Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth: Find Out Crown Prince Earnings’ 2024!

Get some insights into the royal family of Mohammed bin Salman, his lifestyle, palaces, gold-plated supercar fleet, and Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth in billions.


  • Crown Prince and Saudi Arabian Minister’s lifestyle and luxurious amenities are always the town’s talk.
  • People always find themselves curious about Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worthor his wealth. He gains about 25 billion US dollars every twelve months.
  • He owns many palaces, gold-plated automobiles, and many other luxurious amenities, properties, and more that depict his abundance of wealth.  

Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth:

The royal hobbies of Mohammed Bin Salman are well-known among the general populace since he relishes many luxurious things, including his cars, palaces, and many other properties. The earnings each year make him a more popular personality as his wealth each year adds more luxury to his life.

About Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth

Public sources and many online reports show the worth that he makes every year, and in 2024, it is about 25 million US dollars. His wealth adds him to the list of the ten most potent individuals or personalities across the globe.

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The table below shows some of the assets of Mohammed Bin Salman, their value, and his annual income:

Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth in total 25 billion US dollars
House of Saad 1.4 trillion US dollars
Fleet of cars 100 million US dollars
Ship Approximately 300 million US dollars

Quick Wiki of Mohammed Bin Salman:

Mohammed bin Salman was chosen as the King’s special advisor after graduating in 2009. From 2015 to 2022, MBS or Mohammed Bin Salman served as the nation’s defense minister. The Crown Prince’s royal family is the ruling dynasty since 1932. 

Let us see some additional facts about Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Real name Mohammed Bin Salman
Another names Crown Prince, MBS
Age 38 years
Title Crown Prince
Title Receiving date and year June 21, 2017
Preceded by Mohammed Bin Nayef
Monarch Salman Bin Abdulaziz
Birth date and year August 31, 1985
Marital status Married
Wife Sara Bint Mashour Al Saud (Married in 2008)

Quick Wiki of Mohammed Bin Salman

The luxurious living of Mohammed Bin Salman:

Compared to Britain’s royal family, Saud’s House in Saudi Arabia possesses more than sixteen times the territory. His House of Saud also owns a moving palace, which he calls his private Boeing aircraft.

The royal family’s residential accommodation was built in 1983 and is titled Al Yamamah Palace. This forty lakh-square-foot castle was constructed with floors made of marble imported from Italy. 

The Royal Palaces And Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth:

The Saudi Crown Prince owns a 23.24 billion US dollar (300 million US dollars) mansion in France, which was bought in 2015. This palace is in Louvaisiens’ small town and has about 57 rooms.

A ballroom, Movie Theater, and an indoor pool are some of the palace’s attractive features. The Crown Prince’s royal properties include a luxurious apartment in the world’s tallest residential accommodation.

It is 432 Park Avenue’s Penthouse in the New York City. His earnings add more wealth to the abundance. It is about 25 million US dollars in 2024.

Interesting facts:

  • The Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman’s (MBS) residence, House of Saad, presently houses more than fifteen thousand individuals and is valued at 1.4 trillion US dollars.
  • He began stock trading at sixteen, earning over 77.58 lakh INR by selling his priceless gifts, which included gold coins and high-end timepieces.
  • MBS was titled Crown Prince in 2017.
  • The assets of this royal family exceed Rs 1.4 trillion, and their fleet of opulent vehicles is valued at more than 22 million US dollars.
  • A Lamborghini with gold plating and a Rolls Royce Phantom is part of the Crown Prince’s convoy.
  • Colossal wealth, fancy automobiles, an opulent mansion, and much more belong to the Crown Prince. 


Mohammed Bin Salman has always been the subject of conversation because of his opulent lifestyle and yearly earnings. He is listed among the leading ten Saudi royal family’s nobility. Click here

The Crown Prince has many opulent homes globally that demonstrate his wealth and luxurious life. Catch up again until we disclose the Crown Prince’s luxurious life and Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth.

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