Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024: Check The Actor’s Riches!

Uncover Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024 here and assess the assets and riches of a well-known actor that make him stand in the list of top richest actors.


  • Robert de Niro is among the best and most experienced actors in the entertainment industry. He recently created enormous attention for himself by playing a distinctive character.
  • His worth is enormous due to the distinctive and iconic characters he plays, which add to his wealth and grow significantly with each year.
  • Niro performed as an American crime lord, William King Hale. His role included convicting Osage Indian killings in the Flower Moon Martin Scorsese’s Killers.
  • Many sources indicate Robert de Niro’s Net Worth in 2024, which shows his expanded and increasing wealth, as 500 million US dollars.

Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024:

About Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024

  • Robert’s staggering income made him one of the top ten richest actors worldwide. He earns so much that he primarily sources his income from his acting career while also being involved in Tribeca Grill, The Greenwich Hotel, TriBeCa Productions, and many other business investments and holdings in the real estate sector.
  • People wonder about his annual income since it reached 500 million US dollars in this year (2024). He also won by a wide margin as he was a nominee for Killers of the Flower Moon for performing in a supporting role.

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Quick Wiki of Robert de Niro:

Real name Robert de Niro
Profession Acting, television producer, film director, and film producer
Place of birth Greenwich Village
Borth date and year August 17, 1943
Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024 500 million US dollars
Nationality American

The Riches And Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024:

The Riches And Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024

Although the actor’s earnings are indicated as 500 million US dollars, some also claim 520 million US dollars. His successful acting career earned him millions of dollars since he acted in cinematic productions and theatre.

This wealthy actor also amassed riches through many other business and real estate investments, including co-founding upscale sushi hotels and restaurants for the Nobu franchise. Here are the riches that make the actor fall under the category of wealthiest actors across the globe. Find it through the table given below:

Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024 500 milion US dollars
Primary income source Acting career
Additional revenue sources Triveca Gril, The Greenwich Hotel, TriBeCa Productions, and many other business investments and holdings in real estate sector.

Interesting facts about Robert De Niro:

  • Many search engine results, reports, and social media posts indicate the massive popularity of the actor.
  • People calculated his assets and investments, while some evaluated his total earnings and concluded that they amounted to 500 million US dollars.
  • His wealth has grown entirely over the past six years of his professional journet and business investments and assets.
  • Although his restaurant chain was diminished in 2020 due to the COVID-19 effect, he continuously grabbed much wealth and assets.


Robert de Niro earns massively through the characters he plays, his voice acting, movie direction, production, and a few other business ventures. These revenue sources have earned him about 500 million US dollars. click here

You may read the details here again as we regularly update facts about the well-known actor and his accurate Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who is Niro Robert de?

Niro Robert de is a 80-year-old successful film producer, actor, television producer, and voice actor.

Q2. Which hotel and restaurant chain helped Robert de Niro earn additional income?

Nobu franchise

Q3. What is Robert de Niro Net Worth 2024?

500 million US dollars

Q4. Which movie is Robert de Niro nominated for?

Robert de Niro is nominated for Killers Of The Flower Moon at the Oscars for a supporting role. 

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