Jessica Alba Net Worth 2024: The Gorgeous Actress Turned Businesswoman and Her Copious Wealth


  • Jessica Alba, also known as Jessica Warren, is an immensely popular American Actress and Businesswoman.
  • Jessica Alba Net Worth 2024 is roughly around 370 million dollars.
  • At the age of 13, Jessica began her journey in the acting world. She appeared in Camp Nowhere – 1994. Then after that, she was seen in Secret World of Alex Mack – 1994.
  • At the age of 19, she became the lead actress in TV Series “Dark Angel”. This series was a turning point in her life and she received a Golden Globe nomination for the same.
  • Her breakthrough movie was Honey – 2003. After this, people started recognizing her as a popular Hollywood actress. Her roles have also been appreciated in Fantastic Four – 2005, Good Luck Chuck – 2007, Valentine’s Day – 2010, and The Eye -2008.
  • She is the co-founder of “The Honest Company”. This venture sells household products, personal products, and baby products.
  • This actress has often been listed as one of the world’s most beautiful women by magazines like FHM, Vanity Fair, and Men’s Health.

Early life

Jessica Alba was born on the 28th of April 1981 and her place of birth is Pomona, California, US. The current age of Jessica is 42 years. The names of her parents are Mark David Alba and Catherine Louisa. The complete birth name of Jessica is Jessica Marie Alba.

Jessica Alba Early Life
Jessica Alba Early Life

Jessica has mixed ethnicity. Her mother is a Danish/French/Welsh/German/English descendant and her father is a Mexican descendant. This actress has a younger brother and his name is Joshua.

Her father used to work for the Air Force. Often, Jessica has stated that her family has always been a very conservative one. But she was very liberal from a young age. At the age of 5, she identified herself as a feminist.

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Personal Life

Since the year 2008, Jessica has been married to Cash Warren. Together, the couple has 2 daughters and one son. The names of her daughters are Honor Marie and Haven Garner, and the name of her son is Hayes.

Jessica Alba Personal Life
Jessica Alba Personal Life

Career and success

At the age of 5, Jessica started showing interest in the genre of acting. She won the grand prize of free acting classes at 11 and after 9 months, an agent signed her. Her role as Max Guevara in Dark Angel turned out to be fate-changing. She was critically acclaimed for her work and was nominated for many popular awards.

Jessica’s acting skills can be seen in Sin City -2005, Machete Kills – 2013, Machete – 2010, L.A.’s Finest, and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.

She co-founded a startup in the year 2011-2012. It is a non-toxic household goods venture and is popular by the name “The Honest Company”. This business initially started as an e-commerce venture and sold baby wipes and diapers. Now this company sells hundreds of other products as well. In 2014, this business enterprise was valued at 1 billion dollars. In 2015, this company raised around 100 million dollars at a massive valuation of 1.7 billion dollars.

In 2013, Jessica released a book “The Honest Life” and it soon became a New York Times Best Seller. She also launched Honest Beauty in 2015. It is a skincare and beauty products venture.

Interesting facts

Jessica had a very tough childhood because of health issues. She faced issues like pneumonia, partially collapsed lungs, tonsillar cyst, ruptured appendix, and asthma. Very often, she was hospitalized and thus, faced isolation from other children at school.

Other classmates didn’t know much about her and hence, she didn’t have any close friends during her schooling years. Because of her father’s profession, the family kept on moving from one place to the other. Jessica felt isolated from her peers.

She studied at Claremont High School and later on, she went to Atlantic Theatre Company.

This actress is a charitable person at heart. She often raises her voice for social causes and works for non-profitable projects. She has donated huge sums of money for social welfare.

Jessica Alba Net Worth 2024: Have a Look

Jessica Alba Net Worth 2024 stands at an enormous figure of 370 million dollars.

Jessica Alba Net Worth
Jessica Alba Net Worth

Jessica is now in a mood to step down from her position as Chief Creative Officer in The Honest Company. She will continue to be on the panel of the Board of Directors and will provide strategic advice for the company’s growth.

At the beginning of 2017, Jessica bought a mansion in LA from Mike Medavory and it was valued at 10 million dollars. She also invested in another home in Beverly Hills. This star performer has an entrepreneurial mindset and when a good deal comes up, she sells her properties for a profit.


Jessica Alba is a rare combination of acting talent and business skills. She surely knows how to make money with her abilities. In 2008, the rights to the first pictures of her eldest daughter were sold to Ok! Magazine and Jessica earned 1.5 million dollars from it. Jessica Alba Net Worth 2024 is 370 million dollars and looking at the money-making skills of this actress, one can only say that it will increase in the future.

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