Michael Cohen Net Worth 2024: Know About His Massive Downfall

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  • Michael Cohen, also known as Michael Dean Cohen, is a popular American lawyer.
  • From the years 2016 to 2018, he served as the attorney for Donald Trump during his presidential regime.
  • Now, Michael Cohen is in the news because of testifying in the Hush Money Trial against Donald Trump.
  • Michael has admitted to paying hush money for the benefit of Trump.
  • He also stated that Trump asked him to bury the Stormy Daniels story.
  • In the past, Michael Cohen Net Worth was estimated to be more than 100 million dollars but due to his various legal troubles, now his wealth is -1 million dollars.

Michael Cohen Net Worth: Learn More

Michael Cohen was an integral part of the Trump Organization for a very long and he also served as Trump’s attorney during his presidential rule. Previously, Michael Cohen Net Worth was greater than 100 million dollars but because of his association with Trump, and various legal controversies, now his net worth is negative 1 million dollars. He has served 3 years in imprisonment and was fined 50,000 dollars because of various legal charges.

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About Michael Cohen Net Worth

Michael Cohen’s Salary and Real Estate

While working for the Trump Organization, Michael easily earned more than 1 million dollars in salary per year. He had ownership stakes in over 200 NYC taxi medallions. In the year 2015, he purchased a property worth 58 million dollars in NYC’s Upper East Side. He along with his wife, possess a penthouse in Trump Park Avenue and its valuation is over 9 million dollars. Michael purchased many lavish apartments in Trump buildings.

Michael Cohen’s Financial Ruin

Michael Cohen has been found guilty of five counts of tax evasion and he has made various false statements in campaigning. He has faced serious charges of heading an unlawful corporate contribution and making extreme campaign contributions. Ultimately, he faced 3-year imprisonment in federal prison, serious fines, disbarment, and asset forfeiture.

Michael Cohen Net Worth Analysis: Read Now 

Year Michael Cohen Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $-1 Million (because of his various legal troubles)
In the past It was more than 100 million dollars

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Michael Cohen

Wikipedia Data of Michael Cohen

Full Name Michael Dean Cohen
Commonly Known As Michael Cohen
Date of Birth 25th of August 1966
Place of Birth Lawrence, New York, US
Age 57 years
Nationality American
Parents His mother worked as a nurse and his father was a surgeon
Siblings Bryan Cohen
Schooling Lawrence Woodmere Academy
College American University – BA Degree


Thomas M. Cooley Law School – JD

Profession Lawyer
Marital Status Married since 1994
Spouse Laura Shusterman
Children Jake Ross Cohen and Samantha Blake Cohen

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Career Details

Michael Cohen is an American Lawyer by profession. In the year 1992, he started practicing personal injury law. In his career’s initial years, he worked for Melvyn Estrin.

During the presidential rule of Donald Trump, he served as his attorney. He has also been the Vice President of the Trump Organization.

Michael was a personal counsel to Donald and was commonly known as his fixer. He held the crucial position of Co-president of Trump Entertainment. He was also one of the board members of the Eric Trump Foundation.

Interesting facts

  • Michael has faced serious charges in the past such as bank fraud, taxation fraud, and campaign finance violations.
  • In 2018, he faced 3 years imprisonment and was also barred from practicing law in the state.
  • A legal war has been going on between Michael and Trump since the beginning of 2019. Both the parties have serious allegations against each other.
  • He transferred 130,000 dollars to Stormy’s account and it was all done as per the instructions of Donald Trump.


Michael Cohen is a famous American lawyer and he has now testified in Trump’s Hush Money Trial. A few years back, Michael Cohen Net Worth exceeded 100 million dollars but now it is -1 million dollars. This downfall happened because of his serious legal troubles, controversies, and imprisonment. At the end of 2021, he completed his prison term and was released. He is very vocal against Trump and in the coming years, his career might take a new turn.


Q1.  What is Michael Cohen Net Worth in 2024?

A1. It is -1 Million dollars.

Q2. Why is Michael Cohen in the news?

A2. He is in the news for testifying in Trump’s Hush Money Trial.

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