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Check Leon Thomas III Net Worth to know how much legacy he holds through his career as a record producer, singer, actor, and songwriter.


  • Leon Thomas II is the actor who appeared in Victorious, the series of Nickelodeon, for playing Andre Haris.
  • Starting with his 1994 Broadway appearance in The Lion King, the Nickelodeon series, and many more, Leon has made a remarkable on-screen presence.
  • His performance and unique roles in several series made him well-known in the entertainment world.
  • The actor’s achievements and career span made him earn considerable assets and  Leon Thomas III Net Worth. The calculation made presently is about 600 million US dollars.

Leon Thomas III Net Worth:

Throughout the Broadway’s five-month stay in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Loen also went on tour with them.

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Thomas debuted 2003 on Broadway in 2003 in the Broadway adaptation of Young Simba. It was The Lion King (1994) movie when he was featured and debuted at the age of ten. 

About Leon Thomas III Net Worth

Leon Thomas III Net Worth in 2024 600 thousand US dollars
Income sources Songwriting, acting, and music production
Earnings per episode 75 thousand US dollars

Professional Journey of Leon Thomas III:

Leon has recently received several credits for his work on Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy.” In music production and songwriting, Leon has started a new and prosperous journey. 

Along with Post Malone, J. Cole, and Young Thug, Leon frequently collaborates with Ariana Grande on “Tattooed Heart.” “Baby I,” “Honeymoon Avenue,” and many other musical tracks. 

Quick Wiki And Leon Thomas III Net Worth:

When Leon made his stage debut as Young Simba in Broadway’s The Lion King, he was a child. In two Broadway shows, he played The Color Purple and Jackie Thibodeaux in Caroline, Or Change.

Quick Wiki And Leon Thomas III Net Worth

Let us know more about the actor through this table below who initiated his career at the age of ten:

Real name Leon Thomas III
Age 30 years
Profession Actor, singer, record producer, songwriter
Place of birth Brooklyn
Nationality American
Date of birth and year of birth August 1, 1993
Leon Thomas III Net Worth in 2024 600 thousand US dollars
Marital Status Single

Interesting facts about Marian Robinson:

about Marian Robinson

  • He is primarily recognized for his role in Victorious while playing as Andre for this notable Nickelodeon series.
  • Leon is also well-known for being Tyrone’s vocalist from “Backyardigans”, seasons three and two.
  • The actor and singer has also made appearances at various lifetime moments for his admirers and made daring choices.
  • Leon started an increasingly professional musical vocation for himself and the people and fans who were ready to stick with him as Leon got older, along with his followers.


Leon Thomas III, the Andre character of the popular Victorious Nickelodeon series, has made remarkable achievements since he was a child. His earnings kept increasing as he got older due to the roles he played in many television series and being a singer, songwriter, and record producer. click here

The present Marian Robinson Net Worth is displayed through many online networks. All sources claim it as 600 thousand US dollars. Stay informed through our web page as we will add more revenue details of Leon shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why is Leon Thomas II popular?

Leon III Thomas is famous for his remarkable roles in Victorious, the Nickelodeon series, and many more appearances.

Q2. When did Leon Thomas II debut on Broadway?

Leon Thomas II debuted on Broadway when he was ten years old.

Q3. What is Marian Robinson Net Worth?

600 thousand US dollars

Q4. How much did Leon earn per episode?

75 thousand US dollars

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