Srikanth Bolla Net Worth: A Blind Man Become an Indian Industrialist

A blind man creates history and becomes the first international student at MIT. And then become an entrepreneur and social activist. Srikanth Bolla Net Worth of 50 crores INR defines his success and achievements.


  • He is the richest Blind Indian Industrialist who founded Bollant Industries.
  • He has a net worth of 50 crore INR.
  • He is the first International Blind Student in the history of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) school.

Srikanth Bolla is an inspiring man whose success journey from adversity to success has captured the hearts of many. Despite being born blind, Srikanth has defied all odds and become a successful entrepreneur and social activist. Srikanth Bolla’s net worth and his successful journey of entrepreneurship inspire people to do great in life.

Early life

Srikanth Bolla was born in a small farmer family on 7 July 1991 in Andhra Pradesh, India. His father Damodar Rao was a farmer and his family’s primary and only source of income was farming. He faces many challenges due to his visual impairment. His parents were very supportive and never let his disability to hinder his potential. They encouraged him to dream big and pursue his aspirations with determination.

Srikanth Bolla Early Life
Srikanth Bolla Early Life

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Personal life

Even after being visually impaired, he marries to a completely abled lady named Veera Swathi in 2022. His wife comes from a reputed family background. She is a computer scientist that complements Srikanth’s work and their shared vision for a more inclusive world strengthens their partnership.


Srikanth was denied entry into the coaching institute for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance exam due to his disability. Then he took admission to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge and became the first international blind student to be accepted in their management science program.


Srikanth Bolla’s business ventures and dedication to making a good influence have defined his career. Here is the overview of his career:

Srikanth Bolla Career
Srikanth Bolla Career
  • Co-founded Samanvai Center for Children

His main focus with this centre is to empower individuals with disabilities. In this centre, he provides:

  • Educational Resources: The Braille printing press ensured access to knowledge.
  • Vocational Training: Equipped individuals with skills for employment.
  • Financial Support: Facilitated financial independence.
  • Founded Bollant Industries

Srikanth Bolla founded Bollant Industries in Hyderabad in 2012, a company that manufactures eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions made from recycled materials. The company’s mission is to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities while promoting environmental sustainability.

  • Support and Inspiration

Srikanth has inspired others throughout his career. His support for disability rights has been well-known, and he has spoken on several forums to increase public understanding of the potential and skills of people with disabilities. A lot of people find inspiration in Srikanth’s path because it shows that dedication and determination can overcome any challenge.

  • Surge Impact Foundation

He became the director of Surge Impact Foundation which was founded in September 2016. The association wants to make it possible for Indian institutions and people to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Awards and Achievements

His journey of success was very difficult but he gained immense popularity and fame. He also won prestigious awards and achievements:

  • National Recognition

He won a national award from the president of India for the empowerment of persons with disabilities. With this prestigious honour, Srikanth is recognised for his efforts with the Samanvai Centre and his commitment to diversity.

  • Global Recognition

He was featured in the list of Forbes magazine in 2017 as a young Asian leader making a significant impact.

  • Business Awards

Emerging Leadership Award (2016): Srikanth’s leadership abilities and early business potential are acknowledged with this prize.

Entrepreneur of the Year Awards: Receiving awards like the National Entrepreneurship Award (2019) and Entrepreneur of the Year by One Young World (2019).

Young Global Leaders 2021: He was honoured with this award by the World Economic Forum.

Shrikhant Bolla Net Worth

Srikanth Bolla net worth is proof of his entrepreneurial success and dedication to creating a positive impact. It is estimated that his net worth till 2024 is 50 crore INR. Srikanth Bolla is an inspiration, showing that anything is achievable with hard work and a clear goal in mind.

Shrikhant Bolla Net Worth
Shrikhant Bolla Net Worth


It is quite amazing how Srikanth Bolla went from a small Indian village to become a successful entrepreneur and revolutionary. He is a great inspiration because of his constant commitment, vision, and enthusiasm for social impact. Though his achievements are reflected in Srikanth Bolla’s net wealth, his real legacy is the good he has done for the world.

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