Klaus Schwab Net Worth 2024- Wealth of the Economic Forum Founder!

The article provides information about Klaus Schwab Net Worth and total wealth in 2024, as well as details about his Wikipedia profile, age, career, and biography.


  • Klaus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum, and his recent decision to step down from his post has shocked people.
  • Klaus revealed in a statement that he is planning to step down from his leadership by 2025.
  • As a founder of the World Economic Forum, people wish to know about Klaus Schwab Net Worth, and hence, they are looking for more information.
  • The economic forum confirmed his resignation on Tuesday. Further details about his decision and his career are given below.

Klaus Schwab Net Worth

Klaus Schwab is widely known as the founder of the World Economic Forum. After 50 years of service to the management, he has decided to step down from his chairman position and give responsibility to others working in the management. However, there have been no details about Klaus’s successor, but the decision was taken as part of this strategy to reform the management structure.

About Klaus Schwab Net Worth

Readers are curious to know about Klaus Schwab Net Worth, and the total assessed value is said to be $170 Million. However, the amount mentioned is only speculation, as there has been no official listing of his total income. The authenticity of the total income remains unknown.

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Klaus Schwab Net Worth Data Analysis

Year Klaus Schwab Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $170 million
2023 $170 million

 Career and Business

Career Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab, started his career in 1971 as an executive chairman in the WEF. He has taken care of the forum since the beginning and has done his best to work for the betterment of the world. He is a known economist and has worked on various projects to shape the future of the world and take care of global matters.

One of his famous books is The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which was published in 2016 as an author. However, many critics criticized the points that he mentioned in his book and talked about future technology that could prove beneficial and harmful at the same time.

Klaus Schwab Wikipedia

Full name Klaus Martin Schwab
Date of birth 30 March 1938
Place of birth Germany
Age 86 years
Profession Executie chairman
Marital status Married
Spouse name Hilde Schwab
Children 2
Nationality German

 News on Klaus Schwab Stepping Down

 News on Klaus Schwab Stepping Down

The economic forum was recently informed of Klaus Schwab resignation from the executive chairman post through an email he sent himself. He further mentioned that he is planning to resign entirely by January 2025. Klaus Schwab Net Worth has retained a topic of debate ever since his announcement.

The forum, established in 1971, is now all set to let go of the founder and relieve him from his duties. The World Economic Forum brings together leaders and business people to work for the betterment of the world and to improve the financial system. The Forum makes decisions on various matters relating to climate change, equality in wealth, and diseases.

Essential facts on Klaus Schwab

  • Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum in 1971 and is the executive chairman .
  • He completed his graduation in 1957 and taught business policy at the University of Geneva.
  • Schwab got married in 1971 to his former assistant in Sertig Valley. The couple now resides in Switzerland.
  • Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole is a co-founder of the General Equality Project.


Klaus Schwab has given his best in his 50-year career. After working for so long, he has decided to bring structural changes in management and assign responsibilities to other people working in the organization. Klaus Schwab’s Net Worth has also been a much-discussed topic, but the exact amount is not listed on any official websites, and the amounts shown are only speculations.

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