Roaring Kitty Net Worth: Keith Kill’s Income Surge Exposed!

The exciting facts of Keith Gill and Roaring Kitty Net Worth are exposed in this post to inform the wealth of a financial analyst whose post, after three years, shocked the trading world.


  • Roaring Kitty shared a post recently on social media after a gap of three years.
  • Hedge funds experienced a loss of about one billion US billion due to an unexpected squeeze.
  • The squeeze was due to a recent post by Roaring Kitty, which made GameStop shares rise 110 percent.
  • People were shocked by the recent turbulence in the share market, making them check for Roaring Kitty Net Worth.
  • Although his net worth remains veiled through public resources, the claims from online sources mention forty-eight US million dollars.

Roaring Kitty Net Worth:

Roaring Kitty’s profits from GameStop during the short squeeze are unknown. Many sources claim after assessing and valuing that at the peak of the upswing, his stock holdings in the gaming firm had been evaluated at forty-eight US million dollars.

For the very first day in three years, Keith Gill, stage name Roaring Kitty, shared a post on Twitter on Sunday, May 12, 2024. It was the reason why people wanted to find out his yearly salary, income resources, net value, and the wealth that made him extremely popular.

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Net Worth of Roaring Kitty:

Net Worth of Roaring Kitty

Roaring Kitty Net Worth: 45 million US dollars
Net worth in 2023 Approximately 34 million US dollars
Net worth in 2021 Approximately 30 million US dollars
Profits in GameStop investment 30 million US dollars
Massachusetts mansion 7.2 million US dollars

The facts of Roaring Kitty’s Twitter post:

For the first time in three years, the man at the forefront of the viral meme market craze appeared online.

Roaring Kitty’s post after a gap of three years created turbulence on social media sites, stock markets, the gaming world, fans, and people associated with Keith.

A man is seen seated forward in a chair, which indicates the seriousness that gamers use when things become serious.

Roaring Kitty’s Wiki:

Real name Keith Gill
Stage name Roaring Kitty
Profession Financial Analyst
Age 37 years
Nationality American
Birth date and year June 8, 1986
A biographical drama portraying Keith “Dumb Money” in 2023, directed by Paul Dano

Aftermath of Roaring Kitty’s post:

The stock saw an incredible 119 percent increase in a single day. It resulted in about one billion US dollars in loss. The loss made those suffer significantly who had been investing in the video game retailer bankrupt. This specific bankruptcy affected “short sellers.”

Roaring Kitty and the Short Squeeze:

Reminiscent 2021 made news of when GameStop experienced a “short squeeze” on its shares. The video game store experienced survival challenges as people quickly moved to digital downloads from discs.

Roaring Kitty and his followers were not persuaded and acquired millions of securities in GameStop. It was the beginning of “Short Squeeze” when large investors who had speculated against GameStop were compelled to purchase the company’s quickly increasing equity in order to overcome their enormous losses.

Interesting details:

  • Roaring Kitty’s post made GameStop’s share rise while also experiencing a rise in AMC stock by approximately thirty-three percent.
  • He is a YouTuber and trader with a massive fan base.
  • Monday, May 13, 2024, witnessed a twofold increase in GameStop stock’ It reached a peak that had not been seen since 2021.


Roaring Kitty shared recent images of a man leaning forward in his chair on Sunday, May 12. This posture indicates that things are starting to get serious. The gamers often used this meme, and it made them curious when Keith’s post surfaced after a gap of three years. click here

GameStop’s market increase by fifty percent on Monday was primarily a consequence of the Roaring Kitty’s return, making people hunt for Roaring Kitty Net Worth. Are you keen to know more about the massive wealth of Roaring Kitty? Stay tuned as we give you an update shortly.


Q1. Who is Roaring Kitty?

A financial analyst and YouTuber, Keith Gill, is fondly called Roaring Kitty.

Q2. Which equities soared after Roaring Kitty posted a meme?

Equities of GameStop soared by 110 percent after Roaring Kitty posted a meme.

Q3. When did Roaring Kitty post a meme?

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Q4. Which movie by Paul Dano portrayed Roaring Kitty?

“Dumb Money: released in 2023

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