Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth: Know The Forest Owner’s Realm 2024!

This post depicts the billionaire’s realm and the assets he owns, revealing expanded Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth and crazy empire.  


  • The astounding assets and realm of Evangelos Marinakis have made him become the headlines quite often.
  • Many often search for Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth since he is considered a multibillionaire.
  • The multibillionaire who also owns maritime magnate has a beard that resembles that of a pirate.
  • Evangelos was named the Greek Shipping Personality of the Year in 2017.
  • His wealth can only be predicted since his actual worth can be much more than the 3.1 billion US dollars stated by a few resources.

Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth:

Evangelos Marinakis is the irascible, turbulent owner of a football team who is driven by a winning mentality. He also manages social media and possesses an obsession with officiating. With 120 ships fleet, he operates and possesses Capital Maritime and Trading Corporation along with many other luxurious assets and Forest ownership.

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Marinakis had stated that he wanted the team to make it to Europe within five years of taking charge. His worth is in multiple billions due to the businesses and assets he holds, which count for his worth in billions and are expected to be 3.1 billion US dollars in the present year (2024).

About Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth

Table for Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth and assets:

Let us look into the table below and find out his worth that is raised each year.

Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth in 2024 3.1 billion US dollars
Networth in 2023 670 million US dollars
Networth in 2022 3 billion US dollars
Expenses on a ship in 2023 145 million US dollars
Capital Maritime and Trading Corporation 120 ship fleet

Quick Wiki of Evangelos Marinakis:

Evangelos Marinakis presided over Superleague Greece and was additionally the HFF or Hellenic Football Federation’s vice president. His attention moved to London after he wanted to acquire the English Championship Club.

The same year in May, he also acquired Nottingham Forest, the reigning European Cup winners. He kept adding assets and business ventures over the years that made him stand tall among the billionaires in the world. Now, let us know a few details about his private life through the table below:

Quick Wiki of Evangelos Marinakis

Real name Evangelos Marinakis
Birth year and date July 30, 1967
Age 56 years
Birthplace Greece, Piraeus
Profession Entrepreneur
Marital status Married
Wife name Athanasia Marinakis
Kids Four

Interesting facts about Evangelos Marinakis:

  • Evangelos Marinakis has a massive portfolio of assets and business ventures, including his Capital Maritime Group, which has a fleet of 120 ships, political careers, sports, media, and much more.
  • Investigations into substance abuse by Greek court authorities, the Greek Coast Guard, and the DEA have also beset the Evangelos family, leading to several accusations. 
  • But, a judge concluded the investigation in 2021 and found no proof that it implicated Evangelos.
  • The list of the Top 100 Most Influential People of Lloyd includes Evangelos in Shipping. 


Evangelos Marinakis is known for his multiple billion wealth, listed him among the top billionaires and well-known personalities. His appearance as a pirate has always attracted many individuals, and the assets he holds made them look for Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth, which reached 3.1 billion US dollars. click here

Stay connected as we are updating more details of Evangelos Marinakis’ wealth very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who is Marinakis Evangelos?

Marinakis Evangelos is a well-known personality whose wealth has made him reach the multi-billionaires list of the world.

Q2. What are Marinakis Evangelos’ income resources?

Marinakis Evangelos’ income resources include his Capital Maritime Group fleet of 120 ships, political career, media, sports, and many more.

Q3. What is Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth?

3.1 billion US dollars in 2024

Q4. Which allegations was Evangelos Marinakis accused of in 2014?

Evangelos Marinakis was accused in 2014 of substance abuse trafficking yet was not proven guilty due to lack of evidence.

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