Roger Corman Net Worth 2024: Find The Revealed Massive Fortune! 

A well-known film director’s passing made his associates and fans read for Roger Corman Net Worth through sources. Let us see what online networks disclose about Roger Corman’s earnings.


  • A movie producer and director who earned millions of dollars in his lifetime has left behind an unexpected legacy after his sudden passing.
  • The earnings he made were through his directed and produced movies, along with a few other revenue resources and ventures.
  • People estimate the twelve months’ value to be one hundred million dollars.

Roger Corman Net Worth:

An acclaimed movie producer and director’s fortune of millions of dollars in 2024. It was about 100 million presently.

Complete Details About Roger Corman Net Worth

Roger Corman Net Worth Yearly earnings in US dollars
Roger Corman Net Worth 2024 100 million US dollars
2023 40 million US dollars
Film group deal (1964) 3.75 million US dollars
Earnings from The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1967 2.5 million US dollars
Profit from “The Big Doll House” in 1971 3.2 million US dollars

Roger Corman’s Career:

Roger’s notable roles included Philadelphia, The Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather Part II, and Apollo 13. He directed numerous successful big-budget films, along with his occasional acting during his lifetime. 

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The wealthiest and notable director’s documentary featured the wealthiest director’s professional life. 2011 was it premier year that the Sundance made it possible.

In American indie films, Roger was also a significant influence. Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme, Robert De Niro, and Martin Scorsese were his collaborations. They are among the are just a few of the actors and directors who were early in their careers as actors and filmmakers.

Roger Corman’s Quick Wiki:

Roger Corman’s Quick Wiki

Real name Roger Corman
Reason for being in news Unexpected demise on May 9, 2024
Place of death California, Santa Monica, the American region
Birthplace Michigan, Detroit, the American region
Age 98 years (at the time of passing)
Birth date and year April 5, 1926
Profession Movie producer, director, and actor
Marital status Married
Wife name Julie Halloran (Married in 1970)
Kids Four
Production company New Worls Pictures

Roger Corman’s Movies:

The Terror, Teenage Doll, Sharktopus, and more such titles are among the movies that Roger produced and directed.

Several low-budget films were shown at America’s drive-in theaters by the great producer and the wealthiest director throughout his fifty-year career. 

Interesting facts about the late wealthiest director:

  • Roger was recognized for having adapted Edgar Allan Poe’s writings for the big screen as a director.
  • He was also low-budget horror classics’ director, along with narratives for movies.
  • The National Film Registry added his movie Fall of the House of Usher to its 2006 popular charts, making him the most popular directors of the era.
  • He was considered among the wealthiest movie directors.
  • His field of expertise was directing low-budget horror masterpieces.
  • Roger’s initial direction was in a 1955 movie.
  • His production was for more than 400 movies, including mostly science-fiction and low-budget horror movies.
  • Roger was well-known as a leader in the independent cinema industry and was also titled “The Pope of Pop Cinema.”
  • An official statement from Corman’s kids and spouse said that Roger passed away on Thursday.


Roger Corman primarily received massive revenue through his numerous movie production, direction, and occasional acting career. His wealth has been the subject of his fan’s search recently since he departed at 98 on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at his Santa Monica, California residence. click here

Check back with us as we may reveal some more information about the wealthiest director’s life and in Roger Corman Net Worth 2024.


Q1. Who was Roger Corman?

Roger Corman was among the wealthiest directors, a successful producer, and had an occasional acting career.

Q2. Which award did Roger Corman receive in 2009?

Honorary Oscar 

Q3. When did Roger Corman debut his first direction in movies?


Q4. Which movie type did Roger Corman mostly produce and direct?

Science-fiction and low-budget horror movies

Q5. What was Roger Corman Net Worth in 2024?

100 million US dollars

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