Vivica Fox Net Worth 2024- Current Wealth of the American Actress!

The article highlights Vivica Fox Net Worth, her Career in 2024, Background details, Wikipedia, Biography, and her Married life. 


  • Vivica Fox is an American actress who gained attention from her movie Independence Day, in which she was featured along with Will Smith. She is also a producer and TV host. 
  • Vivica Fox started her career in 1982 and has made more than 250 films. She has been appreciated for her television presence and her acting skills. 
  • Vivica Fox Net Worth has grabbed people’s attention due to her online presence in various movies and television shows that she has taken up. 
  • Vivica Fox has a social media account where readers can find her latest pictures and projects, which she keeps updating online. 

Vivica Fox Net Worth

Vivica Fox is a talented actress, a film producer, a television host, and an entrepreneur. The actress Rose to fame with her movie Independence Day, where she was cast with Will Smith. She has also been part of several movies and television shows and the list is unending. 

About Vivica Fox Net Worth

Vivica Fox’s accumulated total income is $15 million. She also has a successful business venture, and her total income comprises her hair products, which have gained popularity and are loved by people. The American actress has also seen financial success through her business and blockbuster movies. 

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Vivica Fox Net Worth Analysis 

Year  Vivica Fox Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $15 million 
2023 $12 million 

Career and Background 

Career Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox gained recognition through her movie career and her television presence. Starting her career in 1982, Vivica appeared in a music video, and soon after that, she took up acting as her professional career. She made her debut in Born On the Fourth of July, where she received appreciation for her fantastic acting skills. 

She starred in the blockbuster movie Independence Day in 1996, which became a worldwide hit, earning 800 million dollars. In the same year, she played different characters, and her television presence was so exceptional that people showed their excitement about her latest movie releases. Fox also received various awards and recognitions for her best performance. 

Vivica Fox Wikipedia 

Full Name Vivica Anjanetta Fox
Date of birth July 30, 1964
Place of birth  Indiana 
Age  59 years 
Profession  Actor 
Marital status  Married (now divorced)
Nationality  American 
Children  None 
Ethnicity  African- American 

Vivica Fox on Marriage and Her Latest Movie 

Vivica Fox married the famous singer Christopher Harvest in 1998, but the couple separated in 2002. There was news of the actress dating the rapper 50 Cent. Vivica also got into a relationship with Omar White, and they were engaged, but only after 10 months of their engagement did the couple call off their relationship.

In a recent interview, she said that she is open to relationships and marriage and does not discriminate against people. Vivica Fox Net Worth has also been discussed lately. The 59-year-old actress opens up about taking applications and is ready to mingle. She said that she is old-fashioned and wants someone who is not intimidated by her personality. 

Interesting Facts about Vivica Fox

  • Vivica Fox is turning 60 this upcoming July, and she opened up about her birthday celebration in a recent interview. 
  • Vivica has built a brand that focuses on women and has launched hair care products.
  • As mentioned, Vivica Fox Net Worth comprises her television career, movies, and her business Venture, which started in 2009. 
  • Vivica is known for her exceptional talent and skills. Even at the age of 59, she wishes to do more work and enjoy her life, breaking all the boundaries and limits that society sets. 


Vivica Fox is a talented woman who has always advocated for women’s needs in society. Her acting career and entrepreneurial skills have boosted women’s ability to follow their dreams. Vivica Fox Net Worth comprises her career in movies and business. She is a notable figure in the industry and is known for her outstanding and distinguished performance in her professional career.

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