

Early Life and Personal Life

Karl Erivan Haub was born on the 2nd of March 1960 and his place of birth is Tacoma, Washington, US. He is the eldest son of the former CEO of Tengelmann Group. The name of his brother is Christian Haub. The names of his parents are Helga Haub and Erivan Haub.

The name of his wife is Katrin Haub. Erivan has 2 children.

Erivan Haub studied at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and his main subjects were social sciences and economics.

Early Life and Personal Life Erivan Haub
Early Life and Personal Life Erivan Haub

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Erivan Haub

Full Name Karl Erivan Haub
Date of Birth 2nd of March 1960
Place of Birth Tacoma, Washington, US
Age 64 years
Nationality German-American
Profession Businessman
Marital Status Married
Spouse Katrin Haub
Children 2 children

Career, Success, and Interesting Facts

Before joining Tengelmann, Erivan Haub worked for multinational giants like McKinsey and Company, and Nestle. After that, he became a part-owner and the Managing Director of the Tengelmann Group.

Erivan used to be an immensely skilled ski mountaineer. After the death of his father in 2018, he went on a skiing tour in Switzerland but did not return. Hence, he was reported missing.

Since nobody was able to trace him, his brother Christian was appointed as the CEO of Tengelmann. Eventually, in October 2018 the authorities discontinued searching him and he was presumed dead.

Erivan Haub Career
Erivan Haub Career

On the 14th of May 2021, the Cologne district court declared him dead and his official time of death was stated as the midnight of the 7th of April 2018. Since 2023, reports started coming out that he has escaped to live a secretive life in Russia. Even some of the CCTV footage showed a 90% resemblance with Erivan.

On the 19th of April 2024, news came out that this German billionaire faked his death and was living with his mistress named “Veronika Ermilova” in Russia.

When he vanished in the year 2018, he made more than 13 calls to her, that too in 3 days. Thus, it clearly shows that he might be planning his fake death. German authorities have revealed that Erivan is still alive and he is living with Veronica in Moscow.

An inquiry has been initiated against Erivan’s brother Christian Haub. The authorities believe that Christian knew about Erivan’s plan and provided a false testimony.

When the media tried to contact Veronika Ermilova then she stated that the entire news is fake and she doesn’t live with any German billionaire in Moscow. The lady has claimed that she is married and has a kid. She has admitted to having a work-based relationship with Erivan in the past.

Still, there are lots of twists and turns to Erivan’s story and it is believed that in a short period of time the full truth will come out.


Erivan Haub went for a skiing tour in the Swiss Alps but disappeared on the 7th of April 2018. Now it is all over the news that he is living with his girlfriend/mistress in Russia. He disappeared in the year 2018 and then, Erivan Haub Net Worth was at a peak figure of 5.2 billion Euros. If this incident wouldn’t have happened then his net worth would have witnessed a multiplier effect. However, Erivan chose his way to have a private life away from the hassles of the business world. In the coming months, more revelations are bound to happen and it might throw some light on his current wealth.

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